Spring 2018

Former Video Bloggers: Spring 2018

Madeleine Barrett
Virginia Military Institute
Sevilla, Spain
I am a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute, where my life is disciplined and sometimes harsh. Studying abroad allows me to taste normal college life, or as close as I’ll ever get, for a semester. I hope to take advantage of the freedom and learn to have more confidence in myself, explore, and fully appreciate, every day, how incredibly fortunate I am to have this opportunity.

Allison Barton
Arizona State
Sevilla, Spain
My biggest passion is telling the stories of others through video, and because of this, I hope to continue making documentaries after graduating with my master’s degree in journalism. My desire to study abroad stems from my love of the language and culture of Spain. This will be my first time traveling to Europe, and I am thrilled to experience as much as I can during my time studying abroad. When I’m not filming or editing videos, you will find me listening to music (both in English and in Spanish), working out, or baking to fuel my cookie dough obsession.

Nicole Bock
California Baptist University
Florence, Italy
I am making my dreams a reality. I have always been one to love to get out and see the world. Life is too short to sit around. My goal is to never stop trying new things and to laugh often. My junior year of high school I started to play around with editing videos, and that was when I learned it was a huge passion of mine. I have a special talent of having a vision of certain video shots and then executing it. I believe a video captures a moment better than words or pictures.

Jordan Correy
Colorado University, Denver
Lima, Peru
Hello my name is Jordan and I am currently a student at the university of Colorado Denver. I am a very adventurous person and will go above and beyond to get the best video angles. I have never done a blog before, but I have been wanting to start blogging on social media.

Meg Howell
North Carolina State University
Madrid, Spain
I am a senior from NC State University and I am pursuing a double major in Communication with a concentration in media studies and Spanish language and literature. I enjoy videography and I am looking forward to documenting my experiences abroad to share with others.

Eve Lenson
University of Connecticut
Gold Coast Australia
Currently I’m a Junior, Digital Media and Design major pursuing my dream to become a videographer at UConn. I knew I had always had an eye for photography but I enjoy capturing more details of a story which is when I got into video. I have a passion for travel, adventure and breaching my comfort zone and filling all of these. Video allows you to reminisce on your own time and show your audience how amazing the experience is. I love creating pieces that allow others to feel the way you felt in the moment and video permits this perfectly.

Isabel Lichter
Eckerd College
Townsville, Australia
I hope to get the most I can out of my study abroad experience. I hope to venture out of my comfort zone and discover new things about myself, as well as the continent of Australia and what it has to offer. I want to learn new things about myself I didn’t know before. I also want to immerse myself in an unfamiliar culture in hopes to find its unique beauty. What makes me unique is I am the most traveled person out of almost everyone I know around my age and I have seen a lot. I love to travel and adventure more than anything else. I also love to be outdoors. Spending time at the beach, with other people, scuba diving, trying different types of food and singing are some of my favorite things. Art and photography are also two things I enjoy and am good at. Photos of nature and my surroundings are my preference. I love to capture the moments I am currently in, wherever I may be in the world. Traveling and the beautiful surroundings i put myself in are what make me happy, and happiness is only real when shared. Which is why I love to share my photos with others. Let them see the other beautiful parts of the world they may not get to see with their own eyes.

Austin Drake Malabuyoc
California Lutheran University
Rome, Italy
Hi, my name is Austin Malabuyoc and I am from Walnut, California. Studying abroad in Rome is actually my first time out of the country, so as you can imagine I am very excited! I am a Business major, but I have always had an interest/passion for cinematography and photography. In addition to that, I love staying active through sports like: basketball, football, rugby, tennis, and snowboarding. Hopefully by studying abroad, I can continue to step out of my comfort zone, and embark on the opportunity to see things I’ve never seen, walk steps I’ve never walked, do things I’ve never done, and meet people I’ve never known.

Stephen Nymberg
University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Valencia, Spain
My name is Stephen Nymberg, I am 20 years old and I love actions sports. From the age of 3 I have surrounded myself in skateboarding, biking, motocross, surfing, snowboarding, wake-boarding, and all other boards sports. My high energy personality allows me to stay strong throughout the day, so after finishing my school work I spend hours adventuring on all forms of action sports. Although my love for action sports is strong, my favorite thing is meeting new people. During my time abroad I hope to gain an entirely new friend group and network with people throughout the word. I want to see what the world has to offer, while advancing in my studies at the same time.

Sylvia Sarabia
University of California, San Diego
Madrid, Spain
Hello! My name is Sylvia Sarabia and I am from the beautiful California. Growing up in the city of San Francisco has influenced my love for diversity and culture. As a first generation mixed Chinese and Mexican American I have had the opportunity to grow up and experience different cultures at once. I have always liked learning about different cultures- trying new food, going to new places, and meeting new people. I have grew to love to travel and wanted to expand my experiences to Europe. In Europe I have been having the time of my life learning about different cultures, languages, and countries! I have traveled to 8 different countries so far and anticipate to continue my travels throughout the year. I can’t wait to see new places and meet new people!