Finding Peace Through an Australian Sunrise​

Delaney Watkins is a student at the University of Mississippi and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Sydney, Australia.

Byron Bay Lighthouse surrounded by the pastel sky.

Most people view studying abroad as an extended vacation — a bunch of college kids traveling for a semester, seeing amazing sights, making the best memories. But during my first few weeks, I have learned that most people studying abroad are here for a reason. It’s not just an entertaining trip, everyone here is searching for more than just a good time. From people who had rough years, to people who fell out of friendships, suffered health complications, lost themselves, or simply just trying to figure out life: everyone came here for a piece of peace.

Byron Bay Lighthouse at dawn

One morning in the vibrant Byron Bay during the ISA Orientation, we woke up at 5:00 am packed into some hippie van and drove out to a lighthouse up the coast to watch the sunrise. Little did I know this would be one of my most beautiful memories of my time in Australia. 

Byron Bay Lighthouse standing alone on the cliff.
Crisp waves crashing into the coastline cliffs.

A group of strangers from across the country a hemisphere away from home standing together in awe of the most vibrant healing sunrise. Each of us bonded over our reasons behind studying abroad, everyone searching for the same relief. 

New friends soaking in the impeccable sunrise while watching for whales.
Pastel sky blending with the beautiful blue ocean.
The trail leading down the lush coast.
The beautiful beach on the other side of the lighthouse.
Walking back to the van after watching the sunrise.

Thank you, Australia for the warmest welcome. Nobody will ever forget that soft sky, gentle breeze, and jumping whales. 


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