Fall 2016

Former Photo Bloggers: Fall 2016

Rachel BassRachel Bass
Florence, Italy (ISA Gap Year)
My name is Rachel Bass and I am from Raleigh, NC. I am 18 years old, studying in the ISA Gap Year program. I chose to go abroad because I wanted to learn more about myself and my passions before committing to a college and deciding on a major. I am unique from my peers because I am taking a different route for college and traveling before I start my life as a college student. I have a passion for the arts in general, but specifically drawing and photography. I’m hoping my blog with be an extra artistic outlet for me while abroad.

Rachel BeaverRachel Beaver
University of Tampa
Glasgow, Scotland
I not only hope to learn more about myself but also to truly experience everything Scotland has to offer – food, people, natural beauty, etc. I enjoy trying and learning new things which I am sure this study abroad will provide me ample opportunities to do.

Jenna BengivengaJenna Bengivenga
Ramapo College of New Jersey
San Jose, Costa Rica
I am a photographer, traveler and a free spirit. I have a passion for seeing the world and learning about different cultures and people. During my time abroad, I wish to experience all of Costa Rica and what it has to offer. I plan on traveling the country taking many pictures and meeting many people! I am outgoing and friendly and I love getting outside my comfort zone! I am ready for an adventure of a lifetime! I hope to use this experience for my future and becoming a isa photo blogger would be such an honor!


Julia Blue Arm
Colorado State University
Berlin, Germany
Greetings! My name is Julia Blue Arm. Among many things, I am an artist, an optimist, and a food enthusiast, with an urge for exploration. I am originally a small town South Dakotan, born to a German mother from Berlin and a Native American father from the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Currently, I am studying Art Education and German and have an avid appreciation for the arts. Photography allures me for its ability to imitate precious moments in time. While abroad, I intend to immerse myself in German culture and challenge my comfort, intellect, creativity, and courage.

Sarah CirelliSarah Cirelli
University of Tampa
Sydney, Australia
I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and currently attend college in Florida. I spend most of my time outdoors and capturing my curiosity through photographs, film and journaling. In my free time I find myself exploring distant places. I crave travel because I always leave my previous destination as a new person. I photograph my adventures in order to document and capture my experiences in a new and creative perspective for people to see. I want to enlighten others with what I am so fortunate enough to experience first-hand.

Julia ClitesJulia Clites
Stevenson University
Sydney, Australia
Since I was very young I have loved to travel. I think that exploring the Earth that we are lucky enough to inhabit is the most important thing that we as humans can do. Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity not only to expand your education, but also to expand your knowledge and view of the world. I love to design and take photos and studying abroad will give me so much creative inspiration. I can’t wait experience Australia and capture the whole thing with my camera!

Megan ConwayMegan Conway
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Suva, Fiji
My sense for adventure is bigger than my actual self. Averaging at about 5’8″ I am a total adrenaline junky, and firm believer in “you only live once”. This summer I am traveling to Fiji, which is only about 16 hours out of my comfort zone. My biggest goal for studying abroad is finding internal happiness. Dealing with depression and anxiety for a good part of my college experience, has been a constant battle. I hope that opening my eyes and my heart to a new culture will aid in developing myself into the confident person I know I can be.

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Alejandra Davalos
University of Colorado at Boulder
Barcelona, Spain
As a Spanish native speaker, I hope I can improve and perfect my Spanish speaking skills. Some of my hobbies include “do it yourself” projects, knitting, sewing, photography, painting, hiking, exercising, spending time with my friends and family, and of course Netflix.

Rassey De Los SantosRassey De Los Santos
The College of Saint Rose
Gold Coast, Australia
Choosing to study abroad in Australia I ended up surprising myself. Leaving behind everything I know and everyone I knew to go abroad to the other side of the world is mind boggling and yet, refreshing. Experiencing something other than what you’re used to is nothing but amazing, I’m hoping to experience all the beauty that Australia has to offer me and to dive deep into their culture all while making beautiful memories and capturing them.

