Spring 2020 Photo Bloggers

Paul Baumann
University of Oklahoma
Madrid, Spain

Hey y’all, I’m Paul and I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m a sophomore studying environmental science and researching snails, one of the most dynamic and interesting creatures on the planet. I’m excited to study in Madrid to hopefully further my Spanish abilities and see the beauty and history of Spain, and maybe Europe. I see myself reading and hiking a lot while I’m abroad, and hopefully taking a few dope pictures along the way.

Nate Berman
University of Colorado – Boulder
Buenos Aires
, Argentina
I am a student at the University of Colorado Boulder in the United States, and I am excited to study abroad in Argentina with ISA! I am studying political science, international relations, and Spanish. I love to travel all around the world and am looking forward to exploring as much of Latin America as possible. I enjoy seeking out new places, trying new things, and spending my time outdoors. I can’t wait to study abroad and I look forward to sharing my experiences through the ISA student blog!

Madeline Bryan
University of Colorado – Boulder
Dunedin, New Zealand

Ever since I was little, I have had an extreme passion for traveling. Learning about new cultures and new people are some of the most rewarding experiences that I have encountered in life thus far. New Zealand is a country far from any part of the world that I have ever traveled to and I cannot wait to immerse myself in its culture and connect with its people.

Austin Dykes
Arizona State University
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Michael Gazdecki
Michigan Technological University
Glasgow, Scotland

Hey there! My name is Michael, and I’m a senior studying Materials Science & Engineering at Michigan Tech. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine; and this semester the stars aligned which enabled me to spend it in the beautiful city of Glasgow in Scotland! I’m excited to live and study outside of my comfort zone, and as an avid hiker, explore as much of both the manmade and natural beauty of Scotland as possible during my time there. Stay tuned for lots of photos and documentation of my experiences in Glasgow!

Amy Harr
Bethel Univeristy
Florence, Italy

Hello! My name is Amy Harr. I’m from Sioux Falls, SD but I study studio art and philosophy at Bethel University in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve always dreamed of what’s out beyond the horizon, beyond what I can see. I guess that’s why I’m studying abroad, just to see what’s out there. Photography has been my passion for a little over 6 years now, from taking pictures for the yearbook in high school to being a photographer for a youth conference at Bethel. I hope that studying abroad will bring some new insight to how I see the world and how I see others, as well as learning some great photography and drawing skills in Florence! I’m also very excited to see what life is like on the other side of the world!

Sarah Howard
University of Colorado – Boulder
Granada, Spain

¡Hola! My name is Sarah Howard, and I’m studying Spanish and Creative Nonfiction Writing at CU-Boulder. I’m a native Coloradoan, and love to seize every opportunity to experience life nationally and abroad. I love to experience the world in extreme ways, whether that be zip-lining, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, and the like! Traveling is my passion, and I can’t wait to spend a semester abroad with ISA. Photography is a chance for me to share my experience at a personal level, and I hope that you will become inspired by the visual documentation of my time in Granada, España. ¡Saludos!

Holly Hudson
Mississippi State University
Málaga, Spain

My name is Holly Hudson and I am a junior at Mississippi State University. I am double majoring in International Business and Spanish, and have a passion for Spanish culture, food, dance, music, art, – really, everything Spanish! I am currently spending this spring semester living and studying in Málaga, Spain with other international students who share a mutual passion for travel and self-exploration. I hope to soak up every second of Spanish living while abroad, and with the help of ISA, make friends that will last a lifetime. ¡Saludos a España!

Jonathan Jandura
University of Alabama
Madrid, Spain

Lexi Johnson
McKendree University
Florence, Italy

Hello! My name is Lexi Johnson and I am currently a Senior at McKendree University, studying Sport Management and Marketing. In Italy, I will be taking an International Marketing class. Learning more about the culture and language is a huge goal of mine during my time there. I am also a beginner photographer and have high hopes to advance my photography skills with the beautiful architecture in Italy. This trip will be my first time out of the country and I am thrilled about new adventures and opportunities! What makes it better is sharing these experiences with you all.

Claire Karr
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
London, England

Lauren Kerr
University of Tulsa
Seoul, South Korea

안녕하세요! (Hi!) My name is Lauren and I am a fine arts major with an emphasis in photography. I will be studying at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. This will be my second time studying abroad but my first time staying in one country for the full semester. Before, I was only able to visit each country for a week or so; I’m looking forward to being able to truly experience and live in one place. I love to explore off the beaten path and find the small details that make each country wonderful.

