Spring 2023 Video Bloggers

Raegan Peluso
Berry College
Athens, Greece

I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, and my home school is Berry College. During my time abroad, I hope to significantly grow as an individual. I hope to strengthen my independence and to further develop myself as a writer and as an artist. Italy is a beautiful space to accomplish these things. I love writing, videography, drawing/painting, reading, and most of all, spending time with my loved ones.

Sierra Bowman
Indiana State University
Limerick, Ireland

Hi, my name is Sierra Bowman, I am studying abroad at the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland. I am from Indiana, U.S.A., and study at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. While abroad I want to take different courses, experience new places, and cultures, and gain more communication skills. What makes me unique is that I am passionate about helping people make a difference in their lives. Some special hobbies that I partake in would include; rock climbing, hiking, thrifting, working out, and anything to do with water sports. At my home university, I am a part of the women’s swimming and diving team! Looking forward to blogging about my semester abroad in Ireland!

Alanis Rosa
Chapman University
Athens, Greece

Hello! My name is Alanis, I’m 19, and I come all the way from Puerto Rico! I’m currently living in California, studying at Chapman University. My major is Film Production, with an emphasis on Production Design and a minor in Graphic Design! I am very passionate about art in many different mediums: drawing, painting, film, music, etc. Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are playing my guitar/jamming out with friends, going to the beach and watching movies. I came to Greece because as much as I love beautiful views and landscapes, I also going to historically and culturally rich places. So many great artists and movements were born here in Greece! I am very happy that I get to share snippets of my journey studying abroad.