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Cailey Dillon
University of Central Missouri
Valencia, Spain
My goal during my study abroad experience is to get out of my comfort zone and soak up as much knowledge and beauty as I can. I want to try new things and inspire others to do the same. Photography has always been something that fascinates me. I like to capture beautiful moments but more than anything, I like to capture the quirky things that make a place unique. Finding unique things in a new place is one of the most exiting feelings. It makes you fall in love with that moment in that place, and that’s what I hope to bring to this blog.

Clarissa FisherClarissa Fisher
University of Kentucky
Sevilla, Spain
Always looking for adventure, I am a small town Kentuckian who is passionate about politics, photography and environmental conservation. I attend the University of Kentucky where I study accounting, economics and Spanish. My love for languages and wanting to enhance my education with international experience led me to choose to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain. When abroad, I hope to better my Spanish language skills while experiencing a culture different than my own. While not traveling, I spend my time playing volleyball, reading and hiking.

Rodney FurmanRodney Furman
University of Kentucky
Florianopolis, Brazil
Well I’m a first generation student from Louisville, Kentucky who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always been really involved in sports, including baseball, football and track and field, so its needless to say i like to stay fit! I’ve always believed in the philosophy of living your life to the fullest, we were put on this Earth for a reason so it’s only right to get out of our comfort zones and explore this huge planet and learn as much as possible about the other billions of people simultaneously living here. I love taking pictures and capturing life’s beautiful moments that can’t be expressed in words, which is why I believe I’m the perfect candidate for the ISA blogger for my program!

Gabriela Garcia
University of Georgia
Madrid, Spain (ISA Internships)        img_4090
I am a very cultured individual who has lived all over Central America throughout my childhood. I then moved to Puerto Rico to carry out my high school years, until I moved to the State of Georgia my senior year of high school. Although quite frustrated, moving to the United States my senior year pushed me even further to go outside of my comfort zone. After attending school in New York my freshman year in college, I transferred to the University of Georgia where I now happily attend. After doing study abroad in Seville, Spain this past summer I am so excited to be joining ISA with an internship abroad in Madrid, Spain! I love travelling and exploring new cultures and hope this internship will give me a working perspective on the country!

Anja GoolsbyAnja Goolsby
Central Michigan University
Santiago, Dominican Republic
I am a senior at Central Michigan University studying both Spanish and Special Education. I am from Michigan, but lived in England from the age of twelve until I graduated high school. The experience really opened my eyes to the world and ignited my passion for travel and discovery. I’ve always loved documenting my vacations with photos and descriptions written in scrapbooks, so starting a blog just came naturally.

Amanda HallAmanda Hall
North Carolina State University
Bangkok, Thailand
I am completing my final semester of college abroad. I know that by going abroad I will have unique, once in a lifetime opportunities for cultural experience and personal growth before beginning a career. What I love most are animals, new foods and the outdoors. I have completed a variety of internships while in the US and one international internship in Kenya. I am very outgoing and friendly. I love meeting new people and I see each day as new adventure. I hope to share my experience in Thailand and inspire others to travel.

Angela HoAngela Ho
University of Denver
Bilbao, Spain
I’m originally from San Jose, CA, but I moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver. I want to study abroad because I want to improve my Spanish, as well as attend some International Studies classes at Universisdad de Deusto because it’s a known International Studies school. In addition to academics, I hope to gain more insight into the Spanish culture, through their music, dress, etc — but especially through FOOD! Coming from an Asian-American culture, this experience will give me a different and unique insight into a culture that is profoundly different from mine! I have never been to Europe, so this first experience will allow me to become more worldly!

Genevieve Hoyt
Salve Regina University
Sevilla, Spain
After growing up in a town with more cows than people (probably), I knew I needed to learn about other ways of life. I craved more after my month-long study abroad in Argentina, and what better country to spend a year in than Spain? In school, I’m studying Global Studies, Spanish, and French, so basically stick me on a plane and I’ll be happy. I’m a professional pet selfie taker as well as an embarrassingly huge gymnastics fan. Somehow I’ve traveled to more countries than US states, so I’m thrilled to add to the list this year.

