Summer 2016

Former Photo Bloggers: Summer 2016

Untitled1Alison Benson
University of Louisville
Paris, France
I’m a Junior at the University of Louisville. I grew up in this town and I have never traveled outside of the US, but have always dreamt of doing so. Now I finally am, and I’m so excited to discover such a beautiful city. I’ve always had a passion for creating and exploring art, and I will be taking photography and architecture classes while staying in Paris. I plan to immerse myself as much as possible in this new culture, practice speaking french with the locals, and share photos of all the wonderful moments with friends and family. I cannot wait to document my experiences through social media.

Tiffany Boulware
Emporia State University
Barcelona, Spain
Before I was introduced to the Spanish language my passion was photography. I was involved in photography club, the yearbook photographer and took all the photography courses I could. Then Once I was introduced to Spanish I found a new love. I couldn’t learn enough about the language and the culture of Spain. That introduction to Spanish and the county of Spain was six years ago. I have been pursuing the dream of traveling to Spain ever since. In those six years my love for photography and Spain has only grown stronger and this is finally my chance to combine the two together. I can not wait to photograph the city of my dreams on this amazing journey as I study abroad this summer.

IMG_0273Carly Causey
University of Mississippi
Stirling, Scotland
Hi my name is Carly Causey. I am a sophomore at the University of Mississippi and I am currently enrolled in the Business School. Studying abroad has always been something I have wanted to do, as I am an adventurous person, but the person who really helped me decide to go overseas was my older sister. She participated in the study abroad program and told me she could see me loving the culture of a new city and really enjoying the views as well as the culture of a different country.

IMG_6239Anna Collins
Stevens Institute of Technology
Lille, France
I am a vivacious and strong willed engineering student who has a slight obsession with my three dogs, sunsets, and food. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences including artwork, music, language, and once again, food. I’m also an active individual who wants to see the world from the tallest mountaintop to the bottom of the ocean, now adding France onto my list of countries visited, alongside Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia, and the Galapagos Islands.

IMG_1008Abi Dardas
Loyola University Chicago
Cartago, Costa Rica (ISA SL)
I grew up in Arkansas, but currently go to school in Chicago. I’m majoring in Political Science and minoring in Latino/a Studies & Spanish. I’m a big nerd and love biking, doodling, & photography. Through my service-learning experience abroad, I hope to improve my Spanish skills, learn how to be a helpful outsider to a community, and learn more about Costa Rican culture & the nature of non-profits.

ISA (1)Mallory DeClement
Montclair State University
Limerick, Ireland
I am going into my second year at Montclair State University, before then I attended The Culinary Institute of America in New York state. I am a definition of a “foodie” and plan on visiting as many restaurants and Pubs as I can when I’m in Ireland. I love taking pictures wherever I go and look forward to capturing my entire trip on film.

IMG_2304Maureen Flanagan
Ohio State University
Galway, Ireland
I am a student of the world who loves immersing myself in other cultures. I’m studying English as a Second Language Education to help expand the world’s opportunities for all people. I’m passionate about art, music, equality, education and friendship. I love all things that make the world a better place.

Kate Franks
Miami University
Florence, Italy
I am a graduate student in the department of Kinesiology and Health with a focus in Sport Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. My undergraduate degrees were in Sociology/Anthropology and Photography from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. In my spare time, I enjoy playing/coaching soccer, playing guitar and singing, taking photographs, and cooking delicious foods! In my time abroad, I hope to gain new experiences that will enrich my life in ways that I never could have imagined, and to see beautiful things and meet many people that I would not have had the chance to otherwise.

image1 (9)Ashley Glennon
University of Mississippi
Granada, Spain
During my time abroad, I hope to be fully immersed in the Spanish culture. I hope to learn about everything they do on a daily basis, and learn Spanish outside a classroom environment. What makes me unique is that I am the only person in my family to continue my education in Spanish. Along with studying, I am part of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at Ole Miss and I have had experience with taking pictures at our events and I will use this experience in order to document each element of their culture, including the food and landscape.

IMG_4501Tia Grant
University of Tampa
Dunedin, New Zealand (ISA INT)
Growing up in the Midwest, it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to explore the world. My wanderlust has led me to take the opportunity to study abroad. During my time abroad, I plan to immerse myself in the culture, explore my new environment, and seek adventure in addition to learning more about the career path I have chosen in the field of medicine. I possess the unique ability to balance being daring and adventurous with being sensible and dependable. I have the capability to find beauty and purpose in places and things where others do not.

image1Catherine Hidalgo
Montclair State University
Lima, Peru (ISA SL)
I am of Peruvian and Venezuelan background. What I hope to get from my time abroad is to learn about my culture in a different environment as well as be a mentor to the children I will be working with. I have danced Peruvian folklore dances since I was 8 years old. This includes Marinera Norteña, Huayno, Tondero, and Festejo.

11924767_10153398956622415_3798384149430422930_nNatalie Hunt
Kansas State University
London, England (ISA INT)
This is my first time ever being in a place where I truly know no one. It is going to be such a great opportunity to explore, get to know myself better, and make many new friends. Not only am I excited for my internship but also to travel in a places I have never been to before. I am so passionate about writing and social media and I am so excited to share with everyone my experiences abroad! I love to add positivity and laughter to everywhere I go and to everyone I meet.

