Fall 2019

Former Featured Bloggers: Fall 2019

Hannah Anglea
Concordia University Chicago
Florence, Italy

Hello! My name is Hannah Anglea. I have spent most of my life in central Indiana but my home university, Concordia University Chicago, can be found in the west suburb of Chicago. I am studying English in hopes to make writing a career one day. I strongly believe that studying abroad will make me a better writer by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am excited to hit the cobble stone streets of Florence and take you along with me!

Rebecca Corsino
University of Tampa
Brisbane, Australia (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

Hi! :) My name is Rebecca and I’m a junior studying exercise physiology with minors in dance and leadership. I’m originally from Brazil but have moved around my whole life, so studying abroad has always been something on my bucket list. I’ve lived in 4 different countries and can speak 5 languages including English, Portuguese, Dutch, French and Spanish! This year I’m so excited to be spending a semester in Australia! From my time abroad I really just hope to fully immerse myself into the Aussie culture and get to experience life as a ‘local’ in a new environment.

Kayla Craigmile
Kansas State University
Athens, Greece (Castañeda Scholarship Recipient)

Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Craigmile and I am an anthropology and international studies major from Kansas. I am focusing on linguistic and cultural anthropology, so I am especially excited to learn more about Greek culture, language, and the dynamic connection between the two. My goal is to leave Greece with basic fluency and understanding in Greek! Finally, one of my favorite past times and greatest talents is eating, so I am eager to try traditional Greek dishes!

Erica Devonish
Bridgewater State University
Seville, Spain (Identity and Inclusion Blogger)

Hello my name is Erica Devonish. I am excited to be an ISA featured blogger for the Seville Spain location. I am an English & Communications major. I enjoy fashion and creative writing. In my spare time you will find me restaurant hopping, museum touring and exploring the cities historical hot spots!

Maria Dozier
University of Florida
Lima, Peru (ISA Service Learning)

Hi there! My name is Maria Dozier and I am a junior at the University of Florida studying Sustainability and the Built Environment. I am of African American and European descent and I love learning about different cultures from around the world. I am an alumnus of the ISA program in San Jose, Costa Rica, but this year I will be service-learning in Lima, Peru. I love studying the environment and I hope to learn as much as I can about sustainability while I am in Peru this fall.

Celide Dymond
Liberty University
Malaga, Spain

Hello, I’m Celide (Chelody). I’m from everywhere. I was born in California and raised in both Colorado and DC. I am a sophmore at Liberty University where I am currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary Degree. This degree was made for people who wanted to pursue more than two areas of study, or have a unique career path. I want to be a tattoo therapist, which is a tattoo artist who specializes in cover ups, memorial tattoos, and in general using tattoos to help people heal or release pain. So, I chose three areas of study: business, psychology, and studio arts. I am currently in a tattoo apprenticeship. I am very excited to study abroad in Malaga, for reasons I cannot explain in words. I have always wanted to study abroad and never got the chance. To finally have this opportunity, is beyond amazing. I am not only studying while I am in Spain, but I am going to be serving as well. I cannot wait to share my experiences in Spain!

Mariah Erickson
University of Wisconsin’s Whitewater
Milan, Italy

Hi, my name is Mariah Erickson. I am from a super tiny town called Argyle, WI. Although Argyle is my home, my whole life I have wanted to get out and live in the city, which is one of the main things I am excited for about my journey to Milan! Unlike most people, I have been skydiving, parasailing, ziplining, and next in line is bungee jumping. I have also been to 20 states and 3 countries. I am so excited to get out and live the Italian culture and to explore all of what Europe has to offer!

Helena Espinoza
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Seoul, South Korea

Helllooooooo !!!!!!! I am Helena Espinoza. I am the first in my family to attend college and I am also the first to travel abroad. The reason for me choosing to study abroad is because I want to find a better future for not just me but also my family. I am very honored to be part of this lovely experience and hope to make wonderful memories with all of you.
p.s. A thing that makes me unique is that I am missing a knuckle.

