Political Voice

Where does the political voice originate in Paris; demonstrations, cafés, news papers are politically active, does society, or individuals decide rationality?

It is a question that requires a debate so after critically examining both sides I will decide for myself. Society decides the rationality a political-voice will carry is one side of the debate, but what does society intend to do with my reason. Individuals decide is the other side, what prevents individuals from corrupting my reason or being corrupted by my reason. Another side is that individuals and society both decide, this idea would plausibly be based on pragmatic decision-making, but who makes that decision. What type of rationality is a question for another post.

Society decides the rationality of a political-voice would mean that rationality is embedded into society. In order to be a member of society an individual must embrace the collective rationality of the group. Whether or not a member loose personal rationality does not matter because upon accepting the shared rationality, presumably they would evolve as an individual-member of society though their rationality is shared.

The first counter-point to this scheme is an individual looses part or all of their own rationality when received by society, though a new rationality is gained, the old is lost. Ergo a member sings their communal songs known with in the group.

Individual rationality ostensibly would be a way to conquer embedded rationality. I am the master of my destiny, was a quote used by Nelson Mandela who had been imprisoned by society, then returned to resurrect it from the errors of its history. Deciding matter for one’s-self is a sensible interpretation of the quote from a poem, or rather, not giving in to what others, say, do, or believe while staying true to one’s-self. Shakespeare said it best said it best “This above all to thine own self be true”

Louis XIV was true to himself when he turned the phrase “I am the state”, the credo of megalomaniac. Dominant personalities are found through out history: Hitler was known for his charismatic speeches, Charles Manson wrote a song for the Beatles. Through their charisma, powerful character’s can corrupt those around them.

Third way Politics is a popular tactic that has been employed by the three previous presidents; commonly known as third way centrism. However, it can also be described as sitting on the fence on an issue, and some call that pragmatism. I think of French writer Albert Camus who lived during a volatile time before during and after World War II, he socialized with socialists, combated nihilism, dove into individual liberty, and had more heart than Jean Paul Sartre. He was an individual who believed in a team sharing a common purpose.

I can not decide this for you, I am a blog writer, but you can decide the question is what do you want to edify, yourself or an institution. The important thing is to decide, it is more important that you are on a train than where the train is headed.

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