Summer 2018

Former Photo Bloggers: Summer 2018

Christine Anusim
Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Seoul, South Korea
As a rising senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Minoring in Studio Art, balancing my love between health sciences and arts and culture can be pretty challenging. Even so, it is rewarding because I get to have memorable experiences within each realm that 1 influence each other and 2 help shape me into who I will become. I look forward to my time abroad because I get to experience the thrill of new environment, learnings about the arts involved in culture—I otherwise would not have unless I am physically there—and also being able to reflect and make connections to my personal and professional life for the future! I am blessed to have such a dream come true opportunity so I hope to inspire you to make the choice to go abroad!

Katie Bernard
University of Mississippi
Dublin, Ireland
I am a South Louisiana girl that somehow made her way to Oxford, Mississippi! I am majoring in accounting with a minor in marketing. A strong faith, a loving family, amazing friends, and delicious food are the most important keys to a good life. Fashion, sports, travel, music, movies, books, and photography are just a few of many passions. Though we are not Irish in any way, my family and I have always had a love for their culture. I am so excited to be emerged in the Irish way of life, and to take you all along with me!

Maya Bingaman
University of Pittsburgh – Bradford
Cusco, Peru
I had one summer before graduating, I knew I had to make it unforgettable and meaningful. I’m spending 5 weeks in Cusco to learn about U.S Latin American Relations as well as gain more Spanish proficiency. I love learning about things from multiple viewpoints and also travel (I’m on my 5th of 7 continent!) studying abroad was a great way to do both. I knew that in this program I would be challenged, but I think that’s the best way to grow. In my free time I like to meet unique people, try yummy food, and stay active.

Jamie DuFault
University of Colorado Boulder
Valparaíso, Chile
I am currently studying Business and Spanish at the University of Colorado Boulder, but I am originally from Huntington Beach, California. While abroad I hope to explore parts of the world I have never seen before, to experience everything Chile has to offer and to improve my Spanish speaking skills. I can never stop talking nor can I sit still, so I love exploring wherever I am and meeting new people. When I am not going to school or working, I am usually out taking pictures or playing beach volleyball.

Kyra Raine Guerrero
University of Houston
Barcelona, Spain
My name is Raine (rain) and to no one’s surprise, nature is my muse. Photography found me at a time when self-expression was unheard of by my ears. From Mt. Monserrat to the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona keeps me well-fed with inspiration. I hope to share an individual’s view into the rich whimsy of my summer haven.

Ashley Jonathan
Bellarmine University
Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a student at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky with a major in Exercise Science and minor in Psychology. Even though I am from a small town of Westfield, Indiana, I am blessed with a family who loves to travel often and make spontaneous adventures. That being said, I have a true love for meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and always finding a reason to smile. I currently play collegiate tennis, which is only one of my many passions. I also enjoy painting, hiking, photography, camping, and taking a unique and creative approach in everything that I do. I am a listener, leader and adventurer. In this time abroad, I plan to immerse myself in the natural beauty of New Zealand to learn not only about the culture, but also myself. I am so excited to explore such a beautiful country and cannot wait for the adventure to begin. One of my favorite quotes is, “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can,” by Danny Kaye.

Rachel Kishman
Grand Valley State University
Valparaíso, Chile (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a lover of animals, words, and wine, and I will be running around, quite literally, with a camera in hand. I’m ready to go beyond the border of the United States, and I hope studying abroad will be the catalyst for me to keep exploring the rest of the world. I’m excited to meet new people, become (more) fluent in Spanish, and document my experiences within the beautiful culture and country of Chile.

Eryn Larsen
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Granada, Spain
Hello! My name is Eryn and I am so excited to be apart of the ISA Blog Team for Granada. I am a student of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and studying Textiles Communications while minoring in Spanish. For me, photography is a way for me to express and tell my story while hopefully inspiring others to find their own. While abroad I hope to explore and learn as much of the Andalusia area (and then some) as I can and capture what makes the southern part of Spain so special to so many people. Come explore with me!

Bridgette McRoberts
College of Charleston
Athens, Greece
I am originally from Oak Hill, Virginia and am currently studying Business Administration and Hospitality and Tourism at the College of Charleston. Growing up in a family that loves to travel, it has become like a second nature to me. I have watched my two siblings study abroad and lived through their stories and photos. I am so excited to finally create my own experiences and challenge myself while abroad in Athens, Greece! I love photography and capturing special moments in my life, so I hope to share them with people and inspire them to also study abroad!

Kassie Potter
CU Boulder
Seoul, South Korea (ISA Internships)
My name is Kassie, I will be a senior this year at CU Boulder where I am majoring in Environmental Design and minoring in Technology, Arts and Media. I love taking and editing photos of my adventures and I’m incredibly excited to explore Seoul and meet new people and of course try lots of food! I am interning as a graphic designer for DNX for the duration of my program and I am excited to learn about graphic design from a professional setting!

Grace Remeta
Sonoma State University
Barcelona, Spain
I am a born and raised California girl, I grew up in Los Angeles and I go to Sonoma State University by San Francisco where I am double majoring in Spanish and Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Art History. I see the world through the perspective of my camera lens, I love focusing in on details you would’t typically notice. I have always dreamed of studying abroad in Barcelona and I am so excited to share my perspective of this amazing city!

Libby Rule
Missouri State University
Florence, Italy
Hi, I’m Libby Rule and I have no idea what to expect! I’m an animation major at Missouri State University, and while I’ve learned about Italian art, I’ve certainly never seen it up close. This summer I’m heading to Florence for my first time out of the states, and I’m going to try to capture it all through my camera lens. Though I don’t know what this trip will bring, I’m so excited to experience this adventure and to share it with you all!

Shivani Solanki
Texas Woman’s University
Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Service-Learning)
My name is Shivani and I attend Texas Women’s University pursuing a degree in Music Therapy. This summer, I will be spending time participating in a service learning in Wellington, New Zealand. Traveling to a foreign country to volunteer has been on my undergraduate bucket list ever since I can remember. I can’t wait to volunteer with adolescence and adults at an art therapy studio in Wellington! In my free time I enjoy eating and reading! New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape and scenery and I cant wait to share my story through photography to all of you!

Anna Leigh Vincent
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Sydney, Australia (ISA Internships)
I grew up on the Outer Banks, North Carolina and from there my passion for the ocean began. I always wanted to travel to Australia, so now that I’m here it feels like an absolute dream. I love surfing, running, playing soccer, swimming and taking pictures. During my time abroad, I hope to make new friends, become immersed in Australian culture, travel the coast, and see 10/10 sunsets all while getting beneficial experience at my internship. Follow my journey as I live out my dream and discover all that Australia has to offer!