Spring 2016

Former Featured Bloggers: Spring 2016

10298986_785684634814061_4636097246029876587_n (1)Emily Alcock
Luther College
Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile
Castañeda Correspondent
I’m a junior at Luther College and I’ve lived in Decorah, Iowa, my entire life. Growing up, my parents valued travel more than possessions so our family spent a lot time exploring new places. I love experiencing new cultures and meeting new people, so studying abroad seems like second nature to me. For my time in Chile, I hope to polish my Spanish and gain some insight about what it’s like to live on the other side of the world. In my free time, I like to drink a lot of coffee, take amateur level photos, and play the violin.

IMG_3460Samantha Anasky
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Gold Coast, Australia
Australia has always seemed magical to me. I know that there are so many places and people that live on our planet, so I cannot keep myself in one place and never travel the world. Australia seems like the perfect location for self-discovery. I hope to not only learn about its rich culture and heritage, but for Australia to teach me too. Australia will teach me to be independent and live life on the edge, to open myself up to adventure and make the most of every moment, to discover the real me, the person I know I will become.

DSC03250Diana Aponte
The College of Saint Rose
Madrid, Spain
From my very first Spanish class, listening to my teachers talk about their experiences studying abroad, I knew that was something I was meant to do. Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, I could not ignore my passion for Spanish language. I am incredibly lucky for having this chance to study abroad. At no other time in my life will I have this opportunity to live in another country for five months. Understanding how fortunate I am to have this chance, I intend to take full advantage of my time abroad, traveling, learning, and becoming a worldlier person.

BloggerProfileRachel Beliles
Xavier University
Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile
Studying abroad this semester is a decade-long dream come true! As a Spanish and International Business double major, I have a deep-rooted passion for Chilean culture and the Spanish language. I hope to become fluent in Spanish during my time abroad and take on the truly humbling experience of being adopted into a new culture. I am an avid crocheter, have a knack from quoting movies and former presidents, and am desperately in love with the art of storytelling.

nsepicMaddy Breeling
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cusco, Peru
I have lived in Nebraska my entire life where agriculture and weather are the major topics of discussion. I am studying abroad to help broaden my view of the globe and so I have chosen the place I feel is the most opposite from my normal life. I hope to gain an understanding of the interconnections of the world and become as fluent as possible in Spanish. I have a fascination with Latin American language, culture and history and even chose to specialize my studies in this. Besides being a college student, I also enjoy reading and camping.

DSC_0005editBrianna Cariola
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Florence, Italy
Castañeda Correspondent
After visiting Florence for the first time during Summer 2015, I became inspired to study abroad there. It is truly a dream made into a reality to study art and photography in this beautiful, artistic city. What I look forward to the most is absorbing the inspiration that Florence has to offer and documenting my experiences through photographs and journaling. I am also excited to meet others who will embark on this adventure with me. Besides photography, I enjoy writing, singing, fashion, poetry, being out in nature, and learning new languages.

scanDaniel Cavins
University of North Texas
Amman, Jordan
I am currently studying the Middle East and Arabic at my host university, and have many friends and staff members who are from Jordan. Naturally, my interest in the country stems from these relationships as well as my collegiate study. Also, I am formulating a small independent research project regarding Jordan and its potential for the future of the Middle East. I hope that I will experience first hand the country that has been thrust in the middle of the world’s attention, as well as gain language skills and cultural knowledge of the Arab world.

