Spring 2016

Former Photo Bloggers: Spring 2016

IMG_1518Cayla Barker
Bridgewater State University
Gold Coast, Australia
Studying abroad will allow me to grow as a person and prepare me for the real world. I have always enjoyed traveling and exploring new locations. Australia has been a place I have wanted to visit and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. While abroad, I hope to learn more about Australia, make new friends, and gain life skills. I believe that I am unique because I have accomplished more than many students; I had an administrative assistant job and two internships all before my junior year. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and talents.

imageGlenys Biloholowski
Rowan University
Galway, Ireland
My name is Glenys Biloholowski and I am a student from New Jersey studying Biochemistry. During my time abroad I am excited to experience a different learning environment and also learn about the new country I will be living in. I love playing different sports and also interacting with new people and making new friends.

Madeline CowellIMG_20160201_142759
University of Colorado Boulder
San Jose, Costa Rica
Through my study abroad experience, I hope to gain insights on what life is like abroad and to enhance my knowledge of international business. I love being outside and finding the natural beauty in the world. I plan to maximize my time abroad, by focusing heavily on schoolwork M-F and going on weekend excursions. Photography and videography are huge passions of mine and I can’t wait to explore Costa Rica with my camera and GoPro.

Elizabeth Coyle
Montclair State University
Paris, France
I’ve never been the type of girl to go through the motions of life. We graduate high school, we go to college, we graduate college, we get a job, we live happily ever after. To me, that’s not enough. There are so many in-betweens, and I refuse to let those in-betweens be boring and traditional. Studying abroad is my way of making those experiences that changes our lives. My love for fashion has been the number one factor in my choosing of studying in Paris. The fashion capital of the world basically. I honestly didn’t choose Paris because it’s the number one tourist stop, or because its the city of love. I chose it because of all the things I could be exposed to that I can’t find anywhere else. I chose to put my passions first, and plant myself somewhere I could grow from. It would be great to go to Spain, or Australia, and I still have time to make it there. However, those places don’t give me that culture that I need to experience at this point in my life, and Paris does. I am also a writer, aside from photos, I love to collect and fill journals for all kinds of writing. Prose, poetry, memoire, anything really. I love to turn those words and ideas into something people can be inspired by. I do this primarily through my blog/website that I created one day while sitting in a coffee shop. At first it was just to kill time and see what I could do. But after some time, it got a lot of hits, and became really addicting to continuously post hoping people were reading and feeling a certain way about what I had to say. It became really rewarding to express myself to others.

IMG_5704 (2)Madelyn Falteisek
Winona State University
Prague, Czech Republic
At a very young age I was fortunate enough to qualify as an international traveler, each adventure exposing me to diverse cultures in which I learned new ways to live and communicate. These experiences increased my desire to explore additional countries and cultures which has led me to living in the Czech Republic for the next 5 months. I believe that holding on to anger is a waste of time, which is a trait that makes me unique. Throwing anger or anything similar out the window leaves me with plenty of room to enjoy each second and appreciate life for all that it is- an adventure! As an extrovert, I look forward to meeting the variety of people which I will encounter during my time abroad.

IMG_0961Meaghan Fleck
Seton Hall University
Meknes, Morocco (ISA + Service Learning)
I am a long-time language and travel enthusiast. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, which is a big part of why I am studying abroad in Morocco. I’m really excited to put my Arabic skills to the test and get out of New Jersey, where I’ve lived my entire life. ple and experiencing new cultures, which is a big part of why I am studying abroad in Morocco.

1237669_576016869129242_940862685_nJacquelin Foggiato
Regis University
Bangkok, Thailand
I am a Politics and Sociology double-major from California looking for adventure. I have a passion for working with people and fulfill this yearning back home through my job with the Center for Service Learning. I work with Middle Schoolers at a local school down the street, teaching them about international issues through the World Affairs Challenge curriculum. In addition, I love mixing these awesome outlets with photography – always carrying around my cameras at events!

IMG_7688Haley Fusia
Georgia College and State University
London, England
My name is Haley Fusia and I’m a sophomore theatre major at Georgia College and State University. I chose to study abroad because traveling and learning about other cultures has always interested me. I’m excited to immerse myself in a different culture for an entire semester to learn and grow as an individual. Studying theatre in London is such an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to capture every moment!

IMG_5439Leigh Hogle
University of Colorado at Boulder
Wellington, New Zealand
For high school I went to an art school and majored in backstage theater. I’ve always been interested in the arts. Studying abroad this semester expands my interest in art, my film interest, by going to Wellington, New Zealand’s film capital. I was adopted from China and have been living in the US, but with a craving to travel the world. I love photography and tend to experiment on my own with it. It’s one of my amateur hobbies that I love.

