Who I am An Why I’m Headed to France

My name is Brittany Dever, and I myself was a former student at Hendrickson high school. I graduated in 2006 and began college at Texas A&M University (Whoop!). I’ll be a senior this coming year, but unfortunately won’t be graduating until a year after I get back from France. My Majors are International Studies and English, along with two minors, French and business. When I tell people this there first question is always, “What do you want to do with your majors?” And to be honest, I have no idea! Since it’s my senior year, I’ve obviously had think about it, but I really don’t know. I’ve found one thing to be certain, I Do Not want a 8-5 job. I like to keep moving and most importantly help people. I’m very much a people person and take value in the fact that I’m very open minded and a great listener. So I’ve come up with a few options. First, if I could have any dream job it would probably be to work in Theatre. It’s one of my deepest passions since high school. Second, I would also be happy if I could work and live abroad for a while. I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I feel everyone you ever meet has some sort of gift or lesson to offer you. I’m not quite sure where abroad I would like to live, though since I’ve been studying French, France has always been at the top of my list. I’ve also thought very seriously of joining the Peace Corp.

I enjoy helping people and what better way than to immerse myself. Part of the program is that you need to learn a second language and since I’ve studied French, I’d probably be placed in Africa in one of the French speaking cultures. Another great opportunity would be to Au Pair. This is where you live with a family, they house you and feed you, and you basically work as a nanny to their children. I’m actually hoping to explore this more during my spring semester. Since I’ll be studying abroad only until January, I hope to try and Au Pair afterwards, which would allow me to stay in France a little longer. But like I said, I have no idea what I want to do, but I feel confident something will find me by the time I graduate.

As for my Study abroad trip, I couldn’t be more excited!!! As an international Studies major I’m required to study abroad as part of my curriculum and requirements to graduate. But who wouldn’t like to study abroad if given the chance. I’ve taken four semesters of French while in college. Unfortunately, I didn’t take French in high school, I took Spanish, so it’s been difficult for me to start over. But looking forward to studying abroad has definitely pushed me. I’ll be Traveling with an independent program called International Studies Abroad (ISA). They are based out of Austin and have been more them amazing when helping me with my trip. While abroad, I’ll be taking four classes:
1. French Language
2. Written French
3. French Phonics- learning pronunciations, since the French are very particular as to their language
4. And Contemporary Art- and overview of French art through the ages, and this course will be taught in English

My main goal while in France is to become as fluent as possible in French. So this is why I’m taking so many language courses. People sometimes ask me why I took French. As someone who one days wishes to live abroad, French is one to the best known languages in Europe, besides English of course. I’ve meet many international students and almost all of them know French, and English as well as their native language. I always find it amazing how many languages foreign student s know, it makes me feel almost spoiled.
While abroad, I also hope to grow as a person. It’s going to be difficult to be in a new place and not know anyone. I wish to gain confidence and independence. I feel like I have theses already, but the real test will be while I am in France. Yet the thing I’m looking the most forward to, would have to be the food!!! Everyone has told me that the food is amazing, and so fresh! I love all sorts of food and I’m not very picky so I can’t wait to taste as many things as possible! Also they have open air markets, with local venders and fresh fruit. My apartment will have a small kitchen, so I can wait to be able to go to the markets!!

One of the things I’m most nervous about is my living arrangements. I’ll be living in an apartment with two other girls. Thiers names are Melinda and Kathryn. I have never met them before. One is from Denver and the other is from San Diego. I’ve lived with girls before and have shared an apartment, but I sometimes have trouble getting along with other girls. Also we’ll be sharing one bathroom…you’ll know there’s always going to be a little drama when sharing a bathroom. But on the upside, I get a new perspective, since they are both from a different place. And we’ll all be in the same boat, being in France taking classes. I can’t wait to meet them though, and I have a good feeling about it all.

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