Elizabeth Finnegan
Grove City College
Seville, Spain (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am a junior at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, studying Entrepreneurship and Political Science. I was born and raised in Cary, North Carolina and I am a true southerner at heart. In my free time, catch me hiking, biking, and seeking out any adventure I can find. When I’m not in school, I work as a salesperson at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership, which I absolutely love. I can’t wait to share my adventures abroad with all of you!

Mario Garcia
Messiah College
Valparaiso, Chile (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

Hey! My name is Mario and I’m from Abbottstown Pennsylvania. I’m a Nursing major and Spanish minor at Messiah College (soon to be Messiah University!). I like to play soccer, listen to music, and always down for some card games.

This fall, I have the opportunity to study abroad in Valparaiso Chile! During this study abroad experience, I will be helping at a local church, finding the best bakeries (I love pastries), learning local dances, and hopefully play some pickup soccer games with some Chileans. In addition, I hope to learn a lot more about the Chilean health care system and different perspectives on how medicine is viewed. Stay tuned!

Allison George
Arizona State University
Meknes, Morocco

Serenity Hayward-McDaniel
University of Tampa
Seville, Spain (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

I am a black female student at the University of Tampa. Originally from Wilmington, DE (if anyone actually knows where that is) I didn’t have too much diversity around me growing up. The creativity that my mother so lovingly groomed throughout my upbringing always had me curious about the rest of the world. I’m hoping to learn a little bit more during this trip to Spain. I want to learn as much as I can about Spanish culture during this trip–experiencing all the different art, dance, and cuisine that Spain has to offer

Olivia Heale
Seattle Pacific University
Meknes, Morocco

Olivia, 20, is a junior double-majoring in Arab Studies and Global Development at Seattle Pacific University. A Seattle native, Olivia is a lover of rain, coffee, and the outdoors. She has worked as a journalist and editor for The Borgen Project as well as interned at the Council of American-Islamic Relations, America’s largest civil rights group for Muslim Americans. When she’s not fighting for world peace or to end global poverty, Olivia loves to teach piano lessons, sing in a gospel choir, indoor rock-climb, play street hockey, and read. Morocco is her 13th country but her first time in Africa.

Leah Hoffman
Millersville University
Cusco, Peru

Hello! My name is Leah Hoffman. I am a junior at Millersville University in Pennsylvania where I am a dual major in Spanish and Writing Studies. I love working with the international students at Millersville. Campus-wide, I’m best known for being the little barefooted girl who usually has a slushy in hand. While studying abroad, I’m hoping to experience the fullness of another culture by being immersed in the rich language and culture in Cusco, Peru.

Beth Hoots
University of Idaho
Lima, Peru

I’m studying Ecology and Conservation Biology with a Spanish double major at the University of Idaho, but I’m a native of West Linn, Oregon. I pride myself on my solo-backpacking skills, and I’ve been traveling around Latin America since I studied abroad in Costa Rica at age 15. My favorite adventures come from diving head-first into a new outdoor experience with some good friends. As an ecology student, visiting Latin America is like walking into a living textbook. I’m excited to share my journey with the ISA blog from every backdrop imaginable, one impulse-buy bus ticket at a time!

Danielle Jarosz
University of Maine Orono
Athens, Greece

Hi! My name is Danielle Jarosz and I’m a Junior at the University of Maine. I’ve grown up in Maine my whole life, and studying abroad in Greece will be my first time traveling outside of North America. My majors are in Media Studies and Theatre, and I hope to someday join the Public Relations field. I spend most of my time reading, writing poetry, and participating in theatre. I hope Athens provides me with insight on who I am outside of Maine so I can find comfort in myself rather than in a place.