image1Amber Craig
Kansas State University
Barranquilla, Colombia
I am 19 years old and was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. I grew up going on road trips every summer with my parents (I’m an only child). We are huge outdoor enthusiasts and love adventures, so I have always dreamed of one day exploring the land outside the United States. I am studying abroad this spring for many reasons. First, I am a Spanish Minor and hope to further develop my language skills through my interactions with my host family, Colombian locals, and peers. Also, I am at a place in my life where I want to know and understand more about the world. I believe that living in the United States in like living in an opaque bubble, because we are so sheltered and oblivious a lot of the time to the outside world. I want to experience life in another country through my own eyes, instead of through the views shaped by the news, media, or movies, which often paint a false picture of the realities of the world. I chose Colombia for all of these reasons; I have found that Colombia often has a stigma for those living in the U.S. as being dangerous. I want to fix this stigma and help people understand that by using common sense in large cities abroad, any place in the world can be safe. Colombia has come so far as a country in the last few years and this progression should be celebrated. I want to take back my experiences from Colombia and abroad and share them with others in order to crush any stereotypes they might have and to encourage people to travel to South America and see the richness and beauty it has to offer. I have always been fascinated with the Spanish culture and hope to fully immerse myself in it while abroad to experience a way of life completely different to what I am used to. As for my hobbies, they include anything outdoors such as camping, hiking, biking, as well as working out. I have skills in playing volleyball and softball as well. Additionally, ever since I could hold a pencil I have been writing; anything from poems to stories. I have binders full of writing back home for it has always been a huge passion of mine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.02.12 PMCourtney Cranford
Emporia State University
Florence, Italy
I want to see the world, every inch of it, and fully acknowledge its’ beauty. I want to meet people, every person I can, from every different lifestyle. I want to learn new ideas and try new things, taking advantage of every opportunity I can to grow. I plan not only to study abroad in Italy over this next semester, but to make it my home.

IMG_0068Amanda Danielson
Tufts University
Cape Town, South Africa
I am a swimmer, pianist, choreographer, radio DJ, rat owner, weight lifter, and wasabi pea addict—shipped from the woods of northern Connecticut to the outskirts of Boston, and soon to The Mother City. Both desire to be culture shocked out of my suburban, New England mind and a proclivity for adventure have brought me to South Africa. I dream of becoming a nutty English professor, seeing the world, and writing novels that maybe someone will read someday.

12295236_10205376584475496_3367646396961541553_nMadii Davis
Georgia College and State University
Bilbao, Spain
I am Madii Rey Davis, a double mathematics and philosophy major at Georgia College and State University.An advocate for spontaneous adventure and a thinker who seeks to be challenged, I still set aside time to write, reflect, draw, and think. I’m a singer-songwriter, guitar player, and performer; a lover for books and mountain bike rides or trail runs in nature. My greatest goal is to share what I have of myself with others in hopes that it will help them succeed.

IMG_3884Kelsey Desmond
Mandeville High School
Paris, France (ISA Gap)
Growing up in the diverse city of New Orleans, I have always loved to learn and experience new cultures. I began traveling at a very young age, so I learned to appreciate new cultures and environments very early in life. I started studying French six years ago and have always wanted to expand my passion by actually living in France. As an avid photographer and writer, I plan to make my gap year abroad as memorable and rewarding as possible.

isabella1Isabella DeSpirito
The Ohio State University
Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile
Castañeda Correspondent
I’m a third-year Spanish and International Studies major who is excited to actually live and attend school abroad. I’ve traveled a bit in Central and South America and have become obsessed with the culture and history in the process! I got a taste of South America through a short study-abroad trip in Bolivia, and experienced an educational journey through Mexico, but now is my time to live and participate in South American life.

ISA Blog Photo - M DitkoffMarisa Ditkoff
Rowan University
Tokyo, Japan
I have traveled the world over, and beyond, through books. Learning anything and everything there is about foreign histories and cultures is my passion. Having intensively studied a multitude of languages since I was little, Japanese has always stuck out as fascinating. I visited Japan once before during grade school, and I’m thrilled to be returning for a whole semester to a country that is both rooted deeply in tradition and continually technologically advancing towards the future. Just as I love reading about the experiences of others, I greatly enjoy sharing tales of my journeys with the world.

KDixon-pictureKhadijah Dixon
Albright College
Meknes, Morocco
Hello! My name is Khadijah Dixon and I am a junior at Albright College. For the spring of 2016 I will be partaking in my first study abroad experience as well as my first out of the country adventure. I am very excited to travel, learn and grow as an individual. When I’m not doing school work I like to read, go to museums, help in the community and listen to music. Also I enjoy being around little animals. An interesting fact about me is I enjoy is building book trees.

blog pictureShannon Fillingim
The Ohio State University
Barcelona, Spain
I was raised on languages – German was first, but English, Spanish, and Chinese are the ones I count as mine today. I have grown with these languages through academic coursework as an international studies and Chinese double major and through experience living in Xi’an, China. I’ve learned that the world is incredibly beautiful – including both physical splendor but also staggering complexity and nuance. I’ve been lucky to have spent time immersed in the intricacies of Chinese language and culture; for these next precious four months, I want to submerge myself in the beauty, depth, and richness of Barcelona.

