Spring 2023 Bloggers

Michelle Johnson
Semester Partnership Scholarship Winner
University of Minnesota Morris
Salamanca, Spain

My name is Michelle, I’m from rural Minnesota and will be studying at the Universidad De Salamanca this spring. During my time there I will be doing literature and culture studies to coincide with my sociology major and Spanish minor back here in the States. I enjoy playing classical music, knitting, and cooking. I am really looking forward to trying all kinds of new foods during my stay in Salamanca! I am very hopeful for the opportunities and experiences I will have academically and socially throughout the semester and beyond!

Tessa Fiore
Semester Partnership Scholarship Winner
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Seville, Spain

Hi, I’m Tessa Fiore and I’m very excited to spend my semester in Sevilla! Originally from Los Angeles, I grew up in Omaha, NE to Italian parents who love to travel. I owe all my wanderlust, empathy, and curiosity to them. I’m a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying environmental science, math, and Spanish. Through continuing my studies at La Universidad de Sevilla, I hope to widen my understanding of how the different facets of sustainability: economy, society, and environment, function on a global level, particularly in Spain.

Kele Ramsay
University of Minnesota Duluth
Cusco, Peru

I am the kind of person who is always looking for how I can grow and become a person I can be proud of when I die. Part of growing and becoming well-rounded is becoming more empathetic and trying to better understand the lives of others outside your own experience. This is why I chose to study abroad, to learn about a culture outside my own and become more educated, in a real hands on way, about the lives of people here in South America and specifically Peru. I hope to not only receive a new prospective, but give a new face to travelers from the US.

Mackenzie Hornik
University of Colorado Boulder
London, England

Hi, I’m Mackenzie! As a student pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications, I’m excited (and admittedly a little nervous) to step outside my comfort zone and experience new perspectives while I study abroad in London. Some of my goals for the next few months include becoming a more confident solo traveler, mastering London’s public transportation system, and further developing my writing/content creating skills.

Samma Elhammady
ISA Diversity Scholarship Winner
University of Houston
Granada, Spain

I am Egyptian but I was born and raised in America. I hope to learn about the Spanish culture and Spanish language during my time abroad. Being abroad has introduced me to so many cultures an languages. I love languages and learning how to say phrases in different languages. Granada, Spain has a lot of international students and I always ask people I meet how to say a few phrases in their language. I also love reading and photography.