Summer 2016

Former Video Bloggers: Summer 2016

IMG_0043Mia Chyung
Seoul, South Korea
I’m a sophomore at UCLA who loves adventuring, and being out in Los Angeles has definitely allowed me to do a lot of this. I love using my GoPro to film and document my adventures and then put them into a short video so I can remember those fun times. In my free time I love to go running, box, go out with friends, and binge watch FBI/crime shows. My all time favorite movie is Bridesmaids and I’m obsessed with potatoes: mashed, sweet, scalloped, fried, you name it, I’ll eat it. I’m actually 100% Korea, but I’ve never been to Korea before, so I’m excited to finally venture to the place where my family came from. I can’t wait to experience the culture authentically and learn the language so I can finally understand what my relatives are saying behind my back ;)

IMG_8660Kristen Harbsmeier
University of Louisville
Sevilla, Spain
I am majoring in communications and have taken several film classes in my college career. I have held several leadership positions that require me to produce high quality videos and have allowed me to be creative. I have a good sense of humor and have an eye for photography, and keeping videos fun while giving good information that people can learn from.

image (1)Bao Ngoc Nguyen
Anderson University
Sevilla, Spain
Everyone calls me Vickie. I am college student double majoring in Global Business and Spanish. I hope that through studying abroad this summer, my Spanish proficiency will increase to expand my horizons in cultural knowledge. With Spanish as one of my majors, I am able to speak three different languages including Vietnamese, English, and Spanish. I play college soccer at my home university and I love going to concerts. I think what makes me unique is that I am a spontaneous person that is not afraid to try new things, have a quirky humor, and an all-around fun person.

VidBlog PicJulieta Rodriguez
The University of Texas at El Paso
Seoul, South Korea
For the past 4 years I have observed the culture of South Korea behind my laptop’s screen. The thought of studying abroad had never crossed my mind before this year but the love I developed for the culture has given me the courage to experience it at first-hand. As a hobby, I love capturing kodak moments and scenery places. I love making and editing videos of adventures with my friends. While I am abroad, I plan to immerse myself in the city and capture every beautiful moment possible because I never know if it will be the only opportunity I’ll have to visit this country. I want to show others the love I have for South Korea and the best way is to make them feel like they’ve traveled with me there through the videos.

IMG_0931Alexandra Smith
California State University, Northridge
London, England (ISA INT)
When abroad, I hope to make great connections and find all of the popular local spots that maybe not all tourists know about. Everyone is truly a unique individual and I hope to capture not only my experience but others as well. I want to capture the history, the locals, the tourists, the architecture… everything. I want to be able to share it with everyone so when they are watching my videos, it’s like they are experiencing it themselves.