Summer 2021 Bloggers

Darcy Adreon
Identity & Inclusion Blogger
University of Kentucky
San Jose, Costa Rica

My name is Darcy, and I am a Biochemistry and Spanish student at the University of Kentucky. Some of my hobbies include hiking, practicing yoga, painting, and cooking. In Costa Rica, I will be studying medical Spanish to prepare myself for a career in military medicine. I am looking forward to meeting the people of San José, trying new foods, and learning to dance! Through my exploration of the culture and biodiversity in the city, I hope to deepen my understanding of my own identity, the universe, and my role within it.

Eva Kiparizoska
Identity & Inclusion Blogger
University of Mississippi
Granada, Spain

¡¡Hola!! My name is Eva Kiparizoska, and I am so excited to be a blogger for ISA! I am a rising junior at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi. I am a Biochemistry major with a Spanish minor on the Pre-Med track. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis, painting, and doing anything crafty, and my favorite, traveling!! I am studying Spanish in Granada this summer through ISA and I could not be more excited. What better way to learn the language and culture of so many people than by immersing yourself in their country! Having the opportunity to study abroad will allow me to flourish in my Spanish-speaking skills as well as meet new people, become more independent and well-rounded, and have the time of my life :)

Kelsey Eihausen
Identity & Inclusion Blogger
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Seoul, South Korea

My name is Kelsey Eihausen, and I’m a fourth-year Broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While abroad, I am hoping to experience new things and think about life a little differently through my experiences in Korea and through studying about Mass Media of Korea. I also am looking forward to getting a glimpse into the music industry of Korea, since I am interested in working in the music production field someday.

Tori Ostroumoff
Identity & Inclusion Blogger
Ohio State University
Seoul, South Korea

Hello, my name is Tori, I am 21 years old attending Ohio State University, and live on the East coast. My story starts in China, where my mom and aunt flew halfway across the globe to get me. They brought me back to New York, where I’d meet my family for the first time. Growing up in a White family as an Asian American had an interesting dynamic. This dynamic got me curious with psychology. I now major in the subject and through my trip, I hope to further cultivate a global understanding of psychology and its components.