Spring 2017

Former Featured Bloggers: Spring 2017

abigail-bergAbigail Berg
South Dakota State Universtiy
Prague, Czech Republic
I am a student who desires to use what I learn as a tool to improve a much larger society than the one that directly effects myself. Understanding different cultures form the government to what people do on the weekends is important to truly experience and learn from a place. My goals while abroad are to keep an open mind to opportunity and let the culture show me what Europe has to teach.

andrea-bomkampAndrea Bomkamp
University of Kentucky
Prague, Czech Republic
I’m a dog person, an ardent fan of Cincinnati-style chili, and a deep believer in developing a healthy sense of awe. I’m also a junior marketing and economics major at the University of Kentucky, but I thought I ought to start with the important stuff. I’ve been desperate to travel ever since I read the Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke in third grade, and I’m excited to finally be able to pursue that dream. My hobbies include singing with my talented boyfriend, hiking with my family, and going on adventures with anyone and everyone who cares to join me.

haley-burtonHaley Burton
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sydney, Australia (ISA Internships)
My name is Haley Burton and although I’m from a small town called Ooltewah in East Tennessee, I have dreams that are bigger than this world! My vibrant personality and charisma take me on new adventures everyday. My strong passion for meeting people and hearing their stories drives me to pursue my dreams in journalism and having the opportunity to do this across the world in the land down under is beyond incredible! I hope to find adventure and new stories to tell throughout my time in Australia and learn more about myself than I ever thought possible.

abby-capellaAbby Capella
University of Pittsburgh
Sevilla, Spain
I hope to get an improved sense of the world and different cultures though my experience. That, and I really am looking forward to working on my Spanish and hopefully becoming fluent while there. I’ve never been to Europe before, so I hope to explore much of it. In addition to this, I think my unique perspective could be that I am an athlete. I do triathlons and have to try to keep up with training while abroad. I think this might be of interest to similar students looking to see how they could do such a thing.

carson-cookCarson Cook
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Brussels, Belgium
I’m a Junior from Tennessee studying communication and international studies. I love to travel and have dreamed about studying abroad since I was 13. I chose to study in Brussels, Belgium because it seems like such a diverse city, and ISA offers a program that allows me to study communication courses not offered at my home school and to perfect my French. My hobbies include reading, photography, and hiking. During my time abroad, I hope to explore as many interesting places as possible and make new friends from around the world.

mitchell-cornellMitchell Cornell
University of Pennsylvania
Granada, Spain (ISA Gap Year)
I am an adventurous, intellectually curious, and driven young man from Nevada. I am going to play college golf at the University of Pennsylvania and go on runs to exercise but also to explore new places when I can. I am very bad at painting, but I really enjoy the feeling of creating something brand new. This experience will be about learning everything I can about Granada and wherever else I travel. I am excited to share my challenges and adventures while studying abroad! Yo voy a adventurar en muchas partes del mundo y aprenderé cada paso en el camino!

laura-curetonLaura Cureton
Texas A&M University
Bilbao, Spain
Hi my name is Laura Cureton and I grew up in Houston, Texas. I am an International Studies major at Texas A&M and hope to work in the field of politics and diplomacy. I grew up in a multicultural home and enjoy exploring other places and learning from the people who live there. I enjoy learning about the past and how we can use those lessons to improve social justice around the globe.

Dana Dillon
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Gold Coast, Australia
Going to Australia has always been a dream of mine. I am very excited to have this opportunity to get to study in the Gold Coast. I love to travel and meet knew people. Some of my favorite things include yoga, peanut butter and Jesus.


hannah-dirginsHannah Dirgins
University of South Dakota
Prague, Czech Republic
I grew up Sharon, MA. Growing up on the East Coast has given me many opportunities to travel throughout New England. My friends and I frequently take trips to Vermont and New Hampshire to hike and mountain bike. Frequently visiting New York and Boston are also something I enjoy to do in my free time. I love the liveliness of cities, and therefore I look forward to living in Prague for a semester! Prague has a great deal of history, that I am very intrigued to learn about. I already have a list of places that I can’t wait to visit!

christina-doerksenChristina Doerksen
Redeemer University College 
Galway, Ireland (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a 24 year old student from Ontario, an avid environmentalist and I love to encounter new cultures and traditions. I once volunteered in Nabudrau Village, Fiji, was a tree planter in Northern B.C. and travelled around Israel and parts of Turkey. I hope to learn about the cultures and traditions of Ireland, see the majesty of Ireland’s landscapes and experience Ireland’s traditional music scene. I am an outgoing individual, who loves extreme sports and new experiences! I look forward to gaining new skills and experiences that will travel with me for the rest of my life.