Abigail Meyer
University of South Carolina
Gold Coast, Australia

Hi there! I am a junior at the University of South Carolina and will be studying abroad at Bond University. I absolutely love taking pictures and videos and can’t wait to share them all!

Kaitlyn Miller
University of Wisconsin – Parkside
Medellín, Colombia

Hey! My name is Kaitlyn, and I’m currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside. I’m majoring in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. While abroad in Medellín, my main goal is to finally become fluent in Spanish and to immerse myself into the culture as much as possible. I’m super excited to meet new people and create new memories and experiences. I love taking pictures and I cannot wait to show you all what Colombia has to offer!

Amber Morgan
University of Alabama
Busan, South Korea

Hey guys! I am a Senior at the University of Alabama and I double major in Anthropology and History with a minor in Asian Studies and I have an intermediate level in the Korean language. My study abroad will take place spring 2020 in beautiful Busan, South Korea. I cannot wait to share my experiences with you guys.

Avery Nelson
University of Tampa
Barcelona, Spain

Hello my name is Avery Nelson. I am from Chicago Illinois and I go to the University of Tampa. I am majoring in International Business and Management and am so excited to be studying in Barcelona! This is an opportunity of a life time to be able to live and study alongside people who are vastly different than me. In my free time I help in my towns local food pantry and often read to the kindergarten children at my old school. I love to give back to my community and to feel that I have impacted a persons life. I can not wait to blog about my adventures in BCN and share my experiences with everyone.

Sydney O’Rourke
Eastern Illinois University
Milan, Italy

Maia Rice
University of Houston
Madrid, Spain

Kimberly Sacchi
College of Saint Rose
Florence, Italy

Hi! My name is Kimberly Sacchi and I am studying Forensic Psychology. I grew up in a small town called Verona in New Jersey. I am half Colombian and half Brazilian and I am fluent in spanish. I hope to meet new people and learn about different cultures while I am studying abroad. What makes me unique is that no matter what I will always see the positive side, it is why I love taking photos. There is beauty in everything. I love to sing, write music, play piano, paint, see beautiful sceneries and meet new people.

Kaija Schlangen
University of Minnesota Duluth
San José, Costa Rica

Hello! My name is Kaija and I am studying Psychology and Latin American Studies at the University of Minnesota- Duluth. I am a Minnesotan through and through and while I love my state, I’m excited to escape the mounds of snow for a sunny adventure in Costa Rica! I’ve been learning Spanish for years now and am excited to practice and improve my speaking skills. My camera is my closest travel companion and I’m excited to share what I find in Costa Rica with you!

Emma Sims
University of California – Berkeley
Barcelona, Spain

I’m Emma Sims! A business major from UC Berkeley taking a break from academic rigor to pursue my artistic interests in Barcelona. I am originally from Los Angeles and love hiking, yoga, finding great restaurants, and playing beach volleyball – all of which I hope to continue doing in Spain. I’m extremely excited for an entire semester dedicated to photography and immersing myself in Spanish culture, and I can’t wait for the adventures to come.

Sabrina Stern
University of Colorado – Boulder
Barcelona, Spain

Hi! My name is Sabrina Stern and I am a Junior at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am a Boulder native, but I’m very excited to study abroad this spring semester in Barcelona, Spain. I have taken six years of Spanish and I hope to fully immerse myself in the Spanish culture. I have mostly taken photos of the mountains and nature in Boulder, so I am excited to take some photos in a different setting. Outside of school I like to play sports, read, play guitar, and hangout with friends.

Margaret Sucher
University of Minnesota Duluth
Prague, Czech Republic

Hi my name is Margaret Sucher. I am a junior studying Communication and International Studies. I was born and raised in Minnesota, USA but grew up traveling with my family. I am excited on studying in Prague that has so much cultural and political history. I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures and history. My goal is to gain more experience in international relations and travel.

Claire Taggart
University of Indianapolis
Florianópolis, Brazil

I’m from near Indianapolis, Indiana and study marketing and Spanish at the University of Indianapolis. I’ve loved photography, languages, and skateboarding since I was little and that’s a huge part of the reason I chose Brazil to spend a semester. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a ton of legendary skateboarders, and some of the friendliest people I have ever met, my fourth visit to Brazil is set to be the biggest and best so far. I can’t wait to go on as many adventures as possible!

Jessica Vieux
Saint Leo University
Barcelona, Spain

Sophie Vradelis
North Carolina State University
Barcelona, Spain

Abby Ward
University of Colorado – Boulder
Valparaíso & Viña Del Mar, Chile