Fall 2019

Former Photo Bloggers: Fall 2019

Rebekah Adams
Messiah College
London, England (Veritas Christian)

My name is Rebekah and I am from Cinnaminson, New Jersey. I am currently a junior at Messiah College where I am majoring in Digital Media with a concentration in Video and Story. Besides videography and photography, I also have a passion for theatre and try to see Broadway shows whenever I can. Studying abroad is something that I’ve always dreamed of doing because I love to travel. I am most excited to learn more about other cultures, meet new people, and to step out of my comfort zone!

Sydney Berry
South Dakota State University
Bangkok, Thailand

Hi, my name is Sydney and I’m a computer science student at South Dakota State University. This fall, I’ll be studying at Mahidol University International College in Thailand, which will be my first time out of the country. While there, I hope to learn more about how different countries and cultures approache and utilizes technology. In addition to computer programming, I am also passionate about design and art.

Anne Bolin
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Florence, Italy

Hi! I’m Annie, and I’m a senior at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. I’ve always wanted to just get up and go explore. Growing up, I was lucky enough to travel around the U.S. with my family, and now I finally have the chance to see what the rest of the world is like, capturing the most beautiful parts of it as I go. Studying photography in a place as breathtaking and historically relevant (hello, Renaissance!) as Florence, Italy is a photographer’s dream, and I can’t wait to see where this leads my creative process. Arrivederci!

Emily Creasman
Arizona State University
Seoul, South Korea

Hello! My name is Emily and I study East Asian Studies and Korean at ASU! I’ve always been fascinated with cultures, interested in what traditions define them individually but also in what ways they are similar. Before now, I have not had the opportunity to experience Asia on my own, only watching videos or reading books on the topic. Now, through ISA, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to experience it for myself, engage with others, and immerse myself in the language and culture! I love a good adventure and am excited to explore all Korea has to offer!

Emily Czazasty
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Seville, Spain

Hi! My name’s Emily and I’m a senior at UMass Amherst, but this fall I’ll be at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Sevilla, Spain. I’m double majoring in Communications and Journalism so writing and photography are naturally big hobbies of mine. I come from a small town in Massachusetts so while I’m abroad I hope to broaden my understanding of different cultures. I’m looking forward to making new friends, learning new things, and taking in as much as possible!

Sophia Evans
Seattle University
Galway, Ireland

My name is Sophie Evans, and I am a Seattle native who is too in love with the Pacific Northwest to leave. I got my first camera when I was 12 and it quickly became my best friend. 5 photography classes, 3 new lenses, and 1 new camera later, my best friend and I are off to Galway, Ireland! I can’t decide if photography is a major hobby of mine, or an entire other career. All I know, is that I am more than excited to see the world, capture its diverse cultures, and share my photos with you all.

Elizabeth Farawell
Rowan University
London, England

My name is Elizabeth Farawell, I am 21 years old from “Central” Jersey or North Jersey, depends on who asks me. I’ll be graduating from Rowan University in the Spring with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film. I choose England to study abroad because I could not think of a better place that would be perfect to study radio, television, and film. London has produced so many great films and television shows that for me it was a no brainer! I have never left the United States before so I’m excited to explore anywhere and everywhere. If I’m going to be honest, I can’t wait to see all the sites where Outlander was and is being filmed. Photography and editing are two things I love doing besides reading, and both come natural to me, so learning more about each subject is something I’m passionate about. My mother’s love for film is what set me on the track I am today. I couldn’t see myself doing anything but working in the television or film industry!

Brandon Fink
Roger Williams University
Seville, Spain

Hi! My name is Brandon Fink and I am a junior Spanish Secondary Education major at Roger Williams University. The one thing I love to do is act in theatre productions as it gives me a chance to take on different roles and perspectives. While in Spain, I hope to increase my overall fluency of the language and immerse myself into this unique community’s cultural values and beliefs. Even though I am nervous to take on this next chapter of my life, I cannot wait for the independence and happiness it may bring me.

Annika Frazer
University of Minnesota Duluth
Madrid, Spain

My name is Annika and I’m from Minnesota, US. I have a passion for the environment and learning new things! I’m excited to go to Spain and learn more about the culture and languages, along with other new places abroad. As a child I went to a Spanish Immersion school, so I hope to grow even more in my time overseas. Other than that, I spend my time hiking, climbing, kayaking, taking photos, and spending time with my animals (a dog, two cats, two birds, and some chickens and bees).

Jack Hatzfeld
University of Kansas
Valencia, Spain

Ever since my grandfather introduced me to photography six years ago on a photo tour of Northwest America, I have been fully immersed in a pursuit of culture through food and travel. This pursuit has taken me to all parts of the world from climbing mountains in New Zealand to preparing tagines in Morocco, everywhere I go I have the same objective in mind: to discover more about the traditions and customs of the people who live there.

