Art & Paris From My Point of View Jonathan Schaller

Jonathan Schaller

Jonathan Schaller

September 12, 2009

Global Studies, Governance at Arizona State University.

Paris and its cool weather is a change from the desert climate. French political classes interest me and current affairs. I do not know what classes I will be taking, because, I have not taken the placement exam. For fun I: hike and backpack, play soccer, watch movies and read books. I want to succeed while abroad; in the classroom and outside.


Thank you for taking the time to visit, I assure you it will not be in vain. This first entry is out lay out my ambitious plans for my sojourn in Paris. I have selected no less than 20 museums to visit in 24 weeks, that allows for one visit a week, to each museum, and two visits to the Lourve and Musée d’Orsay. Each week you will be transported to the world of art, not the art you are used to where style is classified, and technique critiqued, here we shall see the broad social, political, economic, and psychological domain where art exists.

Art displays the effects of the times. Each museum is dedicated to a person, movement, and cultural place. And each is an integral part of multiple processes occurring at the same time. So reader, here you will get introduced as to what man felt, through the eyes of person, the shape of a movement, and the connections to a place. Works of art portray these things visually, they are meant to appeal to a universal human concept. Art is more than emotional it is also conceptual. Concepts are the cause of art.

Each museum has its own concept, and those concepts will be identified and analyzed to show what was going on at the time. And, what is going on presently. These insights into the past and present can give insights as to what the future may hold. Human beings must not separate from history, and must not depend only on the moment. Art is historically alive, and the future will soon be studied as past.

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  1. Your plans to visit twenty museums in twenty-four weeks is admirable, as are your reasons for doing so! I wholeheartedly agree with you that art is very important, and there are only a few places than France to see some amazing pieces of art, as well as culture!

    Do you view food as art, too? Visits to restaurants or cafes might also be an experience to savor! (When I travel to France in 2011, I will definitely be eating as much as I can!)

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