kyndall-doughtyKyndall Doughty
University of Oklahoma
Sevilla, Spain
My name is Kyndall Doughty; I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, but attend the University of Oklahoma. I spend my free time hiking and camping with my best pals. If I could spend everyday lying in my hammock with a big bag of M&Ms I would be content. I love all types of movies, but thrillers hold a special place in my heart. If I can do one new thing everyday for the rest of my life, I’d consider my life a success!

hailey-donohueHailey Donohue
Northern Michigan University
Meknes, Morocco (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a 19 year-old identical twin living in Marquette, a city in the upper peninsula of Michigan (the self-proclaimed coldest place on Earth). I come from an extremely close-knit family in an equally close-knit town. I play the violin and study behavioral analysis. I discovered that field through my yearning to help children. While abroad I hope to connect with children in a unique way that both transcends and utilizes cultural differences. I hope to experience a world vastly different from mine and ultimately to share with others the links in humanity that exist regardless of location.

emma-falkenberryEmma Falkenberry
University of Colorado Boulder
Dunedin, New Zealand
My name is Emma Falkenberry and I am a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder. While abroad, I plan on taking as many risks as possible, both in and out of the classroom. I am my happiest self either in the mountains or on the beach; as an East Coast native, I have had the opportunity to live near both near the mountains and the Atlantic. I enjoy photography, hiking, exploring my surroundings and spending time with loved ones. You can most likely find me designing graphics on Adobe Illustrator or seeking out a cup of chai.

emily-grenierEmily Grenier
Rowan University
Paris, France
Growing up within a few hours’ drive of Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C., there’s never been a shortage of history for me to explore. These places are what pushed me to study history and philosophy in college, and my love of the past now pulls me across the ocean and all the way to France. In Paris, I hope to improve my French, buy a couple postcards, and actually see all the history that I’ve only been able to read about for the last two decades, give or take a couple years.

megan-grieselMegan Griesel
University of Minnesota Duluth
Lima, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
Wanderlust blonde with an intense desire to see the World and all it has to offer. Going to University for Hispanic Studies and Psychology, I have a great love for culture and people. I am an historic guide at the Glensheen Estate and a lover of the arts and history. Grew up in the natural beauty of Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota and love the outdoors. Hope to go on as many adventures as possible in this life time and to broaden my knowledge and view on the World as a result.

mary-grossMary Gross
Concordia University Portland
San Jose, Costa Rica
I cannot wait for my Study Abroad experience in Costa Rica! I want to become fluent in Spanish, make new international friends, and learn all about the Costa Rican culture. My dream is to one day become a Travel Journalist. I want nothing more than to travel the world and tell my stories. I love capturing moments in my photography and in my writing. Before the age of 21, I will have traveled to New Zealand, Thailand, India, Germany, and Costa Rica. I want nothing more than to keep expanding on my list of countries!

brooke-haslBrooke Hasl
University of Kentucky
Sevilla, Spain (Veritas)
Hi! My name is Brooke, and I’m a junior at the University of Kentucky where I study psychology and theatre. I hope to go into counseling, teaching, or long-term mission work after graduating. I love being involved with theatre both on and off-stage, curling up with a good book, and spending time outside or with friends. I’m beyond excited to spend the semester studying Spanish in Sevilla, and I look forward to learning more about the local culture. I can’t wait to travel around Europe as much as possible and eat all the gelato that I can!

emily-henningEmily Henning
Oklahoma State University
Barcelona, Spain
Hello! I’m Emily and I am from Wichita, KS. I am a super senior at Oklahoma State University studying both architecture and Spanish and I am spending my last semester of college in Barcelona, Spain. The first time I learned about architecture as a profession was reading a book about Antoni Gaudí in a high school Spanish class, so living and studying in Barcelona is a dream come true for me, tying both of my passions together in one final adventure before I graduate and begin my career as an architect.

haylee-hollingsworthHaylee Hollingsworth
Oklahoma State University
Rome, Italy
For the longest time I knew I wanted to study abroad in either London or Rome. My sophomore year I got an amazing opportunity to nanny for a family in London. I spent an entire semester in London and it was the best time of my life! While I didn’t exactly study abroad, I had the greatest experience! And it only made me want to study abroad more! I am so excited for this opportunity to study in Rome and cannot wait to make more unforgettable memories.