Aruha Khan
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Athens, Greece (Castañeda Scholarship Recipient)

Hi, y’all! My name is Aruha Khan, and I am from Knoxville, Tennessee. I am dual–majoring in Biological Sciences & Finance (on the Pre–Medicine track) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I was interested in traveling abroad to gain a firsthand insight into the European healthcare system, and I want to draw upon that to inform my outlook on American healthcare. I cannot wait to share the life–changing experience of studying in Athens, Greece with you!

Nadira Khan
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain (Catañeda Scholarship Recipient)

Hello! My name is Nadira Khan, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I study Political Science with a minor in Global Studies at Arizona State University. After I graduate, I hope to enter a career in public service— bridging the divide between government and marginalized communities. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Arizona, and I’m excited to spend time abroad and push myself outside of my comfort zone! I’m especially looking forward to living in such a dynamic location as Barcelona and exploring all that the city has to offer.

Emma King
University of Denver
Seville, Spain

My name is Emma, and I’m from Birmingham, Alabama. I’m studying marketing and psychology at the University of Denver. In my free time, I love to ski, catch a show at Red Rocks and explore Colorado. I will be studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain and (fingers crossed) hope to return to the states bilingual. I’m looking forward to getting to know Spain and traveling to surrounding countries. I’m adventurous and love meeting new people.So, I’m also looking forward to becoming acquainted with the lovely people of Spain.

Eva Koelzer
Eastern Michigan University
Salamanca, Spain (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

¡Hola a todos! My name is Eva and I am so excited to guest blog for ISA from Salamanca, Spain! I am a junior at Eastern Michigan University studying Nonprofit Administration, Spanish, and Sustainability. During my year abroad I’ll be staying with a host family and participating in a Service-Learning program. I’m looking forward to exploring my identities from an international lens, learning more about the service sector outside of the US, and improving my Spanish. I hope to attend many concerts/festivals as well as pursue my hobbies of reading and scrapbooking (travel journaling in this case!) while abroad.

Ayanna Latimore
University of Tampa
Barcelona, Spain

I am an Advertising and Public Relations major at the University of Tampa. I live for unplanned adventures and challenging myself to stray from routine. I’ve never been outside of the country before. However, this fall I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain! This trip will be all about self-discovery, adaptability, and living in the moment. I also hope that this trip will help me to become more culturally aware. Blogging will serve as an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings during my stay abroad.

Tierra Mack
Hampton University
Barcelona, Spain (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

Hey ya’ll ! My name is Tierra Mack. I am a junior Political Science major, Spanish minor at Hampton University from Georgia. My love for travel began when I was younger. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. While in Spain I look forward to learning about the political culture surrounding of women of color. This fall I wanted to be an ISA featured blogger so I can share my passion for reproductive rights and educational equity as I live and study abroad. My other hobbies include roller skating, binge watching, and cooking. I know this semester abroad will change my life forever. Can’t wait to blog all about it!

Graham Mackey
Colorado State University
Valparaiso, Chile (Castañeda Scholarship Recipient)

My name is Graham, and before attending university I was in the Air Force for eight years. During my time abroad I hope to improve my Spanish communication skills and make new friends from all over the world. Being an adult learner is certainly a unique experience but also a rewarding one. Besides being a student veteran, I am also a filmmaker and photographer who writes poetry in English and Spanish.

Sabryn McDonald 
North Carolina Central Univeristy
Rome, Italy

My mom named me after an actress on “The Young and The Restless” from the late ’90s but for some reason being called Say makes me feel like a bag of dark chocolate (fyi I love chocolate). Speaking of chocolate, I’m from the chocolate city Washington DC and I attend North Carolina Central University. I’m majoring in marketing and minoring in mass communications. All throughout high school, I learned all about the Romans and Greeks in my Latin classes. I finally wanted to see the historical buildings Caesar would talk about in person… well the ones that are still up. I’m always looking for new ways to learn about different cultures and the way of life because I believe it’s the only way we can start coming together as one and stop seeing each other as enemies.

