Fall 2018

Former Featured Bloggers: Fall 2018

Aimee Armosilla
Whittier College
Busan, South Korea

Elizabeth Atwood
University of Denver
Cape Town, South Africa (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)

Sarah Becker
Messiah College
Granada, Spain
Hola! My name is Sarah. I’m a Junior studying English and Spanish at Messiah College, which you probably haven’t heard of because it’s located in the-middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. My special talent is my ability to lose my phone/wallet/keys/shoes at inopportune moments. Can’t wait to tell you guys about my (mis)adventures in Spain; let’s do this!

Hailee Berardy
Rowan University
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Keep up with my life this fall as I embark on the adventure of a life time. I am a 21 year old from Marlton, New Jersey and I study both public relations and advertising at my home institution. While this will be my first time to Europe and first time experiencing city living, I am eager to completely immerse myself in a new culture and to get out there and see all that Europe has to offer. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my many experiences, I just hope I can put these inconceivable moments into words!

Alexis Besch
Oklahoma Baptist University
Prague, Czech Republic (Veritas Christian Study Abroad)
My name is Alexis Besch and I’m a junior at Oklahoma Baptist University. I’ve been raised by great parents with a strong, Godly foundation. It’s lead me to study at OBU where the environment is intentional and fruitful. But I have always known I would study abroad, and someday live abroad as a full-time missionary. I’ve struggled with being content where I am because of this deep-set desire to just get out there! But that’s why my goal for this time abroad is to soak it all in, but learn contentment with who I am, not just where I am.

Ericka Bremer
University of Denver
Vina del Mar, Chile (ISA Service-Learning)
Hi, friends! I’m Ericka. As a Colorado girl, I have found a deep love for fresh mountain air, a warm cup of tea, and a solid group of amigos. I am a grabber of opportunity, curiosity quenchless, believer of nature, and a pusher of all boundaries. I am always getting better, and look forward to the growth and learning opportunities during my time in Chile. You can find me hiking, skiing, mountain biking, running, rafting, eating olives, or reading Harry Potter. Tag along through my adventures down south, cause let me tell you, it’s gonna be rowdy!

Haidyn Bulen
Arizona State University
Valencia, Spain (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)
From the age of five, breaking cultural barriers fascinated me. I attended a Head Start program where I was the only English-speaking child amongst all native Spanish kids. Fast-forward fifteen years and I now attend Arizona State University where I study Psychology and Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. This semester I hope to embrace the challenges of being out of my comfort zone, progressing my Spanish language skills, and diving into a new and vibrant culture. I additionally am excited to learn about social, political, and economic issues from a global, rather than a strictly American nationalism perspective.

Kyra Casavant
Christopher Newport University
Busan, South Korea

Sariah Cheadle
Southwest Minnesota State University
Reading, England
Hello! My name is Sariah Cheadle. I grew up in a small town in Southwestern Minnesota. As one of seven siblings, my childhood was never quiet, and because of it, I have a variety of interests; you may often find me sequestered in a corner of the nearest library reading, outside playing any sport that includes a ball or singing and acting on stage. Having explored England through the words of authors such as Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I CANNOT wait to see England for myself and write about my own set of adventures.

Caroline Cloninger
Berea College
London, England
I am and have been a weird writer since childhood. I plan on utilizing my time abroad to make me and my writing weirder and hopefully eat some international food and pet some European cats.

Catherine Collins
Gonzaga University
Viña del Mar, Chile
Catherine Collins is a San Francisco native in her third year studying International Relations, Spanish, and Social Justice at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She is spending her Fall (Winter? Spring? Who knows once you cross the equator…) semester in Viña del Mar, Chile where she plans on throwing herself into the local live music scene, any and every opportunity to probably get lost taking public transport to beautiful sights, and her host mom’s delicious and dangerously abundant cooking. When she’s not exploring local urban and natural wonders with friends on foot, she can usually be found with a book and a cup of coffee in hand. Catherine’s first and foremost goal abroad with ISA is to get out of her comfort zone and get her hands dirty with the culture and stories behind the many faces of Chile (but learning how to dance La Cueca is of course a close second).

Amy Cotton
University of San Diego
Auckland, New Zealand (Diversity Scholarship Winner)
I’m from Marketing major and Information Technology Management minor at University of San Diego. I’ve lived in San Diego basically my whole life, so I am definitely a lover of all things beach and sun related. In my free time you can catch me exploring, hiking, or (when the weather is bad) curled up under a blanket binge watching The Office. I hope to make amazing memories and see some incredible views while I spend a semester in New Zealand!

