Spring 2018

Former Photo Bloggers: Spring 2018

Lorenzo Arrindell
The College of Saint Rose
Salamanca, Spain
While in Salamanca, Spain I hope to embrace the culture changes and perfect my Spanish. In addition, I also hope to make new friends from all over the world which I believe would help me grow as a person. To tell you a bit about myself I am an aspiring freelance photographer who loves to play soccer and wants to travel and making a living from it. A word that would best describe me is curious; my curiosity is what drives me to travel the world to see and learn new things.

Sheril Christopher
Carnegie Mellon University
Madrid, Spain
From a young age, I had an interest in learning more about different cultures and expanding my knowledge of the world. I ended up learning French in high school and Spanish in college. My love for soccer and Spanish culture influenced me to study abroad in Madrid. From this study abroad experience, I hope to gain a different perspective on Spanish culture and perfect my speaking skills. In my free-time I love to watch soccer, hang out with friends, and watch films.

Kristiana Cozort
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Valencia, Spain
Growing up, my mom could never get me away from a camera. Every trip we took, or any time it rained, I always had a camera in my hand. I am from California, and now study in Tennessee. I have also always dreamed of traveling. During my time abroad I am excited to be apart of yet another city and culture. My favorite part about exploring a new place is to experience art: architecture, painting, music, and food styles have always been my favorite things to capture in a photograph.

Amanda DeNichilo
California Lutheran University
Milan, Italy
While studying abroad, I hope to be able to take in all that Italy, and Europe in general, have to offer. Everything from the food to the public transportation to the architecture. There is so much that I would love to see! I love photography and being able to capture the memories so I can look back at them later. I also am a huge fan of art history – hence my choice to study abroad in Italy!

Adam Desjardins
University of Maine
Townsville, Australia
This will be my second time abroad in Australia. When I went last time I was an ISA student photo blogger and I did my best to show places to visit with my photography and that’s exactly my goal for this coming semester! I’m trying to get to new places this time and share many more photos while strengthening my photography skills.

Lynsey Garfinkel
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Gold Coast, Australia
I have been bit by the travel bug, and I just can’t get enough! The experiences I have gained through traveling have opened my eyes to just how big and diverse the world is! I plan to capture the lively culture and beauty of the Australia through my eyes and my lens. My interests include surf photography and cinematography, yoga, running, and reading! I can’t wait to become immersed in a place I have always dreamed of, along with discovering more about who I am as an individual through this incredible experience!

Susannah Gonka
University of North Carolina Wilmingtion
Sevilla, Spain
I am a undergraduate sophomore majoring in International Studies. I love traveling and experiencing new adventures. During my free time I enjoy soccer ultimate Frisbee, reading, kayaking and photography. I have a passion for photography, and I am always looking for new opportunities to grow as an amateur photographer. I’ve always enjoyed learning about the cultures and people of the world. I’m excited to explore Spain and trying new things.

Kaylee Johnson
University of Colorado Boulder
Prague, Czech Republic
I am originally from Monrovia, California but I love the time I have in Colorado. I am studying Sociology with an emphasis in public health with hopes of being a nurse someday. I have had the opportunity to travel to parts of Europe and South America with my family. When abroad, I hope to make friends of a lifetime and make Prague a second home. I love photography, dogs and playing soccer in my free time. I’m always up for a new adventure and plan on traveling to many parts of Europe while I’m abroad.

Katherine Joseph
UMass Amherst
Sevilla, Spain
My decision to study abroad stemmed from my love for adventure. I have never been one to stay in one place for too long, and although I love my current university, it is most definitely time that I explore somewhere new. I ultimately decided to study in Sevilla due to its rich culture and architecture. Not only will studying in Sevilla enrich me with a unique perspective on my studies (my major focuses on comparative political economies), but it will additionally allow me to further my skills in some of my favorite hobbies, most specifically photography.