Farrin Mumpower
University of Tennessee
Seville, Spain

Hello! My name is Farrin Mumpower, and I am originally from Rome, Georgia. I now live in Knoxville, Tennessee where I attend the University of Tennessee. I am majoring in Marketing with a concentration in International Business and a minor in Spanish. I have loved traveling my entire life and have visited five continents thus far. I live for authentic food, diving into different cultures, and meeting new people. I am studying abroad with ISA in Seville, Spain this fall, and I could not be more excited about it! I am most excited about learning to flamenco dance and trying a new cup of coffee in every city I visit.

Rebecca Nocentiro
Rowan University
London, England

My name is Rebecca, and I am a senior at Rowan University pursuing a major in Writing Arts and a minor in Film Studies—my two passions! Although I love my small home-town in South Jersey surrounded by farmland and some of the best sunsets, I have always felt like a part of me was itching to see the world. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live in the city of London and culturally immerse myself in everything it has to offer, from pubs, theatres and everything in between! I am looking forward to using this incredible experience as inspiration to help creatively broaden my writing, and I would be lying if I said my inner Beatles fan-girl wasn’t totally stoked about the chance to see Abbey Road in person.

Taylor O’Connor
Arizona State University
Seville, Spain

Hi! My name is Taylor and I am a student at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. I am also a Spanish minor which lead me to studying abroad. Ever since I was a kid I have been in love with traveling and seeing new parts of the world. Being able to share my adventures with others interested in travel is the greatest gift, I hope to help others seeking out their own adventures and inspire them to step out of their comfort zones. Other interests of mine include dance, downhill skiing, hiking, and listening to music.

Katelyn Rapp
Rowan University
Madrid, Spain

My name is Katelyn, and I was born and raised in South Jersey. I am a junior Public Relations major and Journalism minor at Rowan University. I love reading, writing, traveling, and above all my family. I come from a big family, with six children and eleven pets (mostly cats)! I will be studying in Madrid, Spain for the fall semester. I am looking forward to learning the Spanish language and culture as well as making relationships that will last me a lifetime!

Nikko Rivera
Trine University
Bangkok, Thailand

I’m an Exercise Science major studying physics and chemistry in Bangkok, Thailand! I also love comic books, movies, and martial arts. I also love telling stories and having adventures.

Dogs > Cats

Donuts are my favorite food.

Lauren Rochelle
University of Houston
Rome, Italy (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

Hello! My name is Lauren Rochelle and I am a History major at the University of Houston. As a self-proclaimed daydreamer, I decided that this semester I would get my head out of the clouds and turn some of my dreams into reality. This led me to choosing to spend the first semester of my sophomore year in Rome, Italy. I cannot wait to take you all along with me while I explore the eternal city!

Stella Roth
Seattle University
Buenos Aires, Argentina

¡Hola, me llamo Stella! I am a junior at Seattle University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and I am studying abroad with ISA at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love traveling and being outdoors so I am looking forward to exploring the nature throughout Argentina as well as other countries in South America. And most importantly, I LOVE trying new foods. Thank you for joining me on my journey through Buenos Aires while I learn how to navigate a huge city, speak like a porteño, and eat endless empanadas! ¡Hasta pronto!

Kaylie Rowland
Heidelberg University
Barcelona, Spain

Kaylie is a Political Science/International Studies double major at Heidelberg University in Ohio. She enjoys traveling, watching movies based on real life, and hanging out with her dog Oakley. During her time abroad, Kaylie hopes to meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Madison Rydholm
Rowan University
London, England

My name is Madison Rydholm and I am currently going into my sophomore year at Rowan University! My major is Management Information Systems, and I am a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon! I love going out with my friends, watching Netflix, and seeing new places. I can’t wait to be in London and see all that it has to offer. I hope that I am able to see as many countries as possible while in Europe!