12096388_10208228915389479_2267890313152212475_nAndreas Kueller
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Dunedin, New Zealand
I love to travel, I have been to the majority of the united states and i am always involved in some sort of extra curricular activity. I also love taking photos of pretty much everything. I am the team photographer for my waterski team at uni as well as the vice president for the team. I also like to adventure and take photos of anything that catches my eye.

Henry LaportePhoto on 3-7-16 at 7.31 PM #2
University of Colorado at Boulder
Barcelona, Spain
I’ve spent several months abroad and have always documented my trips as comprehensively as possible. I have hundreds of pictures from Asia, the Middle East, Central America and Europe, but none from Barcelona. I plan on having my camera constantly ready for action, and I am beyond excited to capture the beautiful sights that Barcelona has to offer.

FB_IMG_1450720838161Katelyn Lundquist
University of Findlay
Buenos Aires, Argentina
¡Hola mis amigos! My name is Katelyn and I will be studying in Buenos Aires for five months learning about the Argentine culture and Spanish language. What an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge about diversity and culture in Latin America! Studying abroad is such an amazing opportunity for anyone and I am so thankful that I am able to go and share my experiences with others. Currently, at my home university in Ohio, I am working hard to complete my Spanish Major, but when I have free time I really enjoy taking pictures, riding horses, and making candles.

adrianamatteiAdriana Mattei
Chapman University
Florence, Italy
I am originally from Scottsdale, Arizona but I attend Chapman University in Orange, California. I am studying abroad because I want to experience other cultures, but I want to see them through my camera lens. I hope to find a second home in Florence. My uniqueness comes from being a science major and an art minor. Not a lot of people can do either so I am grateful that I can develop both of my interests. In my spare time, I like to play lacrosse and hang out with friends and family.

JBM1Joseph Michael
University of Colorado Boulder
Barcelona, Spain
Hello! I am the youngest of eight children born to an Iraqi/Israeli father and an American mutt mother. After living in Israel for the beginning years of my life, I grew up in Florida where I played many sports. In 2008 I qualified for the national swimming team where I competed in several international competitions over 3 years before I went to University of Alabama for my freshman year. In addition to having a love for the water and swimming fast, I am also very interested in music. I play the drums, but mainly I work in the music industry where I do a lot of photo/video, marketing, brand management, and some tour management.

1911838_10202497539703980_7139470584729852407_nMonica Murphy
The College of New Jersey
Barcelona, Spain
I grew up in a small town on the Jersey Shore. As a result, I am very laid back and love to be active. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, surfing, kayaking and practicing yoga. My home life is unique because it is mixed culturally. While my dad is from Pennsylvania, my mom and the rest of my family are from Cuba. I decided to study abroad in Spain to learn more about my Hispanic roots and to improve my language. Someday, I want to be a speech therapist to children whose first language is not English.

12246864_10207863002921977_1052777450580414280_nSvaja Pakalniskis
The Ohio State
Buenos Aires, Argentina
My heritage and its language, Lithuanian, instilled in me a passion for culture and travel, and an ardor to learn more about the world. And, it gave me the ability to roll my “r”s in my seventh grade Spanish class. Soon enough, I longed to become proficient in the language, and became transfixed with images of Latin America and Spain, with the history of colonization and the politics of modern Latin America, and by Spanish linguistics. Besides travel and Spanish, I am most passionate in photography, yoga, books that make me wonder, and spontaneous adventures.

Kendall_PembertonKendall Pemberton
College of Charleston
Prague, Czech Republic
A junior at the College of Charleston, I am a girl with a wide variety of interests. Thankfully I chose a major that fit those. From traveling the world, learning different languages, and being able to experience multiple cultures, in and out of the classroom. My passion is photography and I do not believe there is ever a dull moment, adventure is out there and it’s up to you to go out and explore every opportunity.

image1 (1)Alyson Ramirez
Grand Valley State University
Barcelona, Spain
I am currently a junior at Grand Valley State University. I have an unrealistic obsession with Coke Cola, learning new languages and experiencing different cultures. You can find me either exploring new territory in the city with my camera or catching up on current events through social media. I choose the Unviersitat of Barcelona because I have read so much about the atmosphere and the beautiful buildings as well as the friendly people. I am more than ready to experience what Barcelona has to offer, but most importantly, I am ready to make unforgettable memories with some new friends.

IMG_0779Morgan Reece
University of Kentucky
Reading, England
Hello! I am an equine science major on a pre-veterinary education path. I grew up in an extremely rural area on a horse farm, so I wanted to attend a University that would offer some similar aspects, as well as offer me the ability to learn about the new countryside and agriculture. I have ridden horses my entire life, so the opportunity to meet other people in a new country with the same or similar interests is an exciting prospect for me. I love to learn and travel, so I’m hoping to meet some new friends and make connections!

