Spring 2016

Former Video Bloggers: Spring 2016

Allison Brown
University of Minnesota Duluth
Stirling, Scotland
I have always loved the U.K. I strongly identify as an Anglophile. I knew I would want to visit someday. Then I read some books that took place in Scotland (mainly Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) that made me want to visit and live in Scotland in particular. I hope to get out of my comfort zone and try new things while I’m abroad. I tend to be a homebody but I plan on trying to go lots of places and try new things in Scotland. I love reading and writing and hope to complete my manuscript while in Scotland.

IMG_8891Amanda Grant
University of South Carolina
Sevilla, Spain
On any given day you can find me on campus reading a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, practicing my downward dog (#yogi). You’d be able to spot me because I’m very tall, skinny, and brown. However, next semester I chose to study abroad in Spain, so that I can learn Spanish and write long poems only my mother will read. For this reason, you will probably not see me doing yoga with books as much. But I will still have my dry sense of humor, and unique ability to converse with babies in public places from far away. It’s my greatest gift.

DSC_0499Catherine Heath
Chapman University
Florence, Italy
My name is Catherine and I am an avid photographer and videographer. I study Film Production at Chapman University and if I had to save one thing from my burning house (other than pets and family) it’d be my camera. The main reason I’m studying abroad is to learn more about myself, the different places that I will be exploring and to gain some life experience that I will be able to value for a lifetime. I want to document everything and anything I see abroad and at the end create a video of my journey so I remember forever.

Maggie Hernandez
University of Colorado at Boulder
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I currently study filmmaking at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and I have high hopes to film the majority of my experience abroad in Buenos Aires. I love to document things, and I write everything down, or take a quick video, in order to reference it later. I also minor in creative writing with a special interest in poetry. I have a self published magazine, or “zine” that I hope to continue, filling it with poetry that I write in my time abroad. One of my biggest goals is to learn the Spanish language into high proficiency and to travel to the best local places in the city.

IMG_1428Kaly Nasiff
Arizona State University
Florence, Italy
I chose to study abroad because I wanted to experience the world. I grew up in suburban Arizona and was pretty sheltered as a kid. Even though I only moved 45 minutes away to go to college, Phoenix felt like a whole new world. I have the flexibility in my schedule to go abroad and I have always dreamed of seeing Italy. I want to expand my horizons even more as I travel internationally. I love meeting new people and learning their stories and what better way to do that than travel?

ISAMatthew Pritchard
Endicott College
Gold Coast, Australia
I’m studying abroad so that I can see the world while getting an education. As a Digital Film Making major I feel that it is important to see as much of the world as I can because it can have an influence in the videos in make. I’m really hoping to immerse myself in the Australian culture and learn about their way of life. I’m really interested in sports and I hope to learn about Australian sports and even catch a game or two.

Jenn SutherlandJennifer Sutherland
Salve Regina University
Salamanca, Spain
A future high school Spanish teacher with a passion for language learning, Jenn just caught the travel bug. This Spring, Jenn will make her third trip to Spain to spend a semester studying in Salamanca! She is incredibly excited about the opportunity to live with a host family and be immersed in the Spanish language and culture. When she’s not in the classroom, Jenn is an active member of her university theatre club and loves every moment of being onstage. She also enjoys singing and dancing, and plays the acoustic guitar.

12088115_938101892894021_4310027672322971375_nHayden Thomson
La Trobe University, Australia
Shanghai, China (ISA Internships)
I am a 21-year-old Journalism graduate from Melbourne, Australia. I have just recently completed my third and final year of my degree majoring in sport. I am hoping my internship in Shanghai, China will give me an extremely important edge in the competitive industry that is Journalism. I am friendly, confident and outdoors type person. Who enjoys all types of sports, adventures and physical activity. I have skills in blogging, video editing and photography.