genevieve-hoytGenevieve Hoyt
Salve Regina
Sevilla, Spain
After growing up in a town with more cows than people (probably), I knew I needed to learn about other ways of life. I craved more after my month-long study abroad in Argentina, and what better country to spend a year in than Spain? In school, I’m studying Global Studies, Spanish, and French, so basically stick me on a plane and I’ll be happy. I’m a professional pet selfie taker as well as an embarrassingly huge gymnastics fan. Somehow I’ve traveled to more countries than US states, so I’m thrilled to add to the list this year.

abigail-jeffreyAbigail Jeffrey
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Cape Town, South Africa
While I am abroad I hope to do it all! This may sound vague, but I do mean “all”. Whatever there is to learn, experience, attempt, taste and teach. I want to be a part of that. I am a Nebraska-raised college student who has a passion to find adventure in every crevice of the world. I crave energy and find joy in music and people. I love to sing, play piano, create through art and writing. I spend much of my days designing on adobe suite and working on my website.

amanda-jonesAmanda Jones
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Tokyo, Japan
Hi! I’m Manny, and I’m 20 year old librarian from Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m an English major, and have always enjoyed writing. I want to create an entertaining blog that will not only be an inspiring travel log but something I use to look back fondly on my semester abroad in Tokyo

jessica-kaufmanJessica Kaufman
Saint Anselm College
Cusco, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a junior economics major and international relations minor at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire and a member of their women’s soccer team. I love sports, the outdoors, trying new things, being active, and am a total foodie. I am passionate about improving the lives of marginalized populations through activism, policy, advocacy, and entrepreneurial endeavors to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. I cannot wait to immerse myself in Cusco, Peru’s culture and environment to learn about the challenges and success stories of a place where ancient history and modernity collide.

kathryn-kehlerKathryn Kehler
College of Charleston
Bangkok, Thailand
I’m Katie and I’m so excited! I knew I wanted to study abroad but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. My roommate suggested Thailand. I looked up programs and I was hooked on this magical idea of going to a place I never thought of as an option. I’m an explorer at heart, seeing new places, new people, new things, new ideas! I love to experience life to the greatest amount. My ultimate goal is to find true happiness through my experiences in life. I’m a little weird, sorta quirky, and very lax and really ready to see what the world has in store for me.

hailey-kilbargerHailey Kilbarger
Grand Valley State University
Valencia, Spain
My name is Hailey Kilbarger and I am currently a junior at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Spanish and Applied Statistics. I am so excited to study abroad in Valencia, Spain for a semester. I hope to learn more about the Spanish culture and better my Spanish speaking and listening skills. To stay active, I love to go for walks/mild hikes and do yoga. I am also obsessed with finding unique little coffee shops and cafes. I have found that every single one has its own personality.

mary-klepzigMary Klepzig
University of Tennessee
Sydney, Australia (ISA Internships)
I adore words. I believe they can take you anywhere you want to go. Reading, writing and imagination can be almost as good as the real thing. I hope to use my words to better my surroundings, no matter where I am in the world. I love being outside, hiking, running, music, and I will use my passions and hobbies to learn while I am abroad. I hope to meet the most inspiring, world-changing people, and learn from them how to be the same way.

laura-lamLaura Lam
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Barcelona, Spain
I’m a senior studying Accounting and International Business. This semester will be my last semester in school before I graduate, and I am so excited to spend it in Barcelona! One of my biggest goals in life is to work abroad someday; I hope that through my courses and travels, I will be able to gain a better understanding of European culture and apply that to my future career. I cannot imagine a better way to end my college experience than by exploring Spain and surrounding countries, making new friends, and eating absolutely everything!

alexandra-mayerAlexandra Mayer
The University of South Dakota
Reading, England
While abroad, I hope to have the adventure of a life time and go out and find it myself (with locals help of course). I love being outdoors and I love to read. I also love pop culture, video games, politics, and I have a passion for makeup, things that normally do not coincide.



jennifer-michaudJennifer Michaud
Worcester State University
Valencia, Spain
Hello! I’m Jennifer, a junior at Worcester State University studying Communications and writing. A few of my greatest passions in life include writing, traveling, and listening to music. Being able to study abroad and possibly become a featured blogger would combine two of my greatest hobbies in life in such a fantastic way. Being able to express my adventures in my travels would be both a pleasure and a chance to grow in my skills.

emily-mierswaEmily Mierswa
University of New Hampshire
Galway, Ireland
While studying abroad in Galway, Ireland I hope to experience Irish cultural heritage. My two real passions of archaeology and museums intersect at cultural heritage. I am fascinated by the policy and international governing bodies that deal with our world’s heritage. My interests are quite unique at my home university. Outside of academics, I enjoy swing dancing, playing piano, going to the beach, and cooking.

