Fall 2019

Former Video Bloggers: Fall 2019

Ashley Casesa
University of Colorado, Boulder
London, England

I am originally from New Jersey and a junior at CU Boulder where I study media production and minor in business. I am beyond excited to be studying abroad in London this semester and cannot wait to share my stories.




Martina Hamerle
Missouri State University
London, England

Hey! I’m Martina Hamerle, I’m a sophomore at Missouri State University and I’m currently pursuing a Digital Film & Television Production major. I love watching movies just as much as I love making them, and I’m incredibly excited to travel to London for the fall semester and document my adventures.




Kelsie Lee
University of Utah
London, England

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsie Lee and I am currently a junior at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, studying Peace and Conflict Studies. This year I’m swapping out the mountains for tall buildings and will be studying abroad at the University of Westminster in London, England! I have grown up always with a camera in my hand turning my life into little homemade movies, and am excited to keep documenting my travels this year with ISA! Here is to a year of adventure, and as always, go Utes!

Lucia Martin
Cape Fear College
Paris, France

Hi I’m Lucía! Traveling and art are my two favorite things in the world and I hope my time abroad is filled with both. Taking photos and videos of my excursions lets me look back at amazing memories and share them with others.




Monet Mitchell
Arizona State University
San Jose, Costa Rica (ISA Service Learning)

Hello, my name is pronounced Mo-nae, but I go by Mo. I’m currently studying business management and pursuing a minor in Spanish (also thinking about vet school but we’ll see how that goes!). I love to stay busy! I like to play tennis, to skate, and I am currently trying to learn how to surf. I love taking pictures and videos of all the places I’ve been. I think traveling is such a cool opportunity and I love making the most of it. I will be studying abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica and I can’t wait to experience all the new cultures that are there and to see the beautiful scenery! I hope to immerse myself in the culture as much as possible and to improve my spanish to the max. I hope you guys stay updated on my everyday travels!

Annie Phillips
University of Denver
Seville, Spain

I grew up moving around the US and have become fascinated with meeting new people and learning different ways of life. I hope to fully immerse myself in the culture of Seville, and the rest of Europe, and absorb as much as I possibly can while abroad. My hobbies include cooking, skiing, being outside as much as possible, travel, and of course, taking photos and videos!

Jessica Roman
Manhattanville College
Seoul, South Korea

Hello! My name is Jess Roman and I’m from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a Political Science major with a Concentration in Legal Studies at Manhattanville College and I can’t wait to spend this semester at Korea University!!! As a Korean-Cuban-American, I’m so pumped to visit the motherland and see my heritage through a new lens. Some of my hobbies include soccer, video games and petting my dog. I can’t wait to share this amazing journey with you all!

Allie Ruckman
Colorado State University
Granada, Spain

Allie Ruckman is a passionate creative and videographer from Boulder, Colorado. She enjoys stunning mountain landscapes, long intense days in the sun and fueling her creativity through the natural environment around her. Allie grew up romping around the foothills of northern Colorado, and her parents instilled in her a passion for adventure and all things wild. She is excited to experience new things during her study abroad in Granada, Spain and can’t wait to discover new stories abroad and share them through her lens.

Niki Saenz
University of Denver
Seville, Spain

Hola, I’m Niki! I’m studying Computer Science and Pre-Law at the University of Denver, and as of this fall semester, I will be studying Hispanic Studies at the Universidad de Sevilla. A little bit about me: I like to play volleyball, I’m a Pisces, a people person, and a pretty great guacamole chef. I am hoping to learn more about myself, Spanish culture, and the world during my study abroad experience… and maybe pick up some Spanish and some good tapas along the way. I’m excited to share my experiences with the ISA Blog!

Nathan Simms
Messiah College
Granada, Spain

Chloe Smith
University of Kentucky
Barcelona, Spain

I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and I am so excited to go abroad. I have always loved traveling. But I still have a few more bucket list places. I am so lucky to come from a family that has always loved being able to experience other cultures and being lucky enough to travel to as many countries as I have! Something that has made traveling and emerging myself into so many different communities easy for me is that my family has moved 5 times throughout my life all over the US!

Melanie Sturgis
South Houston State University
Seoul, South Korea

Though my birth certificate says “Melanie Rose Sturgis” I’m usually known as Melrose. Before I turned 2 years old I was adopted from the Marshall Islands and taken back to the oh so exotic Texas. Despite all the cowboy jokes, growing up in Texas was fun for me. Texas sparked my love for travel. It started small,with road trips between cities, and grew to hopping from country to country. Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give your body, mind, and heart. Going abroad I hope to be shown new ways to love, understand, and interpret life.

Tosca Swayne
Arizona State University
Florence, Italy

My name is Tosca! I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland and am currently a junior studying psychology at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. I love dogs, hiking, indie music, and traveling. I’m super excited to be in Florence this fall and am even more excited for all the amazing videos and travel montages I’m going to make!



Claire Webber
Liberty University
Barcelona, Spain