Natalie Schwarz
Westminster College
San Jose, Costa Rica

¡Buenas! My name is Natalie, I’m 20 years old, and I’m a Biology/Spanish double major at Westminster College in Pennsylvania. I’m from Hudson, Ohio, right next to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which I hike as much as I can; I play soccer and run track. I love to travel and practice my Spanish, and I am so excited to learn tico culture! My plan is to bring you along on as many backroads and unheard excursions as possible. You’ll learn a suprising amount about Costa Rican food, pura vida, and the difference between mumba and bachata. ¡Váminos!

Kennah Shaw
University of Louisville
Athens, Greece

My name is Kennah Shaw, and I am a 21 year old from Louisville, KY and I am studying abroad for the fall semester in Athens, Greece. Growing up, I’ve always loved traveling. I have a stepdad who is from England, so I was introduced to traveling young since we would go and visit family in Europe. My favorite thing about traveling is just getting to see all of the diversity in the world, whether that be diversity in food, language, fashion, anything. I love that this world is such a big place and there are so many people and we are each only a small fraction of the human population. There is so much for us to see and learn, and that is what I’m most excited about for studying abroad. I’m excited to learn things in the classroom, but I’m even more excited to learn the things outside of it. I’m excited for the people I’m going to meet and the culture I’m going to immerse myself into.
As far as hobbies and talents go, I love reading and writing. Music is a big thing in my life as well, so I really hope to somehow incorporate that into this travel blog. I’m so excited for this adventure and I’m excited that I get to write and tell others about it!

Marlo Smith
Virginia Commonwealth University
Wellington, New Zealand

Hello! I go to VCU in Richmond, Virginia and I’m studying International Business and Management at Victoria University of Wellington for one trimester. I’ve always loved traveling and learning about other cultures, so taking the opportunity to study abroad whilst in college has been a goal of mine for a long time. I’m hoping to push myself outside of my comfort zone during my time here and take advantage of everything this country has to offer. New Zealand is amazing and I can’t wait to start sharing my experience through the ISA Student Blog!

Lauren Sumner
Palm Beach Atlantic University
London, England (Veritas Christian Study Abroad)

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Sumner from Palm Beach Atlantic University and I am studying abroad this Fall in London, England. I am an English major from Vermont who has always dreamed of traveling to London for an extended period of time: what better place to study my subject? While I have visited London for a short trip in the past, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to truly immerse myself in the culture. I am looking forward to the world becoming both bigger and smaller for me during the semester ahead. C.S. Lewis’s house and the Twining’s Tea Store are places I look forward to visiting (among many others). Join me as I offer a different perspective on the beautifully complex world around us!

Andrew Thayer
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Athens, Greece (Identity & Inclusion Blogger)

My name is AJ Thayer and I am sophomore at the University of Tennessee. I am a Physics Major with a Pre-Med Concentration. I am studying abroad in Greece because I wanted to take the unique opportunity college affords young people to travel and see new places. I think studying abroad is an incredible way to build empathy towards people that are different than you, it gives me the chance to study a healthcare system different than what we have in the U.S., and because I knew it would be a country whose people would embrace me!

Jessica Trowell
Bethel University
Paris, France

Bonjour, my name is Jessica and I am from Maryland! As I journey into a full semester abroad in Paris, France, I aspire to advance my French language skills, explore the culturally-rich city from food to fashion, and gain professional experience through my passion for public service. I am a strong advocate for immigrant and human rights. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in International Relations and Journalism at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and cannot wait to continue my studies at the American Business School in Paris. My favorite hobbies are painting and editing videos for my youtube channel!

Mai See Yang
Bethel University
Bangkok, Thailand

Mai See is a Hmong Minnesotan from Bethel University, Twin Cities. She is currently a Senior studying Business Analytics hoping to serve underrepresented communities with finances. Her parents are refugees from Laos and Thailand and moved into the states before she was born. She has eight siblings and one really adorably witty niece. She hopes that she can reconnect with her family’s roots while in Thailand and hopes to visit the river that her people fled during war. She hopes to learn more about Thai culture, life and try as many foods as she can while being there!