Danqi Lin
University of Rochester
London, England
I am an international student on my junior year in an US university. My major is Psychology, and I will be studying in London for a semester. I am a conscientious individual with an international mindset, enjoy travelling, reading, singing, and just hanging around a big city meeting interesting unknown people. I like to look things through various angles, and strive to picture things in an unbiased way when I express, be that a person, a city, a subject, or current situations.

Julia Mattis
The Ohio State University
Barcelona, Spain
I study Fine Arts with a specialization in photography at The Ohio State University. I photograph everything, for my camera helps me see from different perspectives. During my time abroad, I will seek adventure. I wholeheartedly believe that we learn by experiencing and reflecting and we grow by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I will travel mindfully, so I can notice what unites us and feel connected to others. My heart and mind will remain open while I immerse myself in other cultures, so I can learn from everyone I meet.

Mary Meng-Frecker
Regis University
Palmerston North, New Zealand
I am a college student from the lovely state of Colorado in the United States. I am studying Communication and Visual Art at university. I have dreamed of going to New Zealand since I was 5 years old, and I cannot properly describe in words what making my dream come true means to me. I am a photographer who is passionate about life, travel, and capturing moments and experiences. Through this experience, I hope to become a better person; full of more love and appreciation for the beautiful world around us. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Gillian Murphy
University of Tampa
Dublin, Ireland
During my time abroad, I hope to visit many places including hidden gems that are not considered tourist attractions. My hobbies include taking interesting photos and videos, adventuring, & thrill seeking.

Patrick Quimby
Texas A&M University
Barcelona, Spain
Howdy! My name is Patrick Quimby and I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m a junior international studies major at Texas A&M University. When I’m not studying or working as a tutor, I enjoy capturing photographs, indulging in Tex-Mex, and playing my guitar. As a first-time traveler to Europe, I feel incredibly fortunate to live, study, and explore the cobblestone streets of Barcelona. I hope to expand my knowledge of world while developing a greater appreciation of the Catalan culture; which, is quite different from my southern upbringing. I’m ready for this new journey…just not ready for the Chick-Fil-A withdrawals.

Andrea Rivera
University of Colorado Denver
Lima, Peru
While being abroad I hope to get to know about my culture and perfect the language. I have a food blog where I take picture of food and post them on my Instagram. Since then I have been taking photos and videos of all types of things, it is my new hobby that I have fallen in love with.

Emily Schaldach
University of Colorado, Boulder
Cusco, Peru
I am a professional mountain biker and I am excited to explore a new city by bike. I have raced for years and enjoy sharing my experience through photos and blogs.

Corinne Schnadelbach
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Sevilla, Spain
I am a college sophomore studying Social Work and minoring in Leadership Studies. I love hiking and other outdoor activities, as well as taking pictures of breath taking landscapes. I both coach high school water polo and play on the club team at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am also very involved in the Catholic Church on campus and Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). While studying abroad in Spain, I hope to become more fluent in Spanish and participate in activities culturally unique to Spain.

Madeline Walters
University of Colorado, Boulder
Wellington, New Zealand
I am a Colorado native. The mountains are my home. Hiking, biking, skiing, rock climbing, camping, yoga, dance, photography and painting have been some of hobbies and passions growing up. I am a lover of adventure, I am creative, strong, influential, charismatic, confident and innovative. I am studying strategic communication with a focus in media design and visual communication, and minoring in business. My studies have all focused on the pursuit of communication, making me super qualified to reach out to a large audience. I have practiced photography all my life. I am a creative at heart. I love to think outside the box, and never shy away from change. I have an impeccable and unique style that is truly irreplaceable. I love vintage, I love different. In my time abroad I really just hope to explore. Not only the pristine natural beauty of the country, but myself, and creative influences. Outdoor adventure has always lit my fire, and doing that across the pacific ocean felt like a call. The artsy city of Wellington seems like the perfect home base, as I hope to explore the creative influences here. I hope to explore, create, and share. Much love. Stay gold.