Fall 2018

Former Photo Bloggers: Fall 2018

Elaina Andre
Minnesota State University, Mankato
London, England (Veritas Christian Study Abroad)
I am currently attending Minnesota State University with a major in Mass Media and a minor in Art Studio. Getting to study abroad in London, England is a dream come true for me! I am passionate about my faith, writing, photography, traveling, being active, and adventuring outdoors! My heart leaps for big cities, crowds of strangers and the coziness of local coffee shops. I am thrilled to invite you along with me as I capture my adventures in the historic, breath-taking city of London.

Nicole Celebre
Kean University
Málaga, Spain
My name is Nicole Celebre. I am currently attending the Fall 2018 ISA study abroad program here in Málaga, Spain. Since I could remember I have always had a passion for languages. I chose Spain in particular for its rich culture and history. While abroad I plan to fulfill my goal of ultimate fluency of the language and gain more knowledge and insight into the Spanish culture.

Abigail Edgell
Huntington University
Salamanca, Spain
I am from Indiana, where I study Art Education. While in Spain I hope to become fluent in Spanish, visit many art museums and sites, eat good food, and make great friends. One unique thing about me is my positive attitude; you will almost always find me with a smile on my face. As far as hobbies go, after completing my cheerleading career at Huntington University, I really enjoy going to the gym and staying fit. Plus, anything artistic is a hobby of mine.

Ophtavia Green
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Madrid, Spain
As a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in Communications and being an employee at the Umass Amherst News and Media Relations Department, I can concentrate solely on becoming a Content creator. Living in Boston, a simple pizza run can turn into an adventure. Finally, I’ve been blessed enough to upgrade my Boston T-pass, to a plane ticket to Madrid, Spain. In Madrid, I hope to share my adventures through photography and videography. I’m thrilled to explore Spain and ready to capture all its beauty.

Caroline Larson
The College of William and Mary
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kate LeJeune
University of Denver
Bilbao, Spain
Hello! I am studying Biochemistry and Mathematics at the University of Denver. I am studying to become a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, however, I absolutely love photography. While abroad, I hope to explore and document my experiences in Spain and to improve my Spanish speaking skills. Tennis, music, reading, and photography are a couple of my passions. I am so excited to share my adventure abroad!

Sophia Lemen
Colorado State University – Fort Collins
Cusco, Peru
I am a positive, adventurous, and responsible person who thoroughly enjoys getting to know people. I am unique because I have the eye for photography, which I hope to further develop while abroad. I am a part of the Photography Club at Colorado State University. I take pictures because there is something peaceful yet exciting about seeing an image in my mind, and having the ability to capture it forever. I hope my photography will enhance my passions and create an in-depth visual for the reader.

Amanda Luce
Saint Leo University
Galway, Ireland
I was born and raised in a town just outside of Tampa, Florida and I stayed close to home for College, until Study Abroad called my name. I have a heart for adventure and finding new places, but this is my first journey out of the United States. You can probably find me in coffee shops, bookstores, hiking, kayaking, or honestly anywhere outdoors. I am excited to capture and share my travels as I broaden my world-view and embrace another culture.

Hallie MacPherson
Seattle University
Valencia, Spain
Travel, for me, is the broadest term, encompassing adventure outside the place I keep my belongings. Home is where I am. In Spain, I want to experience the lifestyle and feel comfortable in another home. I hope to explore parts of the world and show people where I find joy in the dreamy imagery I create with words that bring them into experiences. I usually center images around people, so while abroad I aspire to incorporate photos into stories that bring out the vibrancy of the moment as I experience it in adjectives both in English and Spanish.

Liam Manning
Norwich University
Cusco, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
Hey everyone! As a rising junior at Norwich University, I have had the ability to live a more structured, disciplined lifestyle. I like to live life outside the comfort zone; exploring, hiking, skiing, and photography are all hobbies I have picked up along the way. As an International Business and Spanish major, Cusco is a place which has interested me significantly and seems like an amazing place to grow with business and Spanish. Staying active is key and in the high foothills of the Andes, nothing could be more perfect!

Yasmine Mojica
Minot State University
Busan, South Korea

Gianna Nemcovic
Saint Xavier University
Galway, Ireland

Elnaz Nourabadi
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Bangkok, Thailand
As a first-generation immigrant I realize the importance of sharing and experiencing new cultures not only in a broad sense, but to get up close and personal, and maybe even a little uncomfortable, exploring identities and societies foreign to me. This Fall, Thailand will be the perfect place for me to continue learning and growing as a traveler, student, and human being. I hope to capture, with my heart and camera, the intricacies that make Thailand, specifically Bangkok, the community that it has become and to attempt to share that with the people around me, and hopefully the world.

