Fall 2018

Former Video Bloggers: Fall 2018

Zachary Ambrosio
Whittier College
Seoul, South Korea
Hi my name is Zack and I’m a 3rd year student athlete at Whittier College. Aside from playing Men’s Tennis, my passion lies behind the camera. I have tons of experience shooting video at UCLA athletic events but I enjoy capturing portrait/lifestyle stills on my free time. While abroad in Seoul, I hope to travel and connect with as many new faces as possible; never missing a sunset.

Allen Clark
King University
San José, Costa Rica
Hello! My name is Allen Clark. I am 21 years old and a rising Senior at King University in Bristol, TN. For the past few years learning the Spanish language has been my passion. I believe travelling and being exposed to different cultures is essential to personal growth. Video blogging has always been a dream of mine and I cannot wait to share my experience in Costa Rica this fall semester of 2018; and hopefully you will grow with me!

Tracey Crosby
Bridgewater State University
Paris, France
Hello! I’m Tracey and I am a junior at Bridgewater State University. I am an Art/Photography major and my favorite things include fashion, travel, reading, and writing. While in Paris, I hope to learn as much as I can about the language and the culture. I’m so excited to share my adventures with you all!

Daniel Jeffrey
Arizona State University
Rome, Italy
Hi I’m Danny, I am a History major and Junior at Arizona State University. I love to play and watch sports. I played football for a year at ASU but stopped so I could experience different aspects of college like studying abroad. I am originally from just outside Washington D.C. which has it own unique history and culture but I can’t wait to experience Italy’s rich culture and see some of the most historic sights in the western world.

Lindsay Kearns
Liberty University
Melbourne, Australia
G’day mate! My name is Lindsay and I’m a Biology major at Liberty University. I’m finishing my last semester in Melbourne, Australia. Traveling and photography has always been a passion of mine. I love capturing life’s greatest moments. Through my videos, I hope to share what it’s like to live in one of the world’s most liveable cities. You can stay up to date with my adventures on Instagram (lifebylindz) and YouTube (Lindsay Kay).

Griffin Koerner
Gonzaga University
Viña del Mar, Chile
Hi there! My name is Griffin Koerner and my Portland, OR roots have given me a curious outlook on what Viña Del Mar, Chile has to offer. I am currently a Junior at Gonzaga University, and decided to study abroad in Chile to not only achieve Spanish fluency, but also experience something that’s off the beaten path. I began producing and editing videos a few years back in hopes of capturing feelings and memories, which is exactly what I plan to do while South of the equator! In my free time, I enjoy running (I’m training for the Viña Del Mar marathon!) and attending concerts.

Samantha Luque
Saint Leo University
Lima, Peru
Hey my name is Samantha Luque and I’m 21 years. Im currently a senior at Saint leo University. I love traveling the world while making videos with my camera. I want to give people a voice who have lost their voice. Follow my videos and watch a journey through adventure and embracing the culture. Add me on instagram @_sammi97

Grant Stankaitis
Chapman University
Auckland, New Zealand

Ariel Tenebruso
Rowan University
Seoul, South Korea
Hello, my name is Ariel Tenebruso. I am Italian but have unexpectedly grown a passion for Korean history and culture. Some of my interests include fashion, music, and skincare. I have begun modeling in small gigs. Furthermore, I am in the very beginning processes of learning how to make music. Lastly, I also love buying skincare and have been working with some Korean skincare and makeup companies to review products. Through studying abroad in Korea, I hope to become more responsible and learn to not be afraid to take more opportunities while enjoying my time as I learn. I would also love to make friends from across the world while discovering how people from different places function their lives differently from mine and see if we can trade any ideas.

Seth Vidrio
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Madrid, Spain
While I am a born and raised Southern Californian, I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City. I travel a lot (17 countries and counting!) and love it. I also love reading and writing, as well as making videos and acting. Binding all these together is my love of story. Whether creating stories myself or observing those around me, I look forward to partaking of the unique atmosphere of my father’s fathers. While in Spain, I hope to spend a lot of time hiking & appreciating the local language and landmarks.

Sorbrina Vilsain
New England College
Busan, South Korea

Erica Wilcoxen
Sydney, Australia
I hope to find stories in my travels, creating videos that inspire myself and others to seek new horizons. As an introvert, I sometimes find it hard to step outside of my comfort zone to have different experiences. In creating videos, I hope to show that there are fun adventures to be had when you step away from a place of comfort! I am an artist, adventure-seeker, and impulsive decision maker. Australia is the only country I have been able to visit but I hope to visit many more after studying abroad.