Claudia GarciaClaudia Garcia
University of Arkansas
Galway, Ireland
For as long as I can remember I have always had a heart for travel and everything that comes along with it. I am fascinated with different cultures, scenery, people and traditions. I am so excited to immerse myself in the Irish culture and expand my worldview while abroad this semester. I hope to grow as a person and gain a new sense of independence while living as a local in Galway. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I plan to take advantage of every moment.

BlogPhotoErinGauraErin Gaura
Northern Michigan University
Galway, Ireland
I’ve wanted to study abroad since I spent a summer in Europe in high school. It was the most magical place and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. I’m an English major/History minor from Northern Michigan University in my Junior year. I chose Ireland as my destination because of its ancient history and modern culture, hoping to spend as much time in the countryside as I do in the city. The rainy Irish weather is also appealing to me after enduring harsh northern winters. I’m an old soul who just loves to get lost in an adventure.

image1Masato Sean Goda
Arizona State University
Paris, France
My name is Masato Sean Goda and my dream is to become a writer. I first read Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast back in seventh grade and I didn’t understand any of the complexities of the work but I did figure something out. That Paris is where I wanted to be. Over the course of eight years my irrevocable desire to venture off into this new world only increased. Now, the time that evaded me year by year has finally arrived and I couldn’t be any more grateful. I will tell it as it is. My uniqueness lies in my honesty.

Justina Grant
University of New Mexico
Madrid, Spain
Castañeda Correspondent

meJohn Green
Southern Illinois University
Melbourne, Australia
I’m an avid traveler, having visited 20 countries prior to my study abroad. I love immersing myself in the cities I visit and wandering the streets just taking it all in. I’m also quite adept at composing English prose and have some experience writing a blog.


UntitledGeoffrey Hall
Grove City College
Townsville, Australia
Hi! My name is Geoffrey Hall and I am currently a student at Grove City College. My favorite hobby is writing fiction and it has been my goal since I was little to get a book published. Since I started writing seriously in 9th grade, I’ve written hundreds of pages, but I haven’t been able to create something that has truly satisfied me. My hopes for studying abroad in Australia are that it will fill me with a sense of adventure, provide me with new material to write about, and help me to gain the maturity to accomplish my dreams.

IMG_6517Nikki Hallstrom
Bethel University
Seoul, South Korea
My name is Nikki Hallstrom, and I am currently planning my life around the trips that I will one day take. I study English as a Second Language at Bethel University, so naturally I jumped at the chance of studying abroad the second I learned that South Korea is one of the countries with a hot job market for English teachers. What really excites me is that I will be able to move past the “tourist” stage and immerse myself into a completely different culture. I am looking forward to gaining a new perspective of the world and sharing it with my fellow travelers!

IMG_8189Ryan Havey
Hope College
Sydney, Australia
I am a junior at Hope College in Holland, MI. I’ve spent a lot of time at Hope partaking in experiential learning opportunities like consulting for nonprofits and businesses in the West Michigan region. I chose to study abroad because I have gotten comfortable at Hope and I know in order to grow, I need to do things that make me uncomfortable. What better way than to go somewhere unknown with unknown people? I look forward to exploring the city of Sydney, traveling through Australia, and learning the Aussie culture!

Alicia Heiser ISA BlogAlicia Heiser
Gonzaga University
Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile (ISA + Service-Learning)
Hola! My name is Alicia and I’m headed to Valparaiso, Chile next semester! I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark when I was a junior in high school, and I am so incredibly excited to be an exchange student again. My passion for travel permeates every aspect of my life. I study International Relations at my home university of Gonzaga, and make every effort to travel as often as I can. I have travelled all over Europe and am ready to explore an entirely new continent. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Chilean culture and see and share everything that this experience has in store for me.

ISABlogProfileSarita Hira
Baldwin Wallace University
Meknes, Morocco (ISA + Service-Learning)
I am originally from Vancouver, BC, where my father is a professor at Simon Fraser University. I love to travel, and my favorite city which I have visited so far is Cape Town, South Africa. I hope to eventually visit every continent, including Antarctica. I hope to volunteer in a medical clinic while studying abroad with ISA, and this opportunity would allow me to gain valuable experience. This experience could propel me closer to my goals of increasing awareness of the importance of mental health through working with Doctors Without Borders as a psychiatrist.