Bailey Davidson
The University of Tennessee in Chattanooga
Salamanca, Spain
My name is Bailey, I’m currently a junior at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and I will be studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain for the 2018-2019 academic year. I was incredibly influenced to study abroad by my friend Natalia, that came on exchange from Mexico, and lived with my family. My goals/hopes for my study abroad are to soak in as much language and culture as possible in Salamanca!

Sandra Escorza
University of North Texas
Madrid, Spain (Diversity Scholarship Winner)
Greetings! I’m a rising sophomore at UNT with a major in International Business and minor in Spanish. I love to travel and always on the search for new adventures. So far by the age of 19, I have been able to travel to 6 different countries. I am blessed to have the opportunity to go back to Madrid and be able to share my experience. One of my hobbies is soccer, and hopefully I’m able to attend a Real Madrid game and blog about it! I also love volunteering and spending time with my family. Can’t wait for this journey!

Amy George
Colorado State University
Galway, Ireland
A third year student majoring in English/Creative Writing at Colorado State University. Originally from the western suburbs of Illinois where there is nothing but cornfields. Blogging live from Galway, Ireland at NUI. I make the mistakes and write about them so you don’t have to. Stay tuned.

Katharine Hoffman
University of South Carolina Honors College
Dublin, Ireland
I am excited to embark on a second semester abroad with ISA! After studying in Barcelona, I knew I wanted to return to Europe and now have the opportunity to study genetics at Trinity College Dublin. As an avid opera and music fan, I am delighted to work on my senior thesis in a city filled with musical traditions. Writing about my travels has always been a highlight of my trips, and I cannot wait to share all that I learn in the coming months.

Nicole Howell
University of Colorado, Boulder
London, England
To get the most out of my studying abroad experience, I know I will have to step outside my comfort zone and into the unknown. What makes me unique is my adventurous mindset, perceptive nature, and sassy approach to life. I’ve never traveled solo, but refuse to let my lack of companionship dictate the course of my time abroad. I’m all for trying new things, and embracing the unknown. I pride myself on my ability to adapt to my environment, and pick up on details of my surroundings. I believe you get more out of life by saying, “Yes!”

Alexis Jensen
University of Kansas
Salamanca, Spain
I am currently studying at the University of Kansas, where I enjoy competing on my university’s quidditch team, as well as with the Jiu-jitsu club. I study Spanish and Anthropology, and I am especially interested in cultural anthropology and linguistics. I think that my passion for languages and cultures allows me to view the world with an open mind and make unique observations about life in different parts of the world. I am especially excited to observe new cultures, try new foods and really be involved in the community during my year-long study abroad in Salamanca, Spain.

Isabella Kent
University of Denver
San Jose, Costa Rica (ISA Service-Learning & Castañeda Scholarship Winner)
I am a rising senior at the University of Denver studying Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies. I am most interested in social justice topics and public health. I am looking forward to participating in the Healthcare and Conflict Resolution Program in San Jose, Costa Rica so that I can expand my knowledge of global health and Latin American culture. I hope to develop my Spanish language skills, engage in service learning in the community, and learn more about the diversity and experiences of minorities in Latin America. I’m excited to share my journey with you, thanks for following along!

Kaylene Khosla
University of Denver
Madrid, Spain
Kaylene just finished her second year at the University of Denver and is working towards a major in political science, with minors in Business Administration and Leadership. She will spend the next two semesters abroad, studying at Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain, and University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she plans to attend law school. A Colorado native, Kaylene loves to be outdoors, whether it be hiking, biking, camping, rafting, running, or anything in between! She loves to debate, listen, and learn from diverse perspectives and can’t wait for her time abroad.

Kate Klygis
University of Denver
Bilbao, Spain
As long as I have a window seat, I will never get bored on a road trip. After participating in a student exchange near Granada, Spain my senior year of high school, I found new meaning in the world around me. This realization led to my decision to study Geography and GIS in college, where I use computer software to find patterns and connections within our physical and human world. I also study Spanish, and I chose to study in Bilbao not only to continue learning, but to converse and connect with people from a different background than mine!

Francesca Lascala
Arizona State University
Florence, Italy
Ciao! My name is Francesca Lascala and I am a 20 year old student at Arizona State University, Barrett. I am studying Innovation in Society and minoring in Media Analysis. Food is my favorite thing in the entire world. I have a huge sweet tooth and am so excited to eat lots of gelato…even though I am lactose intolerant. I am a music and movie fiend. Name a movie or song or celebrity and I can tell you at least one interesting fact about the. I cannot wait to begin absorbing more of the Italian pop culture scene.

