Spring 2017

Former Photo Bloggers: Spring 2017

bailey-ackermanBailey Ackerman
University of Pittsburgh
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’m a college sophomore and I love to read and travel. I have been photographing during my travels for as long as I can remember. I love learning about different families, cultures, and ways of life. During my time in Argentina, I hope to immerse myself as much as possible in the Latin American culture, and to take advantage of every opportunity my time abroad affords me.

nathaniel-boettcherNathaniel Boettcher
Arizona State University
Sevilla, Spain
Hello! My name is Nathaniel Boettcher and I am a junior at Arizona State University studying Design Management and Spanish Literature and Culture. While studying abroad, I hope to become fluent in Castellano while also exposing myself to the history of design, arts, and architecture in Spain. I have been practicing photography for the past 8 years and have garnered several awards at district, state, and even national competitions. I hope to record and share my study abroad experience so that my family, friends, and prospective study abroad students can have a better understanding of my experience.

karen-chengKaren Cheng
University of Pittsburgh
Valencia, Spain
Born and raised in the suburbs of LA, I’m currently attending the University of Pittsburgh (where I love the weather, I promise). In the past couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to wander around the continent in between studying to one day accomplish my dream of being a Spanish-speaking physical therapist. I’m studying abroad to essentially do the same thing on a new continent – just with different people who have different priorities, passions, perspectives, and – most importantly – paella.

spencer-deerSpencer Deer
Wright State University
Meknes, Morocco
I hope to get perspective on other cultures how life is lived in other areas of the world. What makes me unique is my view of the world. I think its a beautiful and complex place and I really see as much of it as I can while hopefully making it a better place in my own way. Some hobbies of mine are fitness, photography, traveling, learning languages, hiking. I think what makes my photography skills unique is my dynamic range when taking photos.

adam-desjardinsAdam Desjardins
University of Maine
Townsville, Australia
While abroad my goal is to get off campus and see the beauty of Australia, I’m always for getting out and just going on adventures. When on my travels I’ll usually always have my camera with me to capture the beauty of the country, and share it with everyone back home. I also have many diver certifications so of course I’ll be using my GoPro when I go beneath the surface to the treasure of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef.

danya-firestoneDanya Firestone
College of Charleston
Santiago, Dominican Republic (ISA Service-Learning)
Three summers ago, I was teaching in an impoverished village in El Salvador, when I instantly fall in love with Latin America. I chose this program for the opportunity of total immersion of Spanish language and Dominican culture. I hope to learn about the community through interpersonal interactions with my host family, peers, and locals. I have taken classes in photography for several years, and it is one of my favorite hobbies. My love for people and talking to people is the biggest part of who I am, and I can’t wait to share my pictures and stories from abroad!

dawson-hoppesDawson Hoppes
Biola University
Barcelona, Spain
My name is Dawson Hoppes and I am from Huntington Beach, CA. I am a film major, and I am excited to be studying design in Barcelona. I am looking forward to experiencing a new culture and seeing the world through a new lens. I love creating, trying new things, and especially taking pictures because it offers me a chance to show people what I see. I do not know Spanish very well so moving to Spain is going to be a big change. I am excited to learn a lot about Barcelona and hopefully about myself in the process!

rachel-janickRachel Janick
Illinois State Univeristy
Salamanca, Spain
Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a Junior, Public Relations/Spanish major at Illinois State University! I decided I wanted to study abroad because I am a very adventurous, fun person who is always looking for new experiences with new people! Growing up with a huge family who loved traveling, I have become very laid back and open minded to new cultures and customs. I hope to broaden my perspective on the world while studying abroad (and have an awesome time doing it)!

ugne-kavoliunaiteUgne Kavoliunaite
Sam Houston State University
Seoul, South Korea
Although I live in the US, I am originally from Lithuania, a small country in Europe. I have a lot of interest in travelling and learning about countries and cultures. During my free time I sometimes even study foreign languages. The most prominent hobby I have is art, whether it’s drawing, painting or photographing. Rather than hobby, it’s part of my life and something I will continue in the future. I’m looking forward to my time abroad, as I think I’ll be able to expand my views on Korea and understanding of myself as well.

rachael-kellyRachael Kelly
University of New Hampshire
Galway, Ireland (ISA Service-Learning)
I’m a Junior at the University of New Hampshire and I have been looking forward to studying abroad since high school, and one of the reasons I picked UNH was their extensive study abroad offerings. I truly believe study abroad is the best thing a college student can experience, and will broaden my world and learning like no other class or experience in college could. I have always loved photography and one of the things I’m most excited about is having the chance to photograph the beauty that will surround me for the semester.

