Spring 2017

Former Video Bloggers: Spring 2017

Emma Buckley
Salve Regina University
Cusco, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
Hi! I’m Emma Buckley and I am from Northampton, Mass and I study social work at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. During my time abroad I hope to become fluent in Spanish, create amazing friendships, travel and broaden my perspective of life in other countries and cultures. I love dancing, yoga, photography, vlogging and going to new places with friends.

alana-dellamonicaAlana DellaMonica
Florida Gulf Coast University
Gold Coast, Australia
I am originally from New Jersey, but moved down to Florida for college and am now a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University. Two years ago my sister went on an ISA study abroad trip to Australia. After seeing all of her photos and hearing her stories I knew this was a country I wanted to experience and inspired me to apply for my own study abroad trip.

megan-gilbertMegan Gilbert
Iowa State University
Paris, France
I have been working with video since my sophomore year of high school, and I hope to go into science communications to share important lessons about scientific research with the world through my words, photos and videos. In my time abroad, I hope to learn more about French language and culture and have the opportunity to explore Europe.

eliza-mcgowan-stinskiEliza McGowan-Stinski
Central Michigan University
London, England (ISA Internships)
I grew up in rural Michigan, and have been traveling my entire life to Wisconsin and Minnesota to visit family. I’ve always had love learning and all things creative, and have a passion for screenwriting and film directing. As a video production intern in London I hope to gain skills that will help me progress in my career, as well a challenging, educational, and perspective-changing cultural experience. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, snort a lot when I laugh, can balance in a headstand for five minutes, and find any excuse to wear cute hats.

esteban-rodriguezEsteban Rodriguez
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain
I am originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, I’ve been living in Phoenix, Arizona since 2000. I am a Marketing student at Arizona State University. I love to make videos and take photos of my adventures. I can’t wait to experience Barcelona and indulge in all the the different cultures of Europe. I plan to visit many countries while I am abroad, and capture their culture through my camera lens in my own artist way. I also plan to make a short film of my time in Europe where you can see my perspective of the world.

kaki-tzagournisKathryn Tzagournis
The Ohio State University
Valencia, Spain
I am a junior at The Ohio State University studying marketing and minoring in Spanish. Every since I can remember I have loved traveling and exploring new places. I come from a big, Greek family who instilled a love for culture and community in my life. I can’t wait to perfect my Spanish in Valencia and take on such an exciting and unique experience.

ben-wheelerBenjamin Wheeler
Messiah College
Valparaiso & Vino del Mar, Chile
Hi! I’m Ben. I’m a Junior Accounting/ Spanish major at Messiah College. During my time abroad I hope to gain a completely new perspective of the world through experiencing art, theater, and dance as I take my first trip out of the United States. When I’m not writing up journal entries or debiting T- Accounts, I can be found reading in my hammock or exploring the great outdoors.