Spring 2019

Former Photo Bloggers: Spring 2019

Leah Amelung
Missouri State University
Barcelona, Spain
My name is Leah Amelung and I am a sophomore in college. I am from Missouri and I am so excited to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain! I am an Interior Design and Construction Management major and one thing that I am most looking forward to is learning all about the history and architecture in this amazing city!

Claire Baghera
Adrian College
Barranquilla, Colombia
Hello all! My name is Claire Baghera. I am from West Michigan and attend Adrian College. I am studying business and Spanish, and I am so excited to improve my communication in Spanish while studying in Colombia. I think it will be an experience of a lifetime combining my love for photography, soccer, coffee, all while learning about a new culture, speaking Spanish, and growing in faith! I am excited to meet new people and hopefully come back a better dancer:) I plan to capture and share my experiences with you through my lens!

Cayley Beals
Regis University
Málaga, Spain
I currently go to Regis University where I am studying nursing, and enrolled in the Spring 2019 ISA program in Málaga, Spain. I am super adventurous! I have already been to two other Spanish speaking countries, so learning the Spanish language and culture as always been a major interest of mine. While I am in Spain, I hope to see more about the Spanish culture, as well as gain fluency in the language. I hope to experience good food, friends, and culture during my time here!

Andrea Brambila Barba
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain
Hola! I am an International Affairs major and Political Science minor at Arizona State University. I am excited to be in Barcelona this Spring semester and discover the wonders this vibrant city has to offer. Spanish is my first language, so I hope this will allow me to have a more local experience during my time here. I enjoy all arts, food, outdoor activities, and exploring new places. Lista para vivir una aventura en España! I am ready to live an adventure in Spain!

Maria Brannon
Texas State University
Barcelona, Spain
My name is Maria Brannon, I’m twenty years old and I was born in Beaumont, Texas. I’m a Junior at Texas State University where I’m pursuing a major in International Business Studies and a minor in Spanish. I love all forms of art and expression whether it be photography, ballet or hiphop, playing the Tuba in the Band, playing ukulele with my friends or painting and drawing. I hope that this experience with ISA will allow me to leave any inhibitions at home and dive head first into a new and exciting chapter that I can capture with my photography.

Emma Case
Northern Michigan University
San Jose, Costa Rica (ISA Service-Learning)
Hello! I am currently studying Environmental Studies and Sustainability at Northern Michigan University. Iam also a Spanish minor, and am putting that to work in San José, Costa Rica this semester! This country is bursting with color, and I am excited to give you a taste of the “Pura Vida” (or pure life) lifestyle of Costa Rica . When i am not behind the camera, I love to paint, meet new people, play my violin and do anything outside. You’re welcome to join me on my journey while I discover the beauty San José has to offer!

Kiera Cline
Arizona State University
San Jose, Costa Rica
¡Hola! My name is Kiera and I am a senior at Arizona State University. This semester, I decided to trade desert for tropics and study Business and Sustainability in a country that contains 6% of the world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica. I have always been intrigued by the Tico lifestyle, and I will be fully immersing myself by staying with a host family in San José. Over the next three months, I hope to explore the beauty, history, and culture of this country, and I am eager to have you along for the ride.

Elaina DeRiso
University of Maine
Townsville, Australia
Hey Guys! I’m Elaina, a junior at the University of Maine studying marine biology! I was born and raised in the little state of Rhode Island, where I fell in love with the ocean. I play rugby, enjoy taking pictures and binge-watching shows on Netflix. When I’m abroad, I cannot wait to visit the Great Barrier Reef and explore all that Australia has to offer.

Allison Fitzhugh
University of North Georgia
Rome, Italy
Hey, my name is Allison. My favorite thing to do is travel and discover new experiences which is exactly why I am in Italy for the spring. I love music, painting, and almost anything that sparks my creativity. Even more, being outdoors is where I am the most happy (hiking, biking, running, just getting outside). My family and friends are the most important things to me in this world. I am looking forward to sharing my time abroad with you through the ISA blog. I am a huge believer in challenging myself to step outside the box and I hope my posts encourage you to do the same :).

Yianni Garris
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Prague, Czech Republic
I am a Junior Economics major studying at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I am very excited for this opportunity to study abroad in Prague and experience its culture. I look forward to photographing the new landscapes around me, and hope to see some great soccer games along the way.