IMG_1378 (1)Katarina Jerman
Northern Michigan University
Berlin, Germany
My biggest goal for this summer abroad is to improve my German language skills and there’s no better way to do that then to study it in its homeland. I am making the most of my time abroad by doing some solo traveling before I get to Berlin to participate in my ISA program. I enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it’s swinging in my hammock or hiking up a mountain to get the perfect sunset picture.

IMG_0686Sarah Joyce
West Chester University
Heredia, Costa Rica
I grew up in a small suburban town ten miles outside of Philadelphia. I enjoy live music, traveling, and spending time with my big family. I will be starting my junior year at West Chester University in the coming fall. I am in the Honors College, and a co-president of the photography club. I have been passionate about photography for about eight years and I love to capture the beauty of every day moments.

FullSizeRender-13Alexa Nofsinger
Western State Colorado University
Melbourne, Australia
Through all my travels, I have learned to appreciate life for what it is and to not take anything for granted. My dream is to travel the world, take photos, and write about what I discover. Not only do I want to travel the world for my own personal gain, but also to share my stories with others in hopes of changing their perspectives. I want to teach people that we are all more alike than we are different. I have the ability to connect with people and share my big heart with them. I enjoy photography, the outdoors, fitness, and traveling.

Waffle Laughing ISA profile picMcKenzi Puzin
University of Arkansas
Brussels, Belgium (ISA INT)
I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas and am highly involved at my university. While abroad, I will be participating in a cultural class exploring the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium, as well as participating in an internship in the finance industry to better understand the international business world!

Nicole Reyes
California Lutheran University
Stirling, Scotland
To travel with love is something I hope to do while I am abroad. I intend to put myself in situations where I can see new things, meet wonderful people, and experience beautiful moments. As a Biology major with a Psychology minor, I never thought studying abroad and traveling across the world would become a reality for me. I hope to find a better version of myself out there with the experiences I am so blessed to be having. I’m excited to capture my favorite moments behind a lens and share it all with my upmost love. And so, the adventure begins!

12011318_10204956942578742_7205523612224428279_nAlena Ricci
University of Pittsburgh
Florianopolis, Brazil
To me, being abroad means being a completely malleable version of myself. It means that I am ready for whatever happens, and open to all the fun, weird and amazing opportunities about to come my way. If I learned anything from Chile, it was “just do it” and that’s what I plan to do in Brazil. My uniqueness comes from a variety of passions: comic books, photography, literature, art and of course, lipstick. I am a composite of all of these things and more, giving me an utterly unique viewpoint of the world that I think shows through in my artwork.

isa blog pictureCole Rickard
Colorado State University
Valencia, Spain
My name is Cole Rickard and I am a 20 year old student at Colorado State University. I hope that my time abroad allows me to experience a new culture which I am not familiar with. My goal is to travel around Spain and adventure as much as possible on my days off from class. I also hope that being immersed in a new culture will help me become more fluent in the Spanish language.

IMG_2485Sydney Smith
Adrian College
Paris, France
My name is Sydney Smith and my hometown is Sarnia, Ontario. I play hockey for Adrian College which is located in Michigan. I am majoring in English Education with a minor in French Education. I adore traveling, working out and being outdoors. During my time studying abroad I hope to immerse myself in the French culture, indulge in French cuisine and art, but most importantly enhance my own French speaking skills. Some attributes that make my blogging unique is my curiosity, my adventurous nature and my unique ability to meet new people.

IMG_8193Epiphany Storey
Clark Atlanta University
Barranquilla, Colombia
My name is Epiphany, I am a rising senior psychology major at Clark Atlanta University. I use to be a Spanish minor, but I realized that studying abroad in Latin America could teach me way more about Spanish and Caribbean culture than sitting in a classroom. I am the kind of person who loves to learn so I think that studying abroad BY MYSELF will teach me so many new things, including vital life lessons. I am super nervous but extremely excited about what this summer has in store for me!

IMG_0694Gabby Taphorn
The Ohio State University
Heredia, Costa Rica
I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but I am currently studying Economics and Spanish at The Ohio State University. Because Economics and Spanish have such importance on a global scale, I hope to enhance my studies in the United States with my education abroad. I have always had an interest in language as a way of learning about and understanding the history, interests, and aspirations of others. In my spare time I enjoy photography and painting and I can’t wait to explore these passions abroad. I am so thrilled to be traveling to the environmentally and culturally rich country of Costa Rica!

Christmas card photo (2)Casey Thompson
Kansas State University
Cusco, Peru (ISA SL)
My name is Casey Thompson and I am a sophomore at Kansas State University. I am studying Social Work with a minor in Spanish and hope to one day be a counselor. I love to take pictures all the time when I go home on breaks. I use my dog as a subject and I am sure sometimes he gets annoyed of a camera always pointing at him. I have been involved in music for more than ten years. I have taken and been a part of piano lessons, choirs, french horn lessons, and I am currently in the Kansas State University Marching Band.

Mason Tuck
University of Texas
Barcelona, Spain
I am a Radio, television, and film student so I have a passion for all media including photography. I love to travel so I hope to travel to as many places as possible while I’m abroad. I do spend my time taking pictures and videos of various things. I love nature which I also love to photograph. I also enjoy editing photos and video and I am very good at it!