Fall 2017

Former Video Bloggers: Fall 2017

Haley Gasparine
Monmouth University
Paris, France
Ever since I published my first best selling novel in the second grade, I knew that I had a successful career ahead of me involving that of creative expression. My writing background includes that of being an avid member of the middle school writing club, a contributing writer for my high school’s literary magazine, and a writer for my University’s school newspaper and TV station. Oh, and not to mention, I’ve been writing my own blog for the past year featuring short fictional stories, advice columns, and more! During my past two years of college, my writing was soon brought to life through the beauty that is film. I have written, produced, directed, and filmed several short films in the past few years on my YouTube channel, with the hunger to keep creating more. Aside from my short films, you are bound to stumble upon my many singing videos, (as I also have a love for performing). I aspire to someday become fluent in French, travel the globe, and share my passion for writing and music with everyone!

Alyssa Kinahan-Dundas
Emmanuel College
Meknes, Morocco
Things I love to do include slam poetry, I box on the side and I have my own photography project/business. For my business I am in the works of trademarking, selling apparel and continue to post content on my Instagram and Facebook Page. I also did an internship this summer in which my job was to go around the city of Boston and film video, as well as edit them into movies. I love to meet new people, and learn new things which is why I am so excited to study abroad this fall!

Lauren Melton
North Carolina A&T state university
Florianopolis, Brazil
Hello, my name is Lauren Melton and I am from Charlotte NC. I am currently a sophomore that attended North Carolina A&T state university majoring In Pre physical therapy. I feel like studying abroad will offer me not only new experiences with a different culture but a sense of direction in life. Fitness is my life, my goto, and my get away and I would love to share that with the new people I connect with while spreading joy, positivity, and healthiness throughout another country.

Pablo Gonzalez
Arizona State University
Sevilla, Spain
I love filming, although I don’t pursue it as a degree it is a passion I admire. I truthfully don’t believe you can learn creativity in a class room, it takes ideas, dedication and time. As I study abroad I believe I will be a experience a new culture. I hope to gain understanding of the differences I experience throughout the semester. I love meeting new people and as I record my experiences in Spain I want to also record my interaction with the family I will be living!

Kirie Ritchie
Grand Valley State University
Tokyo, Japan
I’m not going to take over the world, but I might leave my footprints all over it! Even though I was raised a city person in my forever home, Chicago, I can’t escape the wanderlust that forces me to go everywhere I can and explore. Japan has been one of the biggest places on my travel bucket list, and I know that this adventure will be indescribable. As a 19-year old college sophomore with a lot to learn, I might be the youngest in my travel group, but I’ve got a big heart and even bigger plans; I’ll just let my camera tell me where to go.

Michelle Rubado
St. John Fisher
Tokyo, Japan
I am currently an anthropology major at St. John Fisher college who loves to travel! I have been to London, Paris, Buenos Aires and my next adventure is going to be Tokyo! I hope to broaden my horizons and see what it is like to live as a student in Japan. I am a very adventurous, outgoing individual who is not afraid to take risks. I think I would be an excellent choice for the video blogger so I could show students what it is really like to be living abroad as a student and how to make the most out of your time while abroad. Not only that but saving is one of my special hobbies and I think it would be an excellent addition to your blog to let students know how to get the most bang for their buck while abroad.

Patricia Schengber
James Madison University
Sevilla, Spain
Hi everyone! My name is Patty Schengber and I’m thrilled to be studying abroad in Seville, Spain this semester. I’ve dreamed about going abroad for many years and it’s surreal that the time has finally come. While in Spain, I hope to accomplish many things: improve my Spanish, explore the life and history of Seville, and connect with people from all around the world. I love traveling, photography, drawing, languages, books, yoga and being outdoors, specifically hiking and climbing. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the magical city of Seville and embark on this experience of a lifetime!

Andis Solomon
University of Denver
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi! I am a film production major, I currently produce shorts for my company 45º Films, most recently including a documentary, and a narrative piece in post, as well as creating 1-2 minute clips for the DU Admissions office. I love film and have an experimental eye behind the camera. I’ve been editing and producing my own films on and off for 8 years.