Annika Mikkelson
Colorado State University
London, England
Born and raised in Colorado, I developed a love of reading and writing and the desire to one day be able to create something that would inspire others as much as the books I read have inspired me. Spending time abroad in London, I feel, is the best way to grow as both a person and writer through experiencing a new culture in the city that is responsible for the devotion of my studies: English. I hope to also meet people and learn about their personal stories that are bound to be more incredible and diverse than I can imagine.

jordan-mlcochJordan Mlcoch
The University of Alabama
Sevilla, Spain
Studying abroad truly has been a lifelong goal of mine. I planned out my entire college career around this opportunity. The idea of being able to adapt to a new culture and perfect a language I have been studying for 8 years is thrilling. I believe that I am unique in that I am going into this experience knowing absolutely nobody in my program. I am a very organized and detailed person and my goal is to be able to share my tips and tricks with students preparing for study abroad.

christina-montgomeryChristina Montgomery
University of Colorado – Boulder
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’m from Colorado, I love traveling and being a world citizen. I am a dual citizen with USA and Norway, and I have lived in Norway and Finland and traveled to 18 different countries so far. I am hoping to learn more about South America this semester and become fluent in Spanish. I love trying new things, especially new food! I love traveling, exploring and sharing travel stories with my friends and family.

karen-naimKaren Naim
University of Dayton
Meknes, Morocco (ISA Service-Learning)
I am a junior at the University of Dayton studying English and International Studies. I have been studying Arabic for two years and I am excited to practice my Arabic skills in Meknes! Learning languages is important to me because of the way languages connect people and reflect cultures. I have grown to appreciate languages because of my background; my father is from Lebanon and my grandparents, Jedo and Teta, only speak Arabic. Visiting family in Lebanon has sparked my interest in learning about other cultures and meeting new people.

priyanka-navaniPriyanka Navani
The College of New Jersey
Valparaiso & Vino del Mar, Chile
Priyanka is a Sanskrit name that translates to full of love. In many ways, my name has defined the way I see this world: full of love, adventure, untold stories. American by passport, Indian and German by descent, and honorary Arab by self proclamation, I have spent time in more than twenty-five countries, including formal studies in Dubai and Milan. I’d love to call myself a global citizen, but, truthfully, I don’t go anywhere without ketchup packets- tacos in Mexico or kabobs in Kuwait, my Americana prevails. I’m excited to find out what I’ll be dousing with ketchup in Chile.

halle-nelsonHalle Nelson
West Chester University
Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
With this internship I hope to gain professional experience as well as getting the chance to observe, understand, and enjoy another culture. As a Communication Studies major, I have learned much about interpersonal and business communication as well as having gotten plenty of practice with public speaking. My internship at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom as the Public Relations Coordinator heightened my skills and even gave me the opportunity to run the company’s official blog! Finally, after serving as the Public Relations Chair for both English Club and Creative Writing Club I feel that I am fit for this opportunity.

alyssa-nevergoldAlyssa Nevergold
Colorado State University
Sevilla, Spain
Ever since I started thinking about college, I started thinking about studying abroad. Now that I am finally living my dream I am so excited to gain new experiences and meet people that will allow me to apply a different perspective in my future career. Some of my passions that guide me are dance, travel, people, and of course writing. While abroad I am also hoping to volunteer and get involved with the Catholic church. In my future I would like to work for a non-profit and work with children so having this international experience will help me gain knowledge and allow me to exercise my passions.

emelia-otooleEmelia OToole
University of Sioux Falls
Dublin, Ireland
Greetings! I’m Emelia, and I was born and raised in the charming town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m studying English, History, and Political Science at the University of Sioux Falls. My ultimate dream is to be a writer and professor (or POTUS. Whichever comes first.). I love reading, asking questions, music, laughing, girl power, and most importantly, writing and traveling. While in Dublin, I’m hoping to challenge myself in every aspect: the goal is growth. There’s no doubt I’ll have an incredible time overseas, and I’m excited to share my experiences–beautiful, brilliant, or bewildering–with anyone who wants to listen.