kristine-kellyKristine Kelly
Central Connecticut State University
Florence, Italy
As a professional portrait and travel photographer, artist, people lover, writer, ice cream enthusiast and division I women’s soccer player, I’ve experienced the value of embracing change, working hard, and finding the beauty in every situation. Although I’m able to ride a unicycle while juggling three oranges, my ability to use photography as a means of story telling is one of the things I’m most proud of. For it is with my lens (not my unicycle), that I can capture the essence of foreign cultures.
With a single click of a shutter I can unify people, share stories, and inspire.

madison-kopackMadison Kopack
Rider University
Suva, Fiji
I chose to study in Fiji because of its abundant volunteer opportunities and I want to be able to completely immerse myself in a different culture. Countries all around the world strive to be similar to America, but I want to go somewhere that’s totally different from where I spent the past 20 years of my life. I spend my summers mostly at the beach and when I’m not there I’m most likely hiking or going on an adventure with my camera to NYC. During the school year I’m usually busy with extracurriculars, especially since I recently founded and became the president of Habitat for Humanity club. I’m involved with many other volunteer organizations and I want to be able to continue helping communities around the world.

camille-kottCamille Kott
Arizona State University
London, England
From being born and raised in the Midwest, to living in Arizona, life has been a wild ride. The urge to travel has always been within me, and I wish to see every country in the world one day. Capturing moments through pictures and videos brings life to the places you go. Sharing stories and helping others are two passions of mine. My goal is to explore cultures, lives, and places to share through my work. Exploration feeds the soul, and I think you should never say no to an adventure; at least, I know I never will.

mackenzie-murrayMackenzie Murray
Messiah College
Valparaiso & Vino del Mar, Chile
I am a Senior Spanish & Economic Development major from Central Pennsylvania. I love traveling, exploring, learning, and capturing life’s little moments with my camera! When I am not out and about, I curl up with a book or crocheting to quiet my mind. While I am abroad, I hope to be able to connect on a deeper level with Hispanic culture and learn more about myself and Chile while learning in another language and exploring the area. I am a driven, passionate, and personable person who pushes beyond the boundaries of comfort to grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

sarah-nelsonSarah Nelson
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Sevilla, Spain
Ever since I was little I dreamed of exploring the world around me. I am fortunate enough to say that this year I actually did it! I’m on my first trip abroad ready to explore the sights and meet the great kiwis of New Zealand!

ashley-nicholsonAshley Nicholson
Loyola University Maryland
Cape Town, South Africa
As an African American in the United States I am interested in exploring how people of color are portrayed in the media in Africa. I am constantly shown through various mediums the negative stereotypes associated with Africa. The media fails to showcase the beauty within this culture. Studying in Cape Town will afford me the opportunity to research and examine their lifestyles, customs, social interactions, and most importantly how their media relates or differs to the United States. My strong interest with studying abroad in Cape Town developed as I became more curious about my ancestry and the African diaspora. Before college I had a narrow-minded perception of Africa. After numerous cross cultural conversations I have had with student organizations at Loyola, I would like to immerse myself in the post-apartheid cultural formations in South Africa. In Cape Town I will dig deeper into who I am as an individual living in a very diverse society. I will share my experiences and teach others both the African culture and cultures of other international students I engage with.

img_9440Olana Osborn
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sydney, Australia
Journalism training has prepared me to recount stories in an accurate, compelling, and distinct way. Although I usually do that through news stories, there is no better way to do that than through a picture…as the saying goes, they are worth a thousand words, right? I am excited to immerse myself into a completely new culture and to use my past experience in writing, photojournalism, and travel to bring the life of an international student to viewers across the globe.

kristen-parisiKristen Parisi
Manhattanville College
Gold Coast, Australia
I’m Kristen and I’m from the Bronx, New York. Growing up in the city taught me how to love adventure and opportunity which is why I chose to study abroad. I want to meet as many people as possible and explore as many places as possible. I love visiting very nature-like and scenic areas like beaches and mountains in order to capture good photos. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and my goal is take rare, beautiful pictures all over the world.

emma-pion-berlinEmma Pion-Berlin
University of Colorado Boulder
London, England
During my time aboard I want to expand my horizons in the field of photography and journalism. I hope to meet people from all around the world and make long lasting friendships with them. I love to travel and experience new cultures so I plan on doing that as much as possible during my time abroad. I have a strong passion for photojournalism and have six years of experience in all different types of photography. I strive to capture moment that tell interesting stories about people and communities from all around the world. My ability to work effectively with others and generate creative ideas allows me to build strong working partnerships and apply my photographic skills. I have extreme determination, responsible work ethic and creativity.