Emily Moore
University of Denver
Meknes, Morocco (ISA Service-Learning)
مرحبا salut, and hello! My name is Emily and I’m starting my senior year in college. I attend the University of Denver, but currently I’m adventuring abroad in Morocco. I’m pursuing a degree in International Studies, and I’m passionate about learning languages, experiencing new cultures, and making memories. During my time abroad, I’m going to learn everything I can. I’m going with open eyes and an open mind, ready to experience everything Morocco has to offer. I’m not afraid to try anything once, and even if I make mistakes, I can’t wait to share my experiences abroad with the world!

Haley Neuhausen
Saint Leo University
Prague, Czech Republic
I am a junior at Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida. My major is marketing. I love traveling and see everything that the world has to offer because it opens your eyes to how other people live. I’m excited to share everything that I will see and learn during my time abroad and hope to inspire others to see the world as well!

Jessica Nguyen
Arizona State University
Gold Coast, Australia (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)
Hello, my name is Jessica Nguyen and I am a rising junior at Arizona State University, majoring in Supply Chain Management. This fall, I will be in Australia studying at Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus. During my time abroad, I hope to make memories with friends from around the world and push my comfort level by going on crazy adventures and trying new experiences. I also hope to pick up surfing and some Australian slang while I’m here. In my spare time, I enjoy Penny boarding, laying on the beach, going to music festivals, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

Aria Parker
Missouri State University
Paris, France (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)
Bonjour! My name is Aria Adare Parker and I am currently a student at Missouri state University and will be studying at The American Business School Paris this Fall! I am someone who is spontaneous, adventurous and loves to take on a new challenge. I enjoy journaling about my daily life and what I encounter. Three things that I’m looking forward to during my time abroad is traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures and getting real hands on experience with something I’ve never experienced before. Fashion is important to me as well so may see my fashion sense incorporated into my posts along with a bubbly personality! I can’t wait to start this adventure with you!

Klaudia Patryn
Stockton University
Stirling, Scotland (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)
My name is Klaudia Patryn, I’d like to say that I am a kind, gullible and talkative individual. To sum me up in three words I’m a snowboarder, hiker and an adrenaline junky who wants to travel the world. My nationality is Polish and I am fluent in it, I can read, write and speak Polish. I look forward to dive into new cultures because there are so many different ways to go about life and it fascinates me how people go about it.

Abisag Perez
Arizona State University
Sevilla, Spain (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)
Hi my name is Abby and I am currently a senior at Arizona State University. I will be spending a semester abroad in Spain this fall. I hope to meet new people, try new dishes and take great pictures while abroad. I am bilingual in (Spanish) so I do hope to improve my vocabulary while in Spain. One of my favorite hobbies it to paint, so I am looking forward to my painting and technique course this fall.

Lauren Robinson
Colorado State University
Seoul, South Korea (Diversity Scholarship Winner)
I am a third year at Colorado State University! I am majoring in Biomedical Sciences with hopes to become a commercial pilot in the future. My desire to travel stemmed from growing up in Colorado while hearing stories of my mother’s very different upbringing in Hong Kong. Going abroad will answer questions I have had about being diverse, while also meeting amazing people, going on adventures, and eating yummy food along the way! I hope you all follow along with me as I struggle to grow and most of all, enjoy finding myself in the unknown.

Mikayla Shelton
Nova Southeastern University
Gold Coast, Australia (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)

Hannah Silvia
Charleston Southern University
London, England (Veritas Christian Study Abroad)
South Carolina native, Public Health major, personal trainer, hot tea connoisseur. My less-than-average height gives me opportunity to look up to a lot in life and you can usually find me asking to pet a stranger’s dog. My hands are best accompanied with a book as my imagination journeys to places only words can take me, but I’m excited to see what the world has to offer. The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who says it best: “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” Hear my stories as I travel overseas for the first time!

Rachel Slappy
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Stockholm, Sweden (EuroScholars)
Hi! I’m Rachel and I am a gap year student who is performing brain cancer research in Stockholm, Sweden this fall. I have my Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!). I am so grateful to have supportive friends and family who have helped me thus far (Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Brandon!). I am so excited to get to experience Europe for the first time! I intend on using my time abroad to have as many new experiences as possible- especially going on adventures, meeting new people, and trying new foods!

Gabby Solomita
Lynchburg College
Cusco, Peru (Castañeda Scholarship Winner)

Theodore Stabile
College of Saint Rose
Seoul, South Korea
Howdy! I’m Theodore Dominic Stabile, but that’s a fancy mouthful, so thankfully everyone calls me ‘Ted’. I currently attend school at Saint Rose in Albany for computer science and business, and am going through a pop music kick right now. I’m an happenstance actor, an improv ‘artist’, a budding computer scientist, and a professional amateur Auguste clown to boot. I want to leave the places I visit, and the people in them, more jovial and eccentric than before I arrived. So long as I can still help make people happy with whatever resources I have, I’m right as rain!

