Paris the City of Light

Sunglasses in Paris should be banned because to wear them blocks one’s ability to see the light. The light in Paris is beautiful, hence where it gets the name the city of Lights. After a couple of days of rain, when the sun comes through the clouds and light falls upon the sides of buildings the city is beautiful. If fashion were less than what it is in Paris, no one should not wear sunglasses because it is a crime against nature.

A day like today is a beautiful warm day is Paris, in October, it is not everyday that the sun shines and any pedestrian can see the warm rays of the sun fall upon and buildings of Paris and illuminate the palette of colors available to the on looker. Light is something with out politics, economics, history, industrialization, and globalization. It is free from the brushes we use to divide.

Keep dividing the good economist says this will allow you to get to the smallest factor that can deduces what brings happiness. Today, I discovered happiness is to watch the light fall upon crimson in Paris. It is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. It was not something that I searched form the advise of a guide book, friend, or movie. It came to me as I was walking the streets in search of a FFF scarf.

One’s ability to communicate is crucial in Paris. In my time here I have had conversations that have started in French, switched to English and then went into Spanish and then were sprinkled with Italian. If only I knew German then things could get very interesting, perhaps, even Russia, but I did recognize a conversation in Polish on the Metro yesterday.

There is a funny thing about language there are things that are better expressed in one language, and perhaps it has to do with what a person speaks as their mother tongue but I often find my thoughts switching from French to English. Some people have a desire to better their language this is evident by their want to speak it even if they are not good at all, some speak what they can and claim to speak the language, some say they cannot speak and then are able to well. I find myself in all of theses categories.

I played a funny game with some Parisians today. After speaking with a could people on the subway it dawned on me. There is a good chance that when I speak to someone they know, 3-5 languages. I thought to myself lets put this to the test. So I went to Gibery Josephy to buy a notebook. I need the paper for class. The conversation starts like this.

Cashier, bon sorie,

Moi,Bon sorie

Noise of the exchange he hands me money


CashierSmiling, and laughing De Nada

Moi,Bon Sorie Lifting my arms

Cashiergood night your welcome


It was fun because it was entirely spontaneous but, the cashier did not bloc the spontaneity. That made is fun for both of usa good laugh, in an other wise dull purchase of a notebook. So communication is important yes. But how communications happens is also very important. The old adage applied it is not what you say but how you say it. Not blocking things for happening spontaneously is a part of allowing things to happen spontaneously. So relax, smile, play a game.

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