Spring 2018

Former Featured Bloggers: Spring 2018

Caroline Aurigemma
The College of Saint Rose
Athens, Greece
I have always LOVED photography, this is one of the reasons I want to study abroad! I think photos capture more than just a moment, they capture emotions, culture, and the spirit of a place or event. I am looking forward to exploring Greece, and capturing the beauty and culture. I am interested in photojournalism, and will be submitting some of my photos from Greece to my school paper while abroad!

Rhiannon Bormann-Salazar
Schreiner University
Seoul, South Korea
Hello, my name is Rhiannon but everyone knows me as Rhi! I come from a small city at the very Southern part of Texas and go to school in the Texas Hill Country at Schreiner University. At my Schreiner I study Political Science with a focus on International Relations. While abroad in Seoul, I hope to delve further into Korean culture while also learning about my field in a place where peace keeping and diplomatic missions are currently taking place. Finally, a few hobbies I have are; singing, drawing, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

Hannah Casey
Virginia Tech
Valparaiso, Chile
My name is Hannah and I am currently a junior at Virginia Tech. I hope to return from Chile with greater Spanish fluency, the ability to look less upsettingly white when I dance, and a beautiful Chilean man on my arm. I am most recognizable as the girl on campus rocking a groutfit every day of the semester, or, as someone recently told me, as the girl from the princess bride but only the “before” version. Talents include an undefeated title in connect-four and the ability to flawlessly rap Nicki Minaj’s verse in Monster.

Jonathan Chavez
Arizona State University
Barcelona, SpainCastañeda Scholarship Winner

Kylee Colvin
St. Ambrose University
Lima, Peru
I’m from a small area in the Midwest with a itch for wanderlust that just can’t be satisfied. I believe in living an active, adventure-filled life full of questions and lessons. During my time abroad I hope to meet many amazing people while taking in the culture, diversity, and beauty of the country of Peru.

Anna Dickerson
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Paris, France
As a current global studies student and hopeful human rights lawyer, I am thrilled for the opportunity to study in France. I hope to diversify my cultural understanding, develop friendships with people from all over the world, and spend my time expanding my love for art, food, and travel.

Jillian Gibney
University of Kentucky
Valencia, Spain
I am a student at the University of Kentucky with a major in International Studies and minors in Spanish and Communications. I participate in a service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega, as well as play for the Women’s Rugby Club. I love to cook and was lucky enough to find a class called Food and Society in my study abroad program where I can continue to enhance my culinary skills. Through my study abroad program in Spain I hope to improve my Spanish by being immersed in the culture and to broaden my horizons by traveling throughout Europe.

Rachel Gischia
Grand Valley State University
Athens, Greece
I am an adventurous down to earth person. I absolutely love traveling and have been on four mission trips to Haiti. Wandering the incredible earth God has created is a deep passion of mine. I hope to experience a completely different culture than my own, and learn from it. I wish to gain perspective and appreciation for my life. I hope to meet an abundance of people, make friends and life-long connections. I am a dancer, singer, baker, and amateur photographer. I enjoy listening to people and helping those in need. I plan to incorporate all of my skills while abroad, express myself fully, and learn a lot.

Benjamin Goldberg
Northwestern University
Valparaiso, Chile (ISA Service-Learning)
Having just graduated from Northwestern University, I am excited to enter a new chapter of my life with an open mind. I love traveling and exploring new corners of the globe. Valparaíso, Chile seems like the perfect spot to have unique experiences, meet people from very different backgrounds, and challenge myself. As a social policy major, I am passionate about social justice. Through this experience abroad, I hope to cultivate this passion and put it to test as I address important needs of Valparaíso’s local communities. At the same time, I enjoy speaking Spanish and hope to refine Spanish skills while immersing myself in Chilean culture.

