Fall 2022 Bloggers

Elias Lopez
Western Washington University

Cusco, Peru

I am a Texas native, though currently studying at Western Washington University in the areas of post-colonialism and food sovereignty. My favorite activities include walking around on hot days, listening to Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu, and reading autobiographies. I have decided to study abroad in Peru for many reasons, one of them being language acquisition due to the fact that I am Mexican but can’t really speak Spanish. We’ll see how it goes, enjoy my blog!

Maria Haggart
Chapman University

London, England

Hi, my name is Maria Haggart and I am a senior creative writing major at Chapman University! I am studying abroad at the University of Roehampton this semester. One of my goals this semester is to explore London and the United Kingdom more, as I have briefly visited the city before. I love playing games with friends, whether that’s video games or board games, along with traveling to various places. I also love to read and write, so I’m looking forward to being able to write about my experiences and share them along the way!

Georgia Verslues
Missouri State University
London, England

Hello! My name is Georgia Verslues, and I am currently studying journalism at Missouri State University. This semester I will be attending Kingston University in England. I have a passion for learning and am hoping to soak up as much English culture as possible this fall in forms of art, architecture, language, and of course food. I also have a love for timeless fashion, long hikes, and classic books. I am beyond excited for this semester and cannot wait to share my journey at Kingston.

Rebecca Kim
Carnegie Mellon University
Madrid, Spain

Artist, daughter, and fashion designer from San Francisco, California. I am Alive and feeling, loving, releasing, creating, and chasing live music in and around Madrid.

Britta Swanson
University of Minnesota Duluth
San Jose, Costa Rica

Hello! My name is Britta. I’m a junior at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I’m majoring in Cultural Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability and Spanish. I’m a big fan of running, rock climbing, playing guitar and drawing. I’m excited to explore and figure out how to make a different country feel like home. I’m curious to learn more about how other cultures communicate and show love.