Fall 2016

Former Video Bloggers: Fall 2016

Estafany AlvarezEstefany Alvarez
Eastern Connecticut State University
Suva, Fiji
I am a Colombian, animal loving, peace loving, adventure loving, first generation college student, aspiring journalist whose hobbies include hiking, reading, playing with my dog, and eating. I believe the aspect of my personality that makes me unique came directly from my mom. Which is, the frustrating and fulfilling ability to love without boundaries. This is what makes my major (Communications) so worthwhile because it allows me to reach out and help several people at once. It allows me to bring someone to tears, make them burst out laughing, or make them contemplate on their actions or beliefs. I hope to get and give as much love from my study abroad as possible. I hope to fall in love with the places I see, people I meet, classes I take, things I do, and the person I become.

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Jonathon Anderson
Arizona State University
Paris, France
As a film major and a business minor, I have spent my college career balancing my camera in one hand and my calculator in the other. When I’m not hiking with friends or binge-watching Netflix, you can find me writing comedy shorts at the local coffee shop. I love experiencing new art, food, and culture, thus studying abroad in France is like my very own dream come true. During my travels, I hope to share videos that will allow others to adventure alongside myself and inspire them to travel as well.

Sarah GrossmanSarah Grossman
University of Pittsburgh
Barranquilla, Colombia
As an avid traveler and someone who loves to learn, I am really excited to study abroad in Barranquilla. I think that my generation especially could learn some selflessness and humility, and I think that traveling the world and learning about as many other cultures as possible is the way to attain this. Because of these views, I think that every college student should spend a semester abroad if their program allows, which is why I would like to use a blog to inspire my peers to use the opportunity that is being given to them. I think that everyone, myself included, allows themselves to live in a bubble of the environment that they were raised, and unless someone makes the effort to learn about life outside that bubble, they will continue to live in it until they make the effort.

Matthew KellerMatthew Keller
Carthage College
Brussels, Belgium
Hi there! My name is Matt Keller I am a 20 year old peanut butter jelly enthusiast who is about to embark on positively the most interesting semester of his life. I am an aspiring professional good human and funny person. I can make balloon animals, speak spanish(ish) and do a killer cart-wheel. Hope you join me along for the ride.

Anja Matukic
Lasell CollegeAnja Matukic
Barcelona, Spain
I have a wandering mind who just wants to see the world. I love trying new things and creating new experiences, and I’m anticipating that studying abroad will be the start of an entire life of adventures. I am dedicated to creating a positive life for myself and for others, and one way I do that is by striving to be an active citizen every day. I love to bake, craft, write and learn, and I can’t wait to see where this next semester takes me!

Therese Merkel
UW Whitewater
Sevilla, SpainScreen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.04.34 AM
I am a very energetic, outgoing gal who loves to make life exciting at anytime, with anyone. While I’m abroad I’m hoping to become-or close to- fluent in the beautiful language of Spanish. I am very independent and self-motivated, especially when it comes to things that I love, like capturing my favorite moments on film. All the technology we have in this world is all very interesting and limitless to me, that’s why I love it. I am very adventurous and am always looking for chances to try new things, weather it be trying new food, or jumping out of an airplane, I’m in!

Alicia RichardsonAlicia Richardson
Chapman University
Dunedin, New Zealand
I have never understood the saying “nobody likes change,” because it isn’t true for me. I love change, I crave it. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and I love discovering new places and embracing a new way of life. I grew up in Seattle, which is where I found my passion for outdoor adventures. Now I attend school at Chapman University, so I have been able to broaden my passions to the California lifestyle. Next I am embarking on the greatest adventure yet, in New Zealand where I hope to jump fully into Kiwi culture!

Emily TaylorEmily Taylor
Frost burg State University
Heredia, Costa Rica
I am a senior at Frostburg State University. I have had the opportunity to be involved by volunteering, creating events, join organizations, and become a part of the FSUTV3 team. I grew up with 6 brothers and 1 sister and this has prepared me to be able to communicate with just about anyone. I found my passion for video production late in my college career but I have taken advantage of al opportunities to grow. I want to connect people by sharing experiences and breaking communication barriers. We may not be able to speak the same language but through video we can understand the same message.