IMG_58775Stephanie Holland
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain
Hello there! I’m Stephanie Holland, a third-year journalism major at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Highly trained in the written word. I have written for publications all over the United States and now my focus turns to Barcelona, Spain…my first international beat! I decided to study abroad this semester because time was running out for me to embark on this great experience before I graduate. I believe that all students should be able to have the opportunity study abroad, or at least travel abroad, at some point in their lives.

Marley Kropp Blogger Biography PhotoMarley Kropp
Grove City College
Sevilla, Spain
I’m a junior at Grove City College, where I complement my Communication Studies major with coursework in Spanish and Music. I went to Spain for the first time in 2013, and I fell in love with the language, food, architecture, landscape, art, and people. I’m excited to develop my language skills and to have my horizons expanded while staying with a host family. Some of the best ways to experience a new culture are through its food and its music, which works out nicely because I love trying new food and listening to and creating music.

Colin Krysl photoColin Krysl
University of South Dakota
Valencia, Spain (ISA Internships)
After depriving myself of any sort of travel during my college years because of college swimming, I am ready to leave South Dakota in my rearview. I don’t regret swimming in college or attending the University of South Dakota, but I am ready to start the next chapter of my life, but first… I need to leave the country. I’ve become too comfortable with attending classes day after day. I need to leave my comfort zone and explore this massive world. I need to go to Spain, I’ve been studying the language and, embarrassingly, have yet to become fluent.

1457573_749627111718708_25164768_nAaron Latessa
Grand Valley State University
Malaga, Spain
I come from the midwest and have never really ventured outside of the nice bubble it provides. I haven’t even been on a plane in my lifetime. When I first heard of my university pushing students to go abroad, I instantly jumped on the opportunity. I want to see what else the world has to offer, and to venture outside of my comfort-zone. I want to come back more in tune with the world and what different cultures have to offer. The skills and experiences I gain and have will serve me for a life time, and I can’t wait to start.

IMG_7805Maegan Lovell
Washington State University
Dublin, Ireland
I’m a junior at Washington State University and will be studying at University College Dublin this spring. Studying abroad was one of my biggest college aspirations and I can’t wait for the experience! In November of 2014, I went to Ireland for ten days with my Grandmother, who is very in touch with our family’s Irish heritage. I knew when I got there it would be the place I returned to for school. Traveling gives me life, as does writing, Harry Potter and Frank Sinatra. When I return, I hope to have gained a global perspective and sense of self.

20151203_223108Julia Madine
Stockton University
Bangkok, Thailand
I am studying abroad in Thailand because I want to own my own destination spa. I want something that sets me apart from every other spa, I want to immerse myself into the Thai culture and learn things that I would not be able to learn anywhere else and apply that to my business. Of course, I also want to travel and go to places I’ve never even dreamed of going to.

Marble PictureKelly Marble
Drake University
Barranquilla, Colombia
Wanderlust. I may be from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but I am happiest wandering 500 year old streets in Guadalajara, Mexico, exploring Barri Gotíc Barcelona, Spain and getting lost in new places. I am spending my semester abroad in Barranquilla to finish up my International Relations major at Drake University.

IMG_2443Stephanie Matsen
University of Utah
Valencia, Spain
I love traveling. The different experiences and interesting people I have met on my journeys are thrilling. I have had the opportunity to travel to different places in Europe, Asia, and South America. However, I have never lived outside of my home state! I am excited to do this through ISA. I want to enhance my Spanish skills and learn about a culture different than my own. I’m also super stoked for the food. I’m always looking to expand my horizons. Some things I like to do for fun at home are: bikram yoga, hiking, skiing, and drawing.

IMG_1353Alexandra Mezza
Notre Dame of Maryland University
Rome, Italy
I am studying in Rome in the hopes of getting hands-on experience with Italy’s culture, language, and archaeology. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, writing novels and plays of fantastical nature, eating dessert after every meal, and playing the cello. In my spare time I enjoy attempting to juggle, reading about archaeological digs, and buying more books than I can afford.

