Free Speech In France

Free speech is critically important to Democracy. Democracy is not only a political philosophy, but a social order, and code of virtue. Museums such as the erotic museum are important parts of free speech. The museum also reflects society value of freedom of expression. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are core values that make democracy a virtuous code.

There is much praise of Rome in France, mostly because of the virtue the Romans had for the senate. However, democracy is more than participation in body meetings, or voting in elections. Democracy is a virtuous code with its fibers of freedom woven into society and art. Government accepts these and protects these virtues,(ideally) as it is governments duty to protect a free society from tyranny.

Let us talk on erotic art. The portrayal of the female and male forms in an effort to portray human being sexual desires is a long standing historical tradition. It is nothing new. As such, censorship is also nothing new. Freedom of the body, sex for pleasure, and appreciation of sexuality itself is a concept less than a lifetime old. The 1960’s were a time of sexual liberation followed by a fight for sexual equality. There is a fine line between erotic art and objectifying the female and male form.

Erotic art is an expression of freethinking. Erotic works are expressions of joy and health. When displayed in museums, it has the virtue of de-dramatizing sex as way to bring humor into something that could be of embracement. Popular erotic art portrays the reproductive aspect of sexuality.

Is democracy supposed to destroy freethinking? No, it is not. When art is free to roam across disciples then it can grow and mature into works that are of benefit to society. Building a freedom is important to democracy. Free minds can be inspired by art that brings humor, de-dramatizes, and liberates the self-conscious.
These works bring me to the question of what is free and what ought to be free? Many artists renderings are popular appeals with little controversy, and some done as advertising. Some portray such harsh treatment of women, on that I ask is nothing sacred? Some things here are such a fantasy that the reality is far more disturbing. Some portrays are less harmful and is appreciation of sexuality in an idealized sense.

Viewers are bound by their own ideology to see what they want, and to experience, based on their own thoughts. Freedom ranges from the innocent to the dangerous to the violent. Much to quickly to be regulated. Laws passed to change the way humans think are applicable to those who want to change, those who do not want to will not. Censorship is a slippery slope.

Taking away one freedom is like pulling on the loose strand of a sweater, more and more the sweater unravels until the whole social fabric is undone. This is a revolution, but a slow revolution. It takes time. Names look good in paper, and then appear curious on a webpage, to go there is another story. I am free to think what I like about a piece of art if I find it disturbing, then it is disturbing because one, 10 or 100 of me find art disturbing is no justification to make an attempt to change, the rocks, birds, and trees.

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