tricia-ownbyTricia Ownby
University of Alabama
London, England
I have always wanted to go to London since I was younger, I have always admired their culture. I have been writing every since I can remember it’s always been something that I have been passionate about. Whenever I had free time when I was younger I would be writing about something whether it was making up stories or writing about what had been going on in the world around me. I am really excited to go to London because there is going to be so many new things to see and to do and to write about. I get to experience a whole other culture for four months, and I am so excited to get to be apart of it and that I will have something to write about every single day.

matthew-paxtonMatthew Paxton
Baker University
Australia (ISA Internships)



bentley-porterfieldBentley Porterfield
University of San Diego
Dunedin, New Zealand
Hello! My name is Bentley and I am originally from Vail, Colorado. As an outdoor enthusiast and self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, I have a passion for adventure and exploration. When I am not hiking or snowboarding, you can find me drinking tea, snuggling up with a good book or daydreaming about where I would like to travel to next. Traveling ignites my intellectual curiosity and allows me to fully immerse myself in each unique culture. I am going to New Zealand thirsty for adventure, excited to form new relationships and eager to experience the magical landscapes.

kimberly-quintanillaKimberly Quintanilla
Arizona State University
Rome, Italy
Ever since I took my first step into a foreign country, I was hooked and grew this passion to travel around the world. I’m Kimberly Quintanilla and I’m a sophomore at Arizona State University, double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Sustainability. A couple things about me are that I love to travel, go to concerts, and write. I am studying abroad in Rome to not only stretch my horizons, but to document life from a completely different point of view. I’m excited to describe my experience in such great detail that the readers will be motivated to travel themselves!

anna-rackleyAnna Grace Rackley
Kansas State University
Prague, Czech Republic
I am a junior at Kansas State studying family studies with hopes to work for non profit organizations that rescue and work with victims of modern day slavery. I have been dreaming of studying abroad since high school so it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening. During my time abroad I hope to learn more about others than discover new things about myself. Being abroad and away from family is a great time to “find yourself” and grow but I think what would be most beneficial for me would be to explore relationships with people who are different from me. What better place to do that than in another country, immersed in a culture different than my own? I hope to meet locals often and hear their life stories. I have never seen myself as very unique because I usually hop on bandwagons long after they have been established but I think I view the world a little differently than others and can offer a different perspective than most people would give. I enjoy writing though I do not do it as often as I wish. I play piano, guitar and can play the ukulele very badly. I can also make turn my tongue into a W shape, which was a real triumph when I was in sixth grade.

lindsay-robbinsLindsay Robbins
Towson University
Cusco, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
I’m currently a junior at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. I’m majoring in International Studies and minoring in Spanish and Economics. I have a special love for writing, and anything that has to do with international issues. I hope to one day put my economics and Spanish skills to the test by working in international development in Latin America. I also enjoy being outside, climbing mountains, and sleeping under the stars. I love to travel, and in Peru I hope to learn as much as possible about the geography, culture and the history that make the country so incredibly unique.

hannah-saundersHannah Saunders
University of Colorado Springs Colorado
London, England
While I’m abroad, I hope to expand my perception of life beyond my Colorado-American thinking. I like to refer to myself as a handbag of contradictions. I’m one of those who is adventurous, but requires structure and planning. I love people, but boy do I need my alone time. I’m unorthodox, yet I cling to tradition. I’m scholarly and blonde. Ambitious, yet not dominating. A leader that can follow. I’m a performer, but I try to blend into crowds. Within my performer-ness, I sing…probably too much. It’s a way for me to express something beautiful or terrible when I don’t feel particularly beautiful or terrible.

corri-seidemanCorri Seideman
Pacific University
Paris, France
Hi there! I am a current junior at Pacific University with a triple major in French, Literature, and International Studies. I hail from a multicultural family and have always been passionate about learning and experiencing new things! With my time abroad, I’m hoping to have a revelation about the world around me to better understand the world. I’m a lover of theatre, movies, singing, dancing, and bears.

lilia-souriLilia Souri
Virginia Commonwealth University
Brussels, Belgium
Bonjour! My name is Lilia Souri. I’m a current junior at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I’m majoring in Mass Communications, PR and double minoring in Political Science and Business. I’m so excited to be studying aboard in Belgium and I’m even more excited to take you all along on this journey with me! Two things I’m very passionate about are food and the French language. What better location to explore both loves of mine than Brussels? I can’t wait to feast on Belgian cuisine and enhance my French speaking skills while abroad.