Courtney MoscardiCourtney Moscardi
Boston University
Wellington, New Zealand
I am a junior at Boston University, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Blessed with a crazy Italian family and parents who understand the value of a good adventure, study abroad was never a question of “should I” but rather, where? I may be a city girl at heart but I know the world is bigger than the paved city streets I walk everyday. New Zealand provides the opportunity to explore a country with landscapes I have only dreamed of seeing. In my free time, I enjoy the quest to find the perfect cup of coffee and watching American football.

image1Emily Myers
Arizona State University
Prague, Czech Republic
I am a Global Studies sophomore at Arizona State University with a big place in my heart for travel and an addiction to exploring new places. My love of stories and adventure has drawn me to immerse myself in the culture of Prague this spring and travel around Europe. I cannot wait to learn about this beautiful city, its history, its people, and myself. I hope to find some witty friends and take some pretty pictures and have the time of my life.

UntitledIan O’Malley
University of Connecticut
Christchurch, New Zealand
This semester abroad I hope to take interesting new classes in my major (communications) and meet new people throughout the beautiful country of New Zealand. I pride myself on holding judgment and getting all sides of a story. The process of getting different points of view is very important. Before studying abroad for this semester I was in Spain for the fall of 2015. I’m excited that I can finally hold a conversation in Spanish. I have an eclectic range of interests including but not limited to sports, language, music, radio, video, and photography.

12304020_10207625865385237_3934750522161371572_oOlivia O’Toole
University of Colorado – Boulder
Barcelona, Spain
Castañeda Correspondent
I’m a junior at CU Boulder studying economics and international affairs. I grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado and am super excited to live in a beautiful, busy city like Barcelona. I love eating and everything about food and hoping to gain a greater understanding of the food culture in Barcelona and other parts of Europe as well. My family is Puerto Rican and I cannot wait to become more fluent in Spanish!

CB5A665D-59EA-4E40-9F18-98EFA7292E8D0346BD0B-C567-4AEC-8CB2-0401F3970198Abigail Pang
University of Missouri- Kansas City
Florence, Italy
As a Pre-Med student, shouldn’t I be more concerned about the MCAT than a semester studying abroad? My answer is no because a large chunk of my heart is reserved for art history, so the birthplace of the Renaissance is the place to be! I look forward to experiencing Florence, meeting new people, and submersing myself in European culture. I’m tired of living in a comfortable bubble! When I’m not studying, you can find me in the kitchen, in my room reading, or out in Kansas City exploring with friends.

10620085_10201471995882047_1903317591149465634_oLilian Quiroz
Texas Tech University
Berlin, Germany
Castañeda Correspondent
I’m from Dallas, Texas and I will be studying at Freie Universität Berlin to work toward my German minor. Learning languages and traveling are two of my favorite things. By the end of my studies, my goal is to be mistaken for a Berliner. I am a lover of travel. Spain was my first and I’ve been cheating on her with others since. I have previously travelled to six other European countries. I’m fascinated with Europe, but I hope to travel to all of the other continents eventually. I admire how travel can help you become open-minded. I believe this is what led to my adventurous nature.

IMG_9058Meredith Rawlings
University of South Carolina
Sevilla, Spain
Castañeda Correspondent
My name is Meredith Rawlings and I am a junior Finance & Economics major at the University of South Carolina. I went to a Spanish Immersion grade school which exposed me to a language and culture I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Spanish has become part of my identity and my hope is that studying in Spain will allow me to immerse myself in the Spanish way of life, meet new people and learn more about myself.