Why Spain? My dream is to be bilingual and I also really enjoy paella so I am studying the Spanish language in the birthplace of paella, Valencia, Spain and might learn some new dishes to share as well. Hasta Luego!

Elizabeth Harvey
Furman University
Athens, Greece

Hi! My name’s Lizzie, and I’m from Birmingham, Alabama. I’m going into my junior year at Furman University, and I am a Communication Studies and Psychology major. I have always had a heart for travel, and I take every opportunity I can to see the world. I am super excited about studying abroad in Athens because I cannot wait to experience a new culture, meet new people, and see new places. I love photography and have since I was probably ten. I can’t wait to capture Greece through my lens and for you to follow along on my journey!

Dana Hubbard
Arizona State University
Prague, Czech Republic

I have a passion for anything artistic, so when I first picked up a camera, it just made sense to me. I love being able to capture the world from my perspective and create art that everyone can see and relate to. Studying abroad is a way for me to channel my abilities in both art and school and have an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Mary McConnell
University of South Carolina
Valencia, Spain

Hannah Mullenbach
Liberty University
Glasgow, Scotland

Hey y’all, my name is Hannah Mullenbach! I am from Louisville, Kentucky and am currently studying International Relations at Liberty University! I absolutely love traveling, being outdoors, and photography! You can always find me with my Polaroid camera or drinking coffee! I honestly don’t think I can fully describe how excited I am to study abroad this semester in Scotland. I hope it will enable me to gain a new perspective of a different culture and allow me to see more of our vast world and the people that make it so special!

Emma Page
Colorado State University
Seoul, South Korea

Hello hello! I’m Emma! I’m from Asheville, North Carolina and I go to Colorado State University up in Fort Collins. This upcoming fall semester, I’ll be attending Korea University in Seoul.
I fell in love with the idea of traveling as many young people do. Going to study in another country has always been on my college bucket list. Most of the time you can find me doing photography, journaling, exercising, or getting ready to go on a spontaneous adventure. I am beyond excited to travel and experience a new culter!

Frankie Persons
Bethel University
Dunedin, New Zealand (Veritas Christian)

From exploring our back woods with my brother to now taking on the beautiful country of New Zealand, I have always been up for an adventure! My passions include traveling, spending time outdoors, cuddling dogs, and investing time with family, friends and Jesus. I value stepping out of my comfort zone by meeting new people and experiencing new places and cultures. As a pre-PA student majoring in psychology, I hope to one day apply all these experiences and passions in the field of medicine. In the mean time, I’ll be over here studying human physiology, climbing mountains, and taking way too many pictures! Cheers! ;)

Sam Poe
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Meknes, Morocco

Native Arkansan, but always looking for a reason to travel elsewhere. Currently at the University of Arkansas studying Political Science and Arabic. If I’m not rock climbing or taking a few pictures, I’m probably trying to do both simultaneously. I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to travel to Morocco, but even more so, to be immersed in the culture and (hopefully) improve my Arabic. I’m hoping to capture some authentic moments of day to day life in Meknes and in Morocco as a whole, and ready for all the adventures in between.

Rayna Rosenthal
University of Denver
Meknes, Morocco

Salaam! My name is Rayna. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I now spend my days in the beautiful Rocky Mountains at the University of Denver. While out here, I love to hit the slopes and go skiing as much as possible. My favorite place is at the top of the gondola looking out towards the mountains. During my fall semester in Meknes, I am excited to immerse myself in new cultures, languages, and religions. Documenting my time here and capturing the beauty of Morocco will give me something special to look back on forever.

Elena Simon
Old Dominion University
San Jose, Costa Rica

Taysia Stein
Arizona State University
Rome, Italy

This fall I’m studying abroad in Rome, Italy! I’m from San Francisco, California! I go to Arizona State University and will be a junior. I love to travel and can’t wait to see where I go this semester. I have been to a few countries already including Greece, United Emirates, and Egypt! I am hoping to explore more of Italy and take tons of pictures to document my semester abroad.

Jordan Stern
University of Denver
Viña Del Mar, Chile

My name is Jordan Stern and I’m currently studying in Viña Del Mar, Chile. One of the main reasons Chile stood out to me was the amount of outdoor travel that’s possible here. I love getting outside and bringing my camera and friends with me, and Chile seems to offer just about any kind of environment one could imagine. From the Atacama Desert in the north to Patagonia 2000 miles south, there’s a lot to see. I’m hoping to broaden my skills with a camera while I’m here, as well as get a whole lot better at Spanish!

Madison Vaughn
Trinity College
Cape Town, South Africa

Hello! I’m Madison, and I am studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa this semester. I am originally from Georgia, USA and study political science, human rights, and history at Trinity College – Hartford. I enjoy hiking, yoga, taking fun pictures, and a good cup of green tea, and I am beyond excited for my adventures in Africa.