Spring 2022 Video Bloggers

Brandt Krueger
Featured Video Blogger
Loyola University

Seville, Spain

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I was always eager to travel and explore the rest of the world I kept hearing about, reading about, and watching on television and in movies. Thus, I took every opportunity I had to travel and, for me, creating short videos became a fantastic way to commemorate the trips. I am excited to begin this study abroad journey and create memorable experiences to look back on for years to come.

Madison Pelland
Featured Video Blogger
Arizona State University

Paris, France

Bonjour! My name’s Madison and I’m a junior studying Marketing and International Business at Arizona State University. I have always been passionate about travel, and I love learning about different cultures and experiencing new things. I’m studying abroad in Paris this semester and can’t wait to explore France as well as other countries in Europe! Aside from travel, my main interests include fashion, food, and music, and I’m so excited to share those aspects of my experience here (and more) in my upcoming vlogs!