Megan Graham
The College of New Jersey
Busan, South Korea
Hi! I’m Meg! I’m a junior international studies major at The College of New Jersey. I grew up in a small town in the hills of northern New Jersey and it’s been my dream to experience the world since the time I was young. At TCNJ, I’m an avid rugby player and love to be with my friends. In Korea, I hope to be totally immersed in a culture totally unlike my own and to meet and learn from people I could have never met at home. I want to share my experiences with people that would have never had the opportunity to experience Korea. My outlook on the world is that even though it’s big, the world is meant to be explored.

Molly Hancuh
University of Minnesota Morris
Barcelona Spain
I grew up in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and studied biology and chemistry at the University of MN Morris in preparation for a career in public health. After graduation, I will be serving in the Peace Corps as a Health Extension Volunteer in Swaziland, a small country in Africa. This three-month experience in Barcelona will be the beginning of a three-year period of mostly being outside of the US. My time in Barcelona will push me outside of my comfort zone, giving me the skills I need to live in a foreign country upon completion of my study abroad experience.

Ashley Hilf
Salem State University
Gold Coast, Australia
Hi my name’s Ashley. I am 20 years old and currently study at Salem State University. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and have always wanted to travel and explore the different cultures in the world. I am a very open minded person so I thought studying abroad would be perfect for me. I hope that I learn a new culture and take adventures while abroad. I am always up for a challenge and love to push myself to try new things. Physical activity and the arts has always been apart of my life. I hope to find the diversity while abroad so I can open myself up to new ideas. Overall, I am excited to be studying abroad because I think this is an amazing opportunity to open myself up to a new environment and to take away a new approach at life.

Crystal Huereca-Retana
Washburn University
Florence, ItalyCastañeda Scholarship Winner

Kienna Kulzer
Western Washington University
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’m a senior at Western Washington University in Washington State, but grew up in a little California beach town called Ventura. I love traveling and experiencing new places. You can usually find me listening to podcasts, running, reading, or exploring new cities by bike. After I graduate this spring, I want to work in audio and film production or in healthcare communications. Either way, I know that Spanish will be an important language to know and I can’t imagine a better place to learn it than in Buenos Aires!

Issybella Lang
Hofstra University
Florence, Italy
I’m a design and history major from Delaware studying in New York. I’m a military kid who never got to travel like all of the people around me, so I cannot wait to experience all of the places I’ve heard so much about. I also can’t wait to see how my new experiences in Italy impact the things I create; if it will change how I write songs, impact my voice in my writing, make me concentrate on different parts of my art, or impact my style of photography.

MacKenzie Marino
Westminster College
Palmerston North, New Zealand
During my time abroad, I want to experience a culture different than my own, and most importantly I want to learn more about it. I want to learn all that I can about the history of New Zealand as well, so I can apply it to the anthropological research that I plan to do for my senior capstone project. Sharing the experiences that I have is a big goal of mine, and I would love to put anything I learn into helping other people learn as well.

Colleen McGuinness
UMass Amherst
Sevilla, Spain
Hello! My name is Colleen McGuinness and I am a Sophomore from the University of Massachusetts. I am a member of my college’s polo team (yes, the one on horses!), and I am involved in a couple of clubs in the business school. I am a natural traveler, who is seeking the best adventures and views this planet can offer. My worldly love most likely comes from my Irish immigrant father. I studied abroad in The Bahamas my junior year of high school and I have also visited Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, France, Iceland, and of course my homeland in Ireland. Through my study abroad experience and home stay, I am looking to become fully immersed in Spanish language and culture. I am an aspiring photographer as well, and I plan to enroll in an into to photo course in Sevilla. I am laid back, fun loving, and always smiling. I would like nothing more than to share my experience with other like minded adventurers!

