Late Christmas Rush

There were plenty of stores open late for Christmas shoppers searching for that perfect, last minute gift – or those scrambling to get that life saving gift card for their special people. The streets were decorated with beautifully colored lights, dangling above the roads below. The sidewalks and crosswalks were teeming with busy shoppers. The shops and boutiques were bustling with people.

Along my late walk through Saint Michel, I discovered some interesting stores. Le Vieux Camper is a clothing store dedicated to those seeking to experience the outdoors, and the elements. This boutique, broken up into departments and scattered on various corners of the block, has a deep collection of winter jackets from brands known and unknown (to me) and tons of winter gear. There was a section devoted to hats. Just hats. Across the street, another version of the store beckoned, displaying all the latest surfing and underwater exploration gear.

Another interesting little find was the comic store (or haven), Album, which boasted a plentiful collection of comics, both old and new, anime, models, and other collectibles. Before I walked in, I took a peak at the store window. I absolutely love fantasy epics, and Star Wars is near the top of that list along with Lord of the Rings. The incredibly realistic stormtrooper in the window made me think I was watching Star Wars all over again. It was so lifelike and authentic; every detail was carefully expressed in the large figure, and it reminded me how I used to covet toys and models. Then I saw the price tag. I had no money to begin with but the gaudy price of 9000 Euros (no, not 900) was enough to make me feel like I had no business stepping in the store. Is this what sticker shock feels like?

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