Catherine Gray
Liberty University
Florence, Italy
While studying abroad was not in my original 4-year plan, I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have this opportunity. I was born and raised in North Carolina and have always loved to travel. It seems as though every time I visit a new place, I find a new home. I am extremely passionate about photography and hope to use it as my career eventually. When I’m not photographing something, you can find me editing pictures, reading my bible, or sipping on a macchiato–ice caramel to be exact.

Jaazmin Hairston-Chainey
University of Kentucky
Santiago, Dominican Republic (ISA Service-Learning)

Isabella Hickey
University of Tampa
Madrid, Spain

Brittany Johnson
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Newcastle, Australia
Hi, my name is Brit! I study Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Being raised in Wisconsin, I am used to extremely cold winters and summers filled with corn fields and cows, so I am excited to have a change of scenery in Newcastle, Australia! During my time abroad, I am eager to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and to make long lasting friendships with people from around the world. I am a photographer as well, so I will definitely be sharing all of my experiences with you through photographs!

Carson Keeling
University of Kansas
Barcelona, Spain



Kaitlynn Luffman
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sydney, Australia (WorldStrides ISA CP / ISA Internships)
My name is Kate Luffman and I am currently studying journalism and electronic media at the University of Tennessee. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always carried a camera with me wherever I go. I don’t particularly enjoy staying in one place for too long, as I have a love and passion for seeing new things, exploring different cultures, and capturing moments that others might not get the opportunity to see. I am looking forward to this semester in Sydney, Australia as I hope that my photography will be able to portray this city in its natural beauty.

Mariah Mikel
Iowa State University
Athens, Greece
Hey everyone! I’m Mariah and I am a hospitality management major at Iowa State University. I am 6’4″ and no I do not play basketball! This semester I am trading cornfields for the beautiful Mediterranean Sea views of Athens, Greece! I am always up for an adventure and cannot wait to experience every minute of what is to come. I am most looking forward to trying new foods, meeting new friends, and seeing new places. I have a love and passion for traveling and photography so what better way than to document my time through photos. I am thrilled to share these adventures with you!

Ashton Royal
University of Alabama
Paris, France
Hello! I am a rising junior at the University of Alabama. I am double majoring in Management and Marketing, and I am minoring in French and International Studies. While studying abroad at The American Business School of Paris in France, I hope to become more proficient in French, further my technique and passion in photography, travel as much as I can, and enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences. I have a lot of hobbies such as photography, drone videography, competitive soccer, competitive horseback riding, dancing, singing, and acting to name a few things! I hope my diverse background in conjunction with my photography skills will bring a new perspective on studying abroad as well as Paris and France in general. I hope you enjoy going on my journey with me!

Katie Sanders
Loyola University Maryland
Cape Town, South Africa
My name is Katie Sanders and I am currently a student at Loyola University Maryland studying psychology but for the next five months I will be a student at University of Cape Town in South Africa! Being from a small town and not getting to travel that often, I am ready to dive deep into the amazing South African culture and maybe even learn some Xhosa, one of the eleven official languages of the country.However, I am most excited about the incredible scenery that is around Cape Town and getting to explore the great outdoors and see as much wildlife as possible.

Alyssa Scandura
University of Connecticut
Limerick, Ireland

Ashley Stanitzek
Central Michigan University
Aukland, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
Hello! My name is Ashley Stanitzek and I am from the wonderful Mitten state (Michigan). Traveling around the world has been a passion & dream of mine since I’ve been a young girl, and now I will be able to fulfill this dream while interning in the career field of my dreams as well…the best of both worlds! I can not wait to explore the wonderful land of New Zealand and engulf myself within the kiwi culture. I am a lover for hiking, adventuring into new things, coffee, and art, and I am beyond ecstatic to see what experiences await me in New Zealand.

Elizabeth Wampler
Georgia College & State University
Galway, Ireland
Hello there! I’m Elizabeth, a struggling yet overexcited college student who is attending NUI Galway for the Spring 2019 semester. I am a Mass Communications student from Georgia College & State University with a double minor in Photography as well as Spanish Language & Culture. I am a lover of movies, traveling, new faces and dogs! Although I just began my photography career this past year and still have a lot to learn, I am building my portfolio every week, and looking forward to learning and trying new things in new places with new people!

Cristina Werthwine
Western Carolina University
Sevilla, Spain