Kathryn Minzner
Chapman University
Wellington, New Zealand
I’m a 5 foot tall television major born and raised in Northern Kentucky. I grew up doing two things: 1) running through the creek with my friends making tree forts, and 2) making up superhero stories with my brother and acting them out with Lego figures. I guess it makes sense that now I’m an avid hiker and television writer. I’m constantly looking for new things to write about, and my goal for study abroad is to write 100 stories during the program. In my free time, you can find me trail running or leading Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Alexis Mullins
Bowling Green State University
Tokyo, Japan
I am a third at Bowling Green State University studying Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning and Sport Management. This is my first trip out of the country and I can’t wait! I’ve spent much of my time exploring the east coast of the United States but am so excited to experience a culture so different from my own. I’m passionate about photography and cooking and can’t wait to try all of the amazing food Japan has to offer. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I hope to gain a competitive edge in academics and my future career.

Isabella Nino
University of Florida
Madrid, SpainCastañeda Scholarship Winner
An explorer, growing up in a country like Venezuela has given me the eager to get out of my comfort zone, giving me the chance to explore new places, see the intersection of cultures, and meet new people. Coming from a small town studying at the University of Florida and continuing my studies with the abroad program in a big city like Madrid is above and beyond anything I could ever imagine. I love to travel and cook and it is being an amazing experience to get to know natives which show their own culture on first hand and also learning the gastronomy of Spain, is all part of an amazing adventure. I am very excited to share my experiences and adventures.

Kimberly Perez-Lucero
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Barcelona, SpainCastañeda Scholarship Winner
Hello everyone! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to study abroad this spring 2018 semester in Barcelona, Spain! My parents are Mexican immigrants who have sacrificed much of their lives to give my brother and me a better life. So, I’ve finally reached my dream of studying in Barcelona! I can’t wait to soak up everything and make my family proud! I’m also looking forward to visiting other countries in Europe! I’m so eager to experience as much as I can and use as well as perfect the language that I was raised with!

Molly Phannenstiel
University of Colorado Boulder
Barcelona, Spain
I was born and raised in Vail, Colorado and love the adventure that the outdoors brings. I am a very spontaneous and adventurous person. I want to travel to a ton of new places abroad and see corners of the world that are still unexplored to me. I am unique because I grew up in a really sheltered community and I want to break out of that shelter and experience the world fully while I am abroad.

Annarose Qualls
University of Idaho
Barranquilla, ColombiaCastañeda Scholarship Winner
Coming from a big family, I love to be surrounded by people and view making friends as a favorite hobby. At University of Idaho, I am triple majoring in International Studies, Spanish, and Latin American Studies. Since high school, I’ve traveled to 15 countries spanning four continents and have loved each adventure. While abroad, I hope to engage in the community, learn everything I can from the people of Colombia, and understand Latin American society with a fresh perspective. In my free time, I love to explore the outdoors with friends, dance, write, make music, and drink some spicy chai.

Natallia Reid
Old Dominion University
San Jose, Costa Rica
I am a student at Old Dominion University with a major of Political Science and minor of Environmental Health. I am excited to begin my path in life through education and travel, as my potential career choice of environmental law is something that affects us all throughout the world. I love traveling, not only to explore the environment in the area, but to dive into the culture of the people who live there. I have always loved literature, especially reading and writing. I also enjoy physical activities of any kind, and learning about or creating artwork.

Katelyn Robinson
University of Tennessee
Sydney, Australia (ISA Internships)
I am a Sophomore at the University of Tennessee originally from Princeton, New Jersey. I figured, if I can go to school 12 hours away from home, why not travel across the world. My interest in the CCI Global Scholars program stemmed from my dream to expand my horizons, step out of my comfort zone and my willingness to achieve more than I have ever thought possible. What makes me unique is my determination and willingness to always be the best version of myself in anything that I am doing and I know that I will be able to carry that motivation into my writing.

Raelynne Rodemeyer
Stephen F. Austin State University
Milan, Italy
My name is Raelynne Rodemeyer, I am 19 years old and study Fashion Merchandising at Stephen F. Austin State University. I am originally from California, but have lived in Texas the past 5 years.
It has always been a dream of mine to study abroad, and I am so excited for this journey. The fashion industry has always interested me, so studying in Milan will be the perfect place for me.

