Summer 2017

Former Photo Bloggers: Summer 2017

Elizabeth Amaro
University of Texas at El Paso
Seoul, South Korea (ISA Internships)
I am Mexican American or a Chicana currently going to Seoul South Korea for an internship in PR and Marketing. This will be my second time going to Seoul and I feel my experience will be different since I was studying there my first time. I feel I’m unique from all the other students going abroad because I have a very serious relationship with a Korean person who is completely different in traditions language and point of view. I am currently writing a book about my experience in a Korean family and how I managed to learn their culture and adapt to their expectations.

Sydney Anderson
The University of Tampa
Meknes, Morocco
I love traveling and as of now I’ve been to 26 countries at the age of 20, and my goal is to continue to travel to at least one new country each year. I hope to get out of my time abroad a fully immersed experience where I can learn both the language and cultural customs of the people of Morocco. What makes me unique is my ability to capture moments behind the lens, which is why I am so passionate about photography. I hope to share my experience abroad as told through my own eyes and perspective.

Stella Atzenweiler
Arizona State University
Prague, Czech Republic
I’m Stella Atzenweiler and I’m currently a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Graphic Information Technology and Design Studies. I’m an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and I spend most of my time working for The State Press, which is ASU’s student run daily newspaper! Over the last year, I’ve been working as the Photo Editor for the paper and in the fall, I will be returning as a Graphics Editor. I’m originally from Kansas City, but I LOVE studying at ASU and I absolutely can not wait for my time abroad.

Kyra Bacon
University of Florida
Dublin, Ireland
I’m a rising junior at the University of Florida and writing and travelling are two of my favorite things. I’m a coffee addict, obsessed with photography and my cat, with a lot of wanderlust on my mind! I want to know every inch of the world and I’m always seeking new experiences, cultures and definitely food. Dublin has always been a major city on my travel list, and I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity to study abroad here. I can’t wait to share my passions through blogging all of my adventures!

Savannah Bortner
Bethel University
Paris, France
I’m a double major in Independent Filmmaking and Art at Bethel University. What I hope to get out of my time abroad is meeting new people, making lasting relationships, finding hidden gems in the city, and traveling around the country.

Meredith Brock
Mississippi State University
Lima, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
My name is Meredith Brock and I am a junior at Mississippi State University studying biological and environmental engineering. I have always loved nature and travelling and love to share my experiences with others! After visiting India this past December, my desire to travel and experience different cultures has grown even more. Meeting people and forming new friendships has always been important to me and will make this summer even better!

Stephanye Floyd
Wright State University
Dublin, Ireland (ISA Internships)
My name is Stephanye Floyd and I’m a Computer Science major at Wright State University in Ohio. I love photography (especially old school cameras) and going on adventures to explore new places. Growing up, my parents told me go out and see the world which is why I’m ecstatic to finally begin traveling abroad. During my stay in Ireland, I plan to gain some real world work experience at my internship, immerse myself in the Gaelic language culture by getting to know the locals, and capture some of Ireland’s tranquil landscapes with my Polaroid camera.

Logan Hawley
University of Kansas
Shanghai, China (ISA Internships)
I grew up in London, England as well as Australia and Kansas. Having lived around the world from an early age I was able to take great advantage in being able to travel to 35 different countries by the age of 21. China, will be the 36th and I cannot wait to learn about a new culture. I have a history in Photography, in 2015 I won the Fox Talbot Photography award which is why i would be a major key asset if I were to photo blog my experiences.

Julia Heller
University of Pittsburgh
Lima, Peru
“Oh, the places you’ll go”- Dr. Suess. Who would’ve thought at twenty years old Dr. Suess would still be so relevant. Residing in the suburbs of New Jersey a young middle school-aged Julia thought she had seen the world. It wasn’t until she traveled to Europe in high school did she realize there’s entire world out there that hasn’t been seen. There’s so much out there, small and big: Weiner schnitzels in Germany, breathtaking views of Positano, sunsets in Santorini. I cannot wait to find the hidden jewels in a new city, country, continent that I have yet to explore on this journey of a lifetime.

Kendall Kline
Colorado State University
Barcelona, Spain
During my time abroad, I really hope to get out of my comfort zone and experience things I never have before! This will be my first time to Europe and I could not be more excited. During my time at Colorado State University, I have held many leadership positions. One being Public Relations VP of my student organization. I was able to post on all social media accounts, hold social events, and all around show how amazing our organization was through social media and in-person interactions. I am so excited for this journey I am about to go on and want to be able to show the rest of the past/future ISA study abroad goers!

Ashley Lynch
Chapman University
Waiheke Island, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
During my internship I expect to learn new event planning skills that will benefit me in a future career in the entertainment industry. I have received the opportunity to intern at Stonyridge Vineyard located on the island of Waiheke, New Zealand. After following the organization on multiple social media platforms I am excited to see the breathtaking scenery of the vineyard for myself. When I am not studying or working as an intern I enjoy staying active and trying new things. To stay fit I take part in Crossfit, running, swimming, spinning and teach kickboxing daily. Also, I partake in triathlons like the Catalina triathlon in which I took third place this year. Besides staying physically active I also enjoy a little adventure weather its travel, a hike, or trying new food. I take pleasure in new experiences and I am anxiously awaiting my internship abroad this summer!