Nicolette JoakimNicolette Joakim
Saint Joseph’s College Of Maine
Santiago, Chile (ISA Internships)
I graduated this past May with my BA in political Science. I want to go into the field of peace and conflict resolution. I have worked with teens from Northern Ireland to help prevent them from joining paramilitary groups. This is what sparked my interest in peace and conflict studies. I love animals and taking picture of just about everything. My hobby is photography. I work with dogs and hopefully after my internship will become an official dog trainer. I have gone to Northern Ireland twice and I have even been to Kuwait.

Alysssa JonesAlyssa Jones
The Ohio State University
Paris France
I am currently studying into my 5th year at Ohio State where I am pursuing a dual degree in French and Environmental Science with a minor in Art. I hope to improve my French and acclimate into the Parisian culture while abroad. I love trying new things and am always moving. I am currently obsessed with practicing yoga and Acroyoga. When I’m not holding a yoga pose, I like to explore, paint, hang out with friends, learn about plants/gardening, and cook vegetarian meals.

Caroline KogerCaroline Koger
Chapman University
Florence, Italy
Coming from a small town in Texas, I am eager to immerse myself in different cultures around the world. I’m currently a senior at Chapman University with an Art major and French language minor. I’m excited to learn Italian, as I strive to be multilingual. I look forward to a career that combines my passions (art and travel) by becoming a travel/lifestyle photographer. I want to experience everything the world has to offer while documenting my journey through photography. I can’t wait to see what adventures Italy has in store for me!

Giovanna LenskiGiovanna Lenski
DePaul University
Barcelona, Spain
I have studied Spanish for many years and have always wanted to study abroad in order to perfect my language skills. I am excited to explore new places and learn about both myself and the world around me through this experience. Working with both digital and film photography, I am hoping to capture this experience and my own unique perspective on my time abroad.

Molly MalkinskiMolly Malkinski
Montclair State University
Dublin, Ireland
I’m hoping my time abroad allows me to open up my mind to new possibilities and gives me a bit of a push in the right direction when it comes to my future and what career path I’d like to take. Although I am a Psychology student, and very interested in all Psychology has to offer, I’ve come to really love photography and can’t help but wonder where this love takes me career-wise. As someone who loves to travel and hopes to do a lot of traveling in the future, I’m hoping this time abroad will teach me how to leave my comfort zone and better immerse myself in cultures I might not be familiar with!

Kevin MayerKevin Mayer
University of Colorado Boulder
Wellington, New Zealand
As an avid outdoorsmen, my camera is constantly fixed upon nature. I have a love for camping, hiking, and traveling. I am a craft beer fanatic and enjoy waking up to coffee and a view. I listen to all types of music, appreciate watching and playing sports, and am a fishing enthusiast. I possess an ability to capture the world around me on my camera as photography is my greatest skill set.

Ben McKeownBen McKeown
Bethel University
Gold Coast, Australia
I want to see as much of the world as possible and studying abroad is a perfect opportunity to do that. I’m excited to immerse myself in the culture and experience all Australia has to offer. In addition to photography and design, I am a musician and play in several bands here in the Twin Cities. I am also a barista at heart and obsess over the intricacies of a good cup of coffee.

Sam McVeyStacy McVey
Colorado State University
Perth, Australia
I hope to be able to immerse myself in and and learn a new culture’s way of experiencing life. I hope it gives me another way to see my daily life, and better appreciate. I enjoy spending time with horses and working with them above all else. Other than that, I just love being able to spend time outdoors doing anything.


Beth MixonBeth Mixon
The college of Idaho
Christchurch, New Zealand
I am from Hood River, Oregon and have lived there my whole life. I love being outside and going on adventures. Skiing is my favorite activity, although, I enjoy other things such as biking, hiking, boating, kiteboarding, and photography. I am a sophomore at The College of Idaho and I am on their ski team. I’m always up for a new adventure, especially when I’m with my friends. I hope to leave New Zealand more confident, outgoing, and eager to travel more.

Joseph MorrisonJoseph Morrison
University of Denver
Prague, Czech Republic
I hope to get a new take on culture from my study abroad experience. I was born in England, but the Czech-Republic presents a completely new take on Europe that I wish to experience. I am extremely outgoing, and have a background in Vlogging, Blogging, Design, Photography, and Cinematography. In fact, I plan on trying to make a career out of professional blogging, and would love to be able to contribute to a blog that influences the younger generation to travel.