IMG_1357Hee Sang Rheu
The Ohio State University
Valencia, Spain
I’ve always had a special interest in different languages and cultures. I grew up in Korea learning English and Korean, and took Spanish, French and Latin throughout all four years of high school. I love Spanish, and that’s why I decided to postpone my graduation for one semester and study abroad in Valencia, Spain. There, I hope to immerse myself into the rich culture and learn how to truly understand, not only the language, but the people, too. I love going on adventures and recording the moments in a form of photography. I also enjoy visiting art museums and calligraphy.

IMG_0618Jillian Salerno
Salisbury University
Rome, Italy
I am a sophomore at Salisbury University in Maryland with a double major in fine arts and social work. My artwork varies from painting and drawing to photography. I am constantly producing more artwork and improving my skills while learning new techniques and getting to know graphic arts too. While studying abroad, I hope to step out of my comfort zone and experience the culture rather than stay in America where I feel most comfortable, even with the language barrier! I want to embrace myself in the history the city holds and use that as inspiration for my future art pieces.

12339118_922049484532218_2915066922207341360_oItzel Sanchez
University of Central Missouri
Madrid, Spain
I was born and raised in the golden state of CA, but the small town of Marshall, MO has been home for the past 10 years. I know what you’re thinking… why move to the middle of the country? My family values the importance of unity, and even though it took me years to realize that, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course I miss IN-N-OUT, but growing up with my family beats animal fries any day. As first-generation, I believe I’m living my parents American Dream. It’s my duty to set high expectations and work hard to accomplish them. Traveling to Europe is definitely one of them. I believe being abroad will help me grow and value life as a student and a person individually. I’d have to say what makes me unique is that I’m allergic to food. Believe it or not, it’s an actual condition called Gustatory Rhinitis. I’m kind of used to it by now and the 10 bless you’s that follow… #tooblessed
In my spare time I enjoy composing songs from a piano using my poems, dancing to different music genres, and drawing.

IMG_1783Julia Schweiss
University of South Carolina
Florianopolis, Brazil
I am from Denver, Colorado but I decided to go to the University of South Carolina because I wanted an experience that was completely unique and outside of my comfort zone because I believe that is the best way to learn about another culture and to grow as an individual. I love to hike and run, and I am highly interested in photography and calligraphy. I find that my happy place can be both reading a book in a coffee shop or on top of a mountain, enjoying the view. I chose Brazil because it is completely different from the typical study abroad experience that most students receive in Europe, and I can’t wait to be thrown into unfamiliar territory.

Michelle Sohne
Texas A&M University
Paris, France michellepicture
Bonjour! I am a junior, international studies major and business administration minor from Dallas, Texas studying at Texas A&M University. I have decided to study abroad in Paris, France for the spring semester of 2016 to gain some cultural experience while having the opportunity to improve my French. I love to try new things and get lost. I seek adventure and am very excited to explore every inch of the city. I can’t wait to meet new people, try new foods, visit museums, and wander the streets of Paris, France.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.10.28 PMJohnPatrick Summers
University of Colorado, Boulder
Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile
I am a passionate outdoorsman. I moved to Colorado from Washington, DC to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder and to take full advantage of the immense amount of mountain access. I am first and foremost a mountain biker. Having ridden for ten years, I now ride sponsored for companies including Monster, GoPro, Spy Optics, and others. My brother is a gifted and accomplished photographer and he gave me the camera that I use today. Since he’s gifted it to me, I take it everywhere and have become passionate about capturing the special moments that exist in my travels.

unnamed (2)Shannon Sweeney
Chapman University
Sydney, Australia
I’ve been told that I have an old soul. I prefer walking and cycling to driving, I hate texting, and I LOVE 60’s music. I am creative, what my friends call “super chill,” and I personally think that I have a great sense of humour. I love dancing, watching movies, skateboarding, and (of course) taking photos. I’ve wanted to live in Australia my whole life, and I think studying abroad there will be the perfect opportunity for me to see if it’s where I truly belong. My life goal is to one day do something productive.

Tenney, RachelRachel Tenney
University of Kentucky
Sevilla, Spain
Born in Cleveland, OH, I grew up in a household with an American patriarchal family, a Cuban matriarchal family, and a Honduran god-family. However, growing up in the U.S. only near my father’s English-speaking family, I never learned to speak Spanish. With a desire to connect to my latin roots, I decided to study abroad in Spain to learn the Spanish language and feel at home in the culture. Also, as a business and art student I plan to take advantage of every opportunity available (which means I will be practicing quite a bit of photography, writing, and sketching!).

profileJeffrey Wysong
The University of Alabama
Newcastle, Australia
I am from South Florida and go to college in Alabama and am currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I am used to getting to new cultures and taking on new life situations. My goal is to experience everything that life has to offer while I meet amazing people. I play the guitar, am a classically trained singer, surf, kayak, spearfish, read, and the rest is for people to find out through my posts.