I have safely arrived here in Paris, France!

I have safely arrived here in Paris, France! YAY!!!! My trip has started! And wasn’t it the longest trip ever. My day started by being at the airport by 10. My flight left at 12, but I wanted to be sure I was checked in and my bags weighed the proper amount. You’re allowed two checked bags weighing no more than 50 pounds, if they are over you must pay $ 50 per bag, with a limit not to exceed 70 pounds. Luckily both my bags were 48.5. I barely made it!!

I had a lay over flight in Chicago, which was great since I met several other ISA students. One particularly named Jacklyn. She’s a junior from the University of Denver. We talked for a bit, and I learned she has never taken French. It was a relief to me knowing I was not going to be the worst kid speaking French. She sat two rows behind me on the plane. The flight to Paris was insanely long, roughly around 9 hours long!!! We had been warned about jet-lag so I knew I should probably sleep on the plane.

For the first two hours I decided to read. I recently began Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, and I must say it was one of the perfect books. It takes place in Europe so it definitely got me fired up for the trip. After that I wrote. I keep a journal and could help but write about my excitement and the beautiful, but awkward sunset outside my window. Since I was passing between time zones my sunset actually ended up being more horizontal, yet beautifully displaying a rainbow of colors vertically. It was truly breath taking. After this we were fed an airplane meal consisting of chicken in a sauce with mash potatoes and green beans, as well as, a roll, cheese and crakers, water and a cake dessert. I didn’t care that much for the dessert, and the roll was hard, but over all it wasn’t bad.

Another luxury on the plane was that we got movies and music to listen to. So after the meal a relaxed a little with the feature film. You don’t get to pick the movies, but it wasn’t an over all bad selection. When I was done with my meal I finished the ending to Bride Wars. By this time I decided to sleep. I got in about 4 hours of sleep, which ended up lasting me pretty well the rest of the day. I’m writing this at about 10:30 and will probably be in bed by 12. Many of the other students were desperately jet-lagged, but since I’m use to getting very little sleep, I was fine most of the day. The biggest problem I had was food. I was constantly hungry. I had brought snacks but the wasn’t nearly enough. Since my body was deprived of sleep, it was constantly hungry.

After I woke up, I read for an hour by which time the flight had landed.
I’m wanting to write more, but it’s late and I feel it would end up being a rather long blog.

So I will begin tomorrow with my actual adventures in France. As well as hopefully add picture of my apartment.

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