Sarah Majestro
West Virginia University
Florence, Italy
Hey, I’m Sarah. I grew up in Charleston, WV and now study Strategic Communications at West Virginia University. I am a lover of hiking, traveling, picture taking, coffee drinking, writing, and spontaneous road tripping. I am all about living life to the full. I try to live my life taking full advantage of every opportunity I am given and leaving no stone unturned. Which is why I am so excited to spend this summer in Italy! I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing adventures and new experiences awaits me!

Aaron Mayorga
Manhattan College
Sydney, Australia
I am currently a rising senior at Manhattan College, a small private liberal arts college in the Riverdale section in the Bronx. Majoring in Communication & Media Studies and minoring in Political Science, I am the Photography Editor for Manhattan’s student-operated newspaper The Quadrangle, and I also work for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Riverdale Press on a freelance basis.

Sydney Mayson
Auburn University
Paris, France
I love to travel. I have been to Africa 4 times, the British Virgin island 3 times, south america once, traveled all over Europe and the U.S. Greece was my favorite place I have ever been. I hope to learn a different culture and take it back with me to America, as well as spend time using my culture to influence Europe. I am unique because I have been to so many places and already have an idea for what kind of pictures I want. My major is marketing so I know how to sell. I have an idea of selling Paris through photography. I not only love fashion and style but also love the outdoors and nature. I will do just about anything to get a cool picture, for example, at a Black Bear concert, I met the body guard who I then persuaded to let me backstage, and then was asked to go on stage with him. I am not afraid to ask people to do cool things.

Joseph Mercurio
Missouri State University
Florence, Italy
I’m Joseph Mercurio and I am a senior at Missouri State University. Exploration and adventure is what I would truly like to walk away with during my time abroad in Italy; I would rather bring home amazing memories and photographs than material things. I’d like to consider myself unique in the fact that I am a Midwestern boy who craves to work in the high fashion industry of New York City. You can find me around Springfield: thrift shopping, practicing photography, scuba diving, or sketching.

Fiona Sackett
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
London, England (ISA Internships)
I am a senior History major Theatre minor from IPFW in Indiana. During the usual school semester, you can find me helping students with their papers at the Writing Center or in my theater’s scene shop building sets! I am so excited to be working in London this summer with Mousetrap Projects and will be wandering all over London so I can see as much of the city as possible! While there, I am sure I will not only get lost several times I will always be sure to be carrying my trusty fruit snacks!

Ashanti Smith
High Point University
Santiago, Dominican Republic
I was born and raised in Exuma, Bahamas. Yes, the island with the Swimming Pigs. I attended school there for about fourteen years. In 2014 I graduated high school and spent two years in boarding school in New York. Last year I graduated from boarding school and now I attend High Point University in North Carolina. So basically, my life is all about studying abroad. For me, I was one of the lucky ones who parents could have afford to take the on vacation three sometimes four times a year. So traveling for me has never been a foreign concept. Being from the Bahamas a lot of my hobbies pertain to the water like swimming, diving, fishing. However, I do enjoy dancing, cooking and traveling. Some of my skills include Spanish and an award in GGYA (Governor General Youth Award).

Skylar Stevens
University of South Florida
Newcastle, Australia (ISA Internships)
I am a senior studying health science and I am planning to continue my education after my bachelors to obtain my doctorate in physical therapy. I am very eager to take on a completely new place with exciting adventures, new faces and challenges. I am a travel enthusiast who has been to almost every state in the United States but this will be my first time out of the states and Canada, which I couldn’t be more excited for. I love to explore new places, eat my weight in delicious foods, meet new people and being active. I am excited to broaden all parts of myself whether that be mentally, physically or socially and I know that I will overcome any challenges this experience will throw at me!

Cyane Thomas
Marlboro College
Seoul, South Korea
My name is Cyane and I am super excited for the opportunity to travel to South Korea for 4 weeks! At my College my focus will be about Korean pop music and the globalization of it (or at least right now it is) with another focus being Photography so what I hope to get out of this specific study abroad program is not only to fulfill a childhood dream of mine, but to enhance my knowledge about Korean Pop culture in the place it thrives in as well as practice different photography skills.

Katie Thompson
The Ohio State University
Valencia, Spain
I am a 20 year old student from Columbus, OH. In my free time I enjoy painting, playing sports, and taking pictures! I prioritize breakfast foods over most things and I am learning how to juggle. I am excited to explore the streets of Valencia and capture the sights that represent its culture best.

Anna Waterman
Eastern Washington University
Seoul, South Korea
Through my inability to stop socializing and smiling, no matter where I go, I’m rapidly able to reach out to others and make friends in any scenario. Leaving North America and going to Asia for the first time, I hope to create meaningful relationships that will also help me to gain a better understanding of Korea’s culture and language. Even though I am nervous, I know that the challenges I face will help me grow and change for the better as a student and traveler.