Alexa Pazienza
Lindenwood University
Barcelona, Spain
I am an Upstate NY girl ready for an adventure in Spain! I am a biology major but have a passion for photography, music and language. I enjoy taking aerial photos with my drone and also love to shoot with film. While in Barcelona, I am excited to explore, meet new people and experience a new culture. When I am not in school, you can find me at the pool practicing synchronized swimming or playing my guitar. I can’t wait to share my experiences in Barcelona!

Julia Phelps
College of Idaho
Dublin, Ireland
Hi I’m Julia! I grew up in Idaho, USA – it’s near Yellowstone. During my childhood, my family spent many vacations playing in the mountains – hiking, skiing, and river rafting. As a junior at the College of Idaho, I study history and minor in health and human performance, human services, and Spanish. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, baking, and spending time outside. While I study in Ireland I hope to meet new people and experience new cultures; run a half marathon and go to the Royal Ballet; and finally, photograph my travels through the Irish countryside.

Isabella Scarinzi
Oklahoma Baptist University
Paris, France
Hey, everyone! My name is Isabella and I am a Brazilian studying Marketing and French at Oklahoma Baptist University. I’ve been to 12 countries (so far) and I love experiencing new adventures and making new friends. Some of my hobbies include photography, journaling, and reading. Living in France has always been one of my dreams, and I can’t wait to explore all the beautiful places in Paris, meet the locals, and discover Parisian gastronomy! I’m super excited to capture those moments with my camera and to take you guys with me on my adventure.

Derek Tatum
University of Colorado at Boulder
Granada, Spain
Colorado native, traveler, and adventurist residing in Boulder, Colorado for now. I study plant biology while working as a freelance bookkeeper and photographer. If I’m not surfing somewhere you can find me at the many crags located throughout the Rocky Mountain Front Range or enjoying a book out on the front porch. Finding contemplation in even the most mundane of moments, my photography looks for the necessities of life exposed while under the sun and stars. “A taste for the beautiful is most cultivated out of doors, where there is no house and no housekeeper.” -Henry David Thoreau

Sinead Thornhill
Seattle University
Sevilla, Spain
My name is Sinéad Thornhill, I am a 3rd year Spanish & Social Work double major student at Seattle University, from the sunny side of Washington state. I am fascinated by humanity and how different communities manifest their lives to shape and add color to their unique cultures. Spain is a utopia for my fascinations and studying abroad gives me the perfect opportunity to study the “duende,” or as a rough translation, the “spirit,” which paints the ageless and amaranthine culture of Spain.

Vianna Valente
University of Delaware
Florence, Italy
My name is Vianna and I am currently a junior at the University of Delaware studying human services. My taste for adventure and culture fueled my desire to study abroad in Italy. I hope to capture all of Italy’s beauty while inspiring others to explore outside their comfort zone as well. As a second time traveler to Europe, I am eager to share my love for travel and photography with you all!

Breana Wagner
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Townsville, Australia
Personally, I believe that traveling and photography go hand-in-hand, and I am deeply passionate about both. I get the incredible opportunity to live out these passions over my year abroad while learning about Australian culture. When deciding where to go, I knew I wasn’t looking for a large city atmosphere, so I picked the smallest city offered: Townsville. Townsville is a small but beautiful town in far North Queensland, surrounded by breathtaking nature. I could not be more excited to explore this city and all of the wonders that North Queensland has to offer in the upcoming year.

Sienna Walaszek
University of Colorado Boulder
San Jose, Costa Rica
I want to travel abroad to really submerge myself into another culture and explore a new perspective on life. My love for adventure and traveling has led me to study abroad in Costa Rica for 3 months, and I could not be more excited. I am looking forward to learning and appreciating their different way of life, and being very open to trying new things while I am there!

Delaney Watkins
Univeristy of Mississippi
Sydney, Australia
I am a born and raised Texas girl, I grew up in Dallas but attend college at Ole Miss where I am studying Marketing and Public Relations. With a knack for design and creativity, I hope to one day obtain a career in digital marketing and branding. With that being said, through social media, taking photos, and writing on my blog I try to capture my lifestyle and the memories I make while exercising my love for creating and sharing content. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Australia and never imagined I would get the chance to temporarily live here and study what I love. During my time abroad, I plan to be open to possibility, change, growth, and perspective. I am so excited to share my journey and photos of this breathtaking country!