Lexi Steve
Michigan Technological University
Valencia, Spain
At home, I live with my mom, dad, sister, and our two dogs. I love swimming, skiing, playing tennis, cooking, playing the violin, and trying new things. During my time abroad, I want to be put in my challenge zone to improve my Spanish, make new friends, and trying new foods and things! At home I have a vegan diet, but because of my love for trying new things I will be open to trying foods with dairy, eggs, and fish. I’ve traveled a lot during my lifetime, but I’m so excited to live in another country for 4 months!

Samichhya Thapa
University of Colorado Boulder
San Jose, Costa Rica
Hello! My name is Samichhya Thapa. I study International Affairs and Spanish at CU Boulder. I am originally from Nepal and have lived in Boulder, CO for the past 11 years. I like reading books, a lot. I also enjoy nature, writing about my feelings, talking about my feelings and hearing other people talk about their feelings. I think pineapple on pizza is absolutely disgusting and I cannot wait to forget how to speak English when I come back home from Costa Rica!

Sarah Baigin Thiel
University of Kentucky
Barcelona, Spain
Hi my name is Baigin! I am a junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Accounting and will be completing my International Business minor in Barcelona, Spain this fall. I have lived in Lexington, Kentucky for the majority of my life, so I am beyond excited to experience the Spanish culture, make new friends, and get out of my comfort zone. While I am abroad, I hope to travel to as many different countries and try as many new foods as I can on my college budget :) Stay tuned for more adventures!

Kaylee Tindle
Eckerd College
Meknes, Morocco
Kaylee Tindle is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and graduated high school in Independence. After graduation Kaylee took some time in a nursing program at Concorde Career College, and at MCC blue river. At the time college wasn’t cutting it for her so she joined the United States Army as a Chemical Biological Radio-logical and Nuclear Specialist. Traveling the world and through-out the United States, Kaylee taught her fellow soldiers about Chemical and Biological war-fare as well as put herself and her fellow soldiers through live nerve agent training in the gas chambers. Kaylee has a deployment under her belt and she also served in South Korea, where she worked side by side with the ROK Army and even worked at the DMZ. She served four years and now majors in International Relations. She has experience in theater as well as having the ability to speak in the language of Arabic. Kaylee Tindle now attends the University of Missouri: Kansas City and uses her study abroad experience to perfect her knowledge and skills in Arabic and to continue her studies in global affairs. Miss Tindle still plans to serve the American people, through the world of politics.

Karen Urdaneta
Lasell College
Bangkok, Thailand
Hello beautiful people! I was born in Aruba and have lived in the states since I was six years old. Passion, curioustiy, and mindfulness are just some of the values that bring me fulfilling and unique expriences. I love to write about my reflections on life, and look forward to making important connections and observations when I embark on my journey to Thailand. I hope to share my adventures and lessons in Thailand with you and how opening our hearts and our minds to life leads us on journeys we never knew were meant for us.

Hannah Van Otterloo
Colorado Christian University
Prague, Czech Republic
My name is Hannah Van Otterloo, and I am a double major in English and History at Colorado Christian University. Originally from Northwest Iowa, I grew up on a small family farm and have wanted to study abroad since the sixth grade. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching movies, and going on adventures with my friends and sisters. I am incredibly excited for my semester in Prague because it will be my first time out of the United States! While in Europe, I hope to explore various countries, delving into different histories and cultures, and learning people’s stories.

Mason Wallace
Northern Michigan University
Bangkok, Thailand
I am from the pristine Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I live on my family’s beef farm. I am entering into my senior year at Northern Michigan University with a major in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Political Science. I am beyond excited to embark on the journey of a lifetime as I travel to Bangkok, Thailand. I am most excited to embrace a new, exotic culture and experience a completely different lifestyle from what I am used to. As I share my journey, I hope to inspire others to leave their comfort zone and explore the world and discover everything it has to offer.

Summer Yeck
Northern Michigan University
Bangkok, Thailand
My name is Summer, just like the season. I have traveled to 16 countries, but Thailand will be my first time in Asia. Majoring in hospitality management, I am thrilled to study hospitality & tourism in another culture. My friends know me as someone who likes to try anything at least once; so between weekend trips and days on campus, I can’t wait to participate in Thai life!

Zoe Zakrzewski
Colorado State University
Rome, Italy
I was born and raised in the breathtakingly beautiful state of Colorado, which is where I now attend college at Colorado State University. I love taking in all this state has to offer by hiking, skiing, camping, and waterskiing on our tiny lakes. I can’t wait to live abroad and experience all the history, architecture, and of course, bread and cheese that Europe has to offer. Everyone says that traveling is a great way to learn more about yourself, so I am excited to see what I learn as I live in Rome this semester abroad.