rebecca-suby-longRebecca Suby-Long
University of Colorado-Boulder
Wellington, New Zealand
I am currently a junior at the University of Colorado studying Media Production. I was born and raised in Denver and have always loved a good adventure in the outdoors. This upcoming semester, I am studying in Wellington, New Zealand. I am beyond excited to explore all of the amazing natural wonders of New Zealand as well as learn about their history and culture. Some of my random hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, photography and concert going -all of which I feel confident I can keep up with in New Zealand!

courtney-swansonCourtney Swanson
Indiana State University
Seoul, South Korea
I am 19 years old, born and raised in the suburbs of Indianapolis. Currently a sophomore at Indiana State University, I’m majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminology. While abroad, I hope to gain a better understanding of the Korean culture, while also travelling as much as I possibly can. I enjoy music and dancing and so I am excited to get firsthand experience with this aspect of Korean culture. I recently became an Orange belt in Hapkido and hope to continue progressing over the next several years.

abigal-swinneyAbigal Swinney
University of Central Missouri
Sevilla, Spain
Hey guys! I’m a junior at the University of Central Missouri studying Spanish education. I had the opportunity to visit Spain in high school and I am ecstatic to be returning. My dream is to travel all my life and I believe Sevilla is just the beginning. I hope that during my time abroad I will be able to make lifelong friends, go on adventures, and develop a new perspective of the world. I enjoy long conversations over coffee or tea, meeting new people, and exploring the marvelous creation made by my God.

jael-vaqueroJael Vaquero
Rowan University
Barcelona, Spain
My name is Jael (pronounced like a J and an L) and I am a boy-band, cat loving adventurer and enthusiastic eater of all things. I live in a small town in New Jersey, but I’ve always felt as if my dreams are too big for these farms and quaint diners. My favorite activity in the world is to travel, which is why I chose to Study Abroad. I love hearing people’s stories, exploring new places, and making new memories. While I can be an introvert at times, I believe traveling brings out the very best in me.

amanda-vasiAmanda Vasi
Agnes Scott College
Granada, Spain
Ever since I was young, I wanted to learn another language other than my own but somehow that dream got lost among the long, struggling journey within a Spanish classroom outside a crowded American hallway. With my blooming passion for health and confronting health inequities, I realized by learning a new language, I can help overcome those language barriers facing our own U.S. healthcare system. Now to Spain I am headed next to fully immerse myself in the beautiful Castilian dialect of Spanish and, upon my return, use my earned advanced proficiency to be able to share my skill to help others. I am a Public Health major at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA, and I enjoy long walks, deep discussions, learning and meeting new people. I look forward to sharing my study abroad experience with you as I dive into the life-changing chapter of my life.

carly-walkerKarly Walker
University of Kentucky
Granada, Spain
Hi, I’m Karly! I’m twenty-one and a junior at the University of Kentucky. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, but am currently residing in Lexington for school. I’m studying abroad in Granada, Spain. I chose to study abroad because I want to become fluent in Spanish, so I will be taking all of my classes in Spanish and will be living with a host family. I am a devout Catholic so I want to explore and experience Catholicism in Spain. I have never been out of the United States before so this will be my first international experience! In addition to being a student, I work part time at Build-a-Bear and am an editor for UK’s undergraduate literary magazine. I enjoy reading, writing, and hanging out with friends!

chelsea-webbChelsea Webb
Indiana State University
Seoul, South Korea
I hope to learn more about the Korean culture and the language better. I am teaching myself the language and would love to make friends that speak Korean, so that I can grow in my language speaking skills. This is a chance for me to step out of my comfort zone, without having family to rely on.
What makes me unique is that I love to draw, learn languages, play music, take photos, and try new things. Being able to go out and do what I enjoy most allows me to bring out my creative sides, and express myself.

victoria-williamsonVictoria Williamson
University of Florida
Florianopolis, Brazil
Hi there! I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to be an ISA student blogger! While abroad, in Florianopolis, Brazil, I was already planning on documenting my adventures through writing and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.
I am a Freshman at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. My mom is Brazilian and my dad is American and this Spring I will be spending 5 months on an island off the Southern coast of Brazil called Florianopolis. I am extremely excited for this opportunity to interact with the individuals and culture of Florianopolis.