Jessica MyerJessica Myer
Emory & Henry College
Florence, Italy
Visiting Italy has been a dream of mine since childhood, so the opportunity to travel to Florence was too compelling to resist. I have never been abroad before and hope that this semester becomes the beginning of a long and significant journey to see and understand the world. I am passionate about photography and being outside, hiking in particular, and I am eager to explore these interests in a whole new place. I am a Junior Sociology and Mass Communications double major at Emory & Henry College in Virginia.

Daniella Owusu
Worcester State UniversityDaniella Owusu
Granada, Spain
I am Daniella Owusu. I was born in Toronto, Canada to two parents of Ghanaian origin. I currently live in Lowell, MA with my parents and older brother. At the moment I am enrolled at Worcester State University where I am studying sociology, Spanish and philosophy and the law. Studying abroad in Spain is a great way for me to become fluent in Spanish and become familiar with a new culture, different from my own. During my free time I enjoy taking pictures, reading, and writing poetry.

Madison PahlMadison Pahl
Chapman University
Wellington, New Zealand
I am a Junior at Chapman University, majoring in software engineering, and minoring in studio arts. Growing up I was fortunate enough to travel to a few countries around the world, and it has sparked an interest to continue my explorations of the world. Having the opportunity to study in Wellington, New Zealand will allow me to broaden my knowledge and perception of the Software industry as well as examining various techniques in the arts. I am on a quest to learn about the Maori culture, and to discover the natural secrets of middle earth.

Annissa PetersonAnnissa Peterson
College of St. Scholastica
Florence, Italy
Hello! My name is Annissa, I was born and raised in northern Minnesota. I am an animal lover, going for nursing, while thinking about striking up photography as a minor. I fell in love with photography during a film photography course I took last year. Ever since then, photography, besides school, has become my main focus.

Madeline QuasebarthMadeline Quasebarth
Carnegie Mellon
Meknes, Morocco (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a fine art and anthropology student at Carnegie Mellon, and as my major demonstrates I’m interested in the human experience. I view art as a reflection of what it means to be human and anthropology as the study of the universals and specifics within humanity. I hope to learn from my time abroad what it truly means to be immersed in a totally new culture as well as gain insights in how art and anthropology can work hand in hand.

Natalie SchunkNatalie Schunk
Grand Valley State University
Bangkok, Thailand
I believe that studying abroad will allow me to thrive as someone who is passionate about travel and art. I love drawing, painting, and photography, and this opportunity would allow me to explore a beautiful and exotic environment while making art.


Bryanna UlrickBryanna Ulrick
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Bangkok, Thailand
I spent last semester studying abroad in India, and fell in love with Asia- so I am hoping that my time in Bangkok will be just as exciting and experimental! I love to travel and am originally from Maryland, but have spent the summer in Los Angeles writing, making music, and catering for and promoting music festivals. I am an aries who thrives for the contrasts of the universe; the city, nature, exercise, being lazy, love, hate, and what makes us all human and beings of the world! Let’s all create through our blogging and make the world a better place by spreading positivity:) Oh, and vegan is the way to go.

Kara WhiteKara White
Le Moyne
Rome, Italy
My name is Kara White and I attend Le Moyne College. I’m a business marketing and analytics duel major. I always knew I wanted to study abroad because of my love for traveling and exploring new places. My favorite hobbies are probably photography, shopping and eating! I am going to be taking tons of pictures because I also really love Instagram and VSCO. During my time in Rome I hope to have the best time of my life while seeing and doing as much as I can.

Jessa WilesJessa Wiles
University of Arkansas- Fayetteville
Meknes, Morocco
I am a 24 year old International Studies major going into my senior year at University of Arkansas. I have always been extremely interested in learning about other cultures, and I hope to gain better insight into the Moroccan culture while abroad and immerse myself in the culture as much as possible. I consider photography to be one of my hobbies, especially travel photography. I have completed a 6-month internship at a photography studio where I was able to aid in photographing weddings, family portraits, and senior pictures. This gave me greater experience with photography and helped hone my technique.