Daniel Sanders
Northwestern University
Valparaiso, Chile (ISA Service-Learning)
I’m a senior at Northwestern University from Westfield, NJ, studying economics, business, and marketing. I have had the experience twice now of living in a foreign country. The learning that happens when immersed in a culture is far greater than what I could achieve in the classroom. It is my goal to become fluent in Spanish, and there is no better way to do this than through a program such as this. Beyond just interacting with the community, the opportunity to give back to the community through service, especially in the country where my mother is from, excites me greatly! More about me: I play jazz piano, I like to box, I’m an avid Mets and New York Giants fan, and I’m always down to play some Fifa!

Veronica Scott
University of Kentucky
Leuven, Belgium (EuroScholars)
Having daydreamed about my future laboratory since my freshman year of highschool, I’ve long believed that putting life under a microscope only makes it more beautiful. Dabbling in everything that I can is one way that I do that; as a result, I have explored artistic mediums like pottery, watercolor, and porcelain paint. When I’m not working on academic research, I’m often doing administrative work for my nonprofit, Williamson Service Corps, or competing with the speech and debate team. I am thrilled to participate in the Euroscholars Program and throw myself into researching teacher-student relationships.

Madison Tarbox
University of Colorado at Boulder
Granada, Spain
– I am always hiking, biking, running, skiing and singing in Colorado
– Sing in an all women’s a cappella choir at University of Colorado, Boulder
– Gained an intense love of travel after visiting South Africa when I was 12.
– Since South Africa, I have visited Italy, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Berlin, Austria, Switzerland, London, and Nepal
– I’ve studied Spanish for 9 years and hope to become fluent while studying abroad in Spain
– Passionate about serving my community and those in need and hope to volunteer while in Granada

Madison Tarnowski
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Madrid, SpainCastañeda Scholarship Winner
Hi everyone! My name is Madison and I’m a Michigan native studying Biomedical Engineering. When I was young, my family moved to China for a few years which sparked my passion for exploring what lies beyond the beaten path. This eventually led to me studying abroad in Italy for a year in high school, and now Spain for a semester! While abroad I hope to absorb all the language, history, and art that I can (and chow down on lots of tapas!).

Kelly Yanagihara
University of Colorado – Boulder
Dunedin, New ZealandDiversity Scholarship Winner
Hey, my name is Kelly and I’m in my third year over at CU Boulder studying psychology. I love talking with people, eating food, exercising, listening to music, and learning/exploring. My ultimate passion is probably being creative, whether it’s solving a puzzle, painting, or coming up with some weird idea with my friends; I love to think outside the box. As a Colorado native who’s never traveled outside the country, I’m stoked to gain a new perspective over in Dunedin, NZ. I hope to grow in my studies, experience the unknown, push past my comfort zone, and eat amazing food!

Emily Wilcox
University of New Hampshire
Dunedin, New ZealandCastañeda Scholarship Winner
I am an Earth Science major with a focus in Climate Science and a minor in Geography at the University of New Hampshire. I am originally from Connecticut and have two brothers, two sisters, five nephews, and one niece! I chose to study abroad in New Zealand because of the amazing landscapes and unique culture found there. Some of the goals I have include seeing my first glacier and walking on the steepest street in the world, which is found in Dunedin, the city I will be living in!

Rachael Willihnganz
University of Colorado Boulder
Granada, Spain
I am a Colorado native in my sophomore year at CU Boulder. I am a a double Political Science and International Affairs major, with a minor in Spanish and a Global Media Certificate. I am as passionate about political policies that promote equal opportunity just as much as I care about fresh powder on the ski slopes! Outside of school I am a cheery barista, committed yogi and hardworking event planner on campus. I chose to adventure to Spain to push myself outside of my comfort zone, learn more about where my family comes from and to achieve my lifelong dream of Spanish fluency!