andrew-raderDrew Rader
The University of Oklahoma
Sevilla, Spain
I am a student studying Political Science/Pre-Law at the University of Oklahoma. I’m definitely hoping to expand my worldview. Ever since I had the opportunity to study in Italy and visit France, I’ve wanted to continue down the list of experiencing various European cultures. I enjoy learning new music on the piano or the drums, spending time with my partner in crime, and watching The Office whenever I get the chance! I cannot wait to see what this next semester in Spain has in store for me!

chloe-rhoades-barnesChloe Rhoades-Barnes
University of Colorado at Boulder
Dunedin, New Zealand
I’m a journalism major and studio art minor at CU Boulder and want share the world of New Zealand through my photos. Photos are the best way to tell stories. I got my first DSLR when I was 12 and I still haven’t stopped taking photos since (even though I have to say they’ve improved since then). Mixed with my obsession for hiking and all things outdoors, I use my camera to express spontaneity and adventure you can find in the everyday, or in your own backyard. Besides photography I am also an avid writer and pizza eater, spreading my love of the world with others.

kate-rickardKate Rickard
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Florence, Italy
Hi! My name is Kate Rickard and I’m from Charlotte, NC. I have a passion for traveling, food, and meeting new people. I am very much so an extrovert and always on the go. My ability to be creative sets me apart from others. Growing up, I have always been curious, bringing my youthful and bubbly spirit wherever I go. By studying abroad, I hope to submerge myself completely in a foreign country by stepping outside of my comfort zone. I have always had a passion for taking photos and capturing any moment that intrigues or inspires me.

john-schumacherJohn Schumacher
College of Charleston
Sydney, Australia
My name is John Schumacher, I’m 20 years old and I currently live in Charleston, SC. I’m proud to say I’m now a full time photograher. Although I spelecialize in travel/adventure photography, I also do wedding and portrait shoots as well.
Somehow l have managed to gain a following of some 30,000 followers in Instagram who follow my journies around the world.

jenna-sharpJenna Sharp
University of Southern Indiana
Wellington, New Zealand
Im an art education major from Indiana. Painting is my favorite type of art but I enjoy doing almost every kind. I spend any chance I get hiking or kayaking around the state. As an art major, I believe I have a good eye for photography. Studying abroad In New Zealand has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I’m extremely excited.

hanna-sykesHanna Sykes-Varnhagen
University of Colorado Boulder
Granada, Spain
Hey! My name is Hanna and I am a sophomore at University of Colorado. I was born in New York, but grew up here in Colorado and consider it my home. :) I am an identical twin which is kinda cool- she’s my best friend! I am sooo excited to be studying abroad in Granada, Spain. My main inspiration for studying here is to become fluent in Spanish. I hope to be a teacher someday and I believe speaking multiple languages is incredibly useful when working with children. I cannot wait to explore the city of Granada, visit the beaches, go skiing, and travel around Europe! I love the outdoors and hope to hike and camp while abroad! I would absolutely love to photograph all of my wonderful experiences abroad in Spain!!!

alaska-tanAlaska Tan
Soka University of America
Paris, France
I am a twenty-one-year old Singaporean student, writer, photographer, and artist! I’m currently undertaking an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts, studying Social and Behavioral Sciences in Soka University of America. I love art, music, photography, traveling, and adventures! I am extremely passionate about learning, be it through traveling, reading, or people. I’m always curious about life, ready for new experiences to expand my horizons and challenge my perspectives.

bryanna-ulrickBryanna Ulrick
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Bangkok, Thailand
I spent last semester studying abroad in India, and fell in love with Asia- so I am hoping that my time in Bangkok will be just as exciting and experimental! I love to travel and am originally from Maryland, but have spent the summer in Los Angeles writing, making music, and catering for and promoting music festivals. I am an aries who thrives for the contrasts of the universe; the city, nature, exercise, being lazy, love, hate, and what makes us all human and beings of the world! Let’s all create through our blogging and make the world a better place by spreading positivity:) Oh, and vegan is the way to go.

dean-whitelawDean Whitelaw
Texas Tech
Cusco, Peru
My name is Dean Whitelaw and I am currently a junior at Texas Tech University majoring in Global Studies. I grew up on an alpaca farm in Kentucky where I came to love getting lost as a way to explore to outdoors. I want to study abroad in order to experience the world, learn about places from the people that live there, and, most importantly, know that I have lived, instead of simply been alive.

kristin-zipprichKristin Zipprich
Christopher Newport University
Galway, Ireland
I entered college with a strong desire to study abroad, and I am so thankful I am now getting the opportunity to do so in Galway, Ireland. I am excited to be immersed in a different culture, and I look forward to living in a new place and meeting new people. I enjoy taking pictures as well as writing; in fact I love almost anything that involves art, imagination, and creativity. I hope to capture the beauty and truth of Ireland through my photos and through my writing.