Raise the Bar: Music Venues in Paris

It’s an awesome music venue. It’s famous throughout Paris. Talented acts play there all the time. I’m talking about la Flèche d’Or, a popular bar well known for the bands and musicians playing their hearts out deep into the Parisian night. Hidden in the 20eme arrondisement, this bar is a bit far from my stomping grounds in the 9eme, but I’ve been delighted to make the pilgrimage, in search of this elusive treasure.

This bar showcases bands of the alternative nature, and I’ve heard that it’s pretty cool. It’s been closed for a few months for renovations but there were worried whispers claiming that it might not reopen. It sits at the bottom of a steep street and the area is usually teeming with denizens of the night. It faced the same problems that effect many bars and restaurants in DC; noise complaints from neighbors who find the bar-goers loud and annoying. The bar is also notorious for its high drink prices. Despite its past problems, it is now open, and the music continues.

Now I admit that I’ve never actually been inside the bar. A few months ago, a friend and I went across the city to go to the bar but it was closed. I tried to go last week but I couldn’t find it. Ended up walking in circles for over two hours in the wrong neighborhood (didn’t write down the address). There are plenty of cool bars in Paris, and I’ve been to one bar a few times with Xavier and his buddy James. This bar, called le Truskel, is pretty cool. A low ceiling, live DJs and cheap moderately priced drinks combine to make for a pretty cool bar/club experience. And then there’s the alumni list; Coldplay, Interpol, Cold War Kids, Justice, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers are just a few of the bands that passed through. Not bad. Paris doesn’t sleep on good music, and the bar/club scene is just as live as anywhere. When you’re in Paris, make sure to keep your ears open. And if you get lost, bring a map.

La Flèche d’Or: http://www.myspace.com/flechedor

Le Truskel: http://www.myspace.com/truskel_paris

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