Basic English Grammar

I apologize to my readers, after reading my blog posts I would think one of two things about me. 1- I do not have regard for the rules of Basic English grammar or 2- I write too fast. If you thought the later, you are kind, and you know me too well. In reality both are a faults. So what I need to do is write slowly and realize that grammar is what my thought turns into. Then of course, of course proof-read my paper, and naturally spell-check it. So this is a plea for you to continue reading my blog posts.

Together we will track my progress from idiot to idiot savant. Oh man, I really want to harp on myself right now, and make all the errors I wrote in the past go away but instead I will kill speed of thought and turn it into communication. Face it! If these texts does not turn into grammar then each of them is incommunicable, unintelligible, and a bloody waste of time. So lets all laugh at the past, HAHAHA, come on laugh with me! HAHAHA.

If we can last through this grammar crisis we can make it through anything-together reader, believe, yes we can!

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