RoebuckRebecca Roebuck
Oklahoma State University
Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile
I am a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, studying Strategic Communications and Spanish. My Spanish minor is my “on paper” answer as to why I am studying abroad, although I am eager for my experience in far more reasons than completing my minor. I am a life-loving, joy-seeking, self-motivated, story-telling enthusiast that strongly believes there is purpose in all situations. I believe we all hold the power to make a difference – wherever we are. Therefore, I am not only open to all that I will gain this semester, but equally motivated to leave an impact. Celebrate today!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.19.21 PMAubrey Rumore
Arizona State University
Sevilla, Spain
I’m a junior journalism major out in Arizona. Home is in Kansas City. I’ve wanted to study abroad since grade school — always desiring adventure, new places, new faces, etc. I spent the summer in Washington D.C. as a news reporter and I loved it. I really flourish in new settings plus I seriously crave inspiration, diversity and rich experiences. It is, ultimately, because of these qualities I was compelled to study abroad. I’ve played competitive, club volleyball for about 11 years now. I’m still playing this semester for the ASU women’s club team. I also have always been pretty creative, totally doodle-inclined. Lots of my clothes have spots of paint stains from some art project I took on. Another significant hobby of mine is definitely writing. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was little. My grandma, who was an English teacher, used to give me extensive lessons on sentence structure and modifiers, etc. and it was SO boring, but it’s made me a stronger writer today and it definitely instilled some drive to take on the major I selected. Some other side notes to paint a complete picture of me… I won best character in the 5th grade. I celebrated my 21st birthday in September. I’ve actually been to Sevilla before and loved it. Kansas City has a small area near downtown called the Plaza, which is actually modeled after Seville. I have a cat named Sosa. I think that’s all you need to know!

IMG_0800Taylor Shuman
Chapman University
Newcastle, Australia
I’m your not-so-typical Portland hipster exploring Southern California for college. Growing up, moving was always an intrinsic part of my life. Because of this, I thrive on new experiences, places, and people, which is why I’m studying abroad. I’m an avid hiker, and I adore the outdoors. My passions include creative writing, cooking while jamming out to some tunes, and reading. I believe optimism is as essential as water; you can’t live or thrive without it. My spirit animal is a dolphin because they’re so friendly, curious, and smart, and they get to play around in the ocean all day!

image1Kyla Sloan
University of Tulsa
Sevilla, Spain
Castañeda Correspondent
I’m a native of New Orleans and this will be my first true experience of going abroad. Through my travels, sociology courses, and all the possibilities in between, I hope to grow to become a better global citizen and future Speech-Language Pathologist. Whether through assisting in a service-learning project or teaching English in a local school, I’m excited about learning from the diverse people I meet and developing Spanish as a third language! I’m looking forward to finding my place of belonging in Spain and hopefully I can also find a great roller coaster because that’s exactly what this next semester is going to be!

Patty SmithPatty Smith
University of Maine – Farmington
Dunedin, New Zealand
Castañeda Correspondent
I love the outdoors. I spend the winter skiing, summer hiking, and school year studying Outdoor Recreation Business Administration and Environmental Studies. The recreational culture of New Zealand led me to my decision to study in Dunedin for a semester. Born and raised in Maine, I am looking forward to pursuing my passions and taking courses in new location known for adventure. I have a unique talent for getting lost, which will make for some amusing stories to share, so stay tuned!

IMG_3785Anna Taylor
Kansas State University
Granada, Spain
I am a sophomore at Kansas State University Studying Spanish, International studies, and Business. I adore traveling. I have been to Central America several times, and Europe once before. I have gone to Guatemala the past two summers for mission trips, and while there I taught lessons to the kids (ages 4 and up). These trips have defined me as well. I am going to Granada Spain this spring, and the big reason I am going is to become fluent in Spanish. I have been studying Spanish since I was 11, and I have always been fascinated with the culture.

12377869_728639804500_3348918645929271990_oAnne Tingley
University of South Dakota
Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
Hello! My name is Anne and I’m a graduate student studying addiction/mental health counseling. I am passionately curious. I truly believe we never stop learning so traveling, experiencing new cultures, and helping people are my passions in life. I’ve studied abroad before, but I am excited for my internship experiences in New Zealand! In my (seldom available) spare time I enjoy cross stitching, hiking, slam poetry, playing French Horn, speech/debate competitions, and baking. My spirit animal is a sloth, I’m a tea connoisseur, a coloring book fanatic, and I read Shakespeare for fun!

IMG_5970Elise Wordekemper
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Heredia, Costa Rica
Connections, man it’s all about connections. My top strength, as decided by the GallUp test, is Connectedness. I am more easily able to draw connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, ideas or people. I want to study abroad because our connectedness as humanity intrigues me so. Some things you should know about me: I appreciate clear and concise things (fluff should only be meant for pillows), my spirit animal is a Golden Retriever, if I could live in a fictional world it would be Harry Potter’s, and my favorite hobby is laughing.