How I Learned to be More Green in Sweden

Nahid Baghdadi is a student at Michigan State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with EuroScholars in Stockholm, Sweden.

How do people reduce their carbon footprint in Sweden?

Stockholm is a big city with lots of cars. However, about 90% of people take their bikes to work and school. They even have fancy clothes on when they are biking! One other thing that they do which I admire is that they do not give out free plastic bags to costumers. You bring your own bags or you have to buy it!

What I do to be green here is that I have learned to use less plastic and put everything in the corresponding recycling bins! I really do plan on continuing to use less plastic and also biking more when I get back to the States. It’s a great way of exercising and reducing the carbon footprint.

Being in Sweden has taught me to appreciate the daytime even more. The hours of daylight in Sweden is reduced to around 6 hours a day in the winter time and most of the daylight does not have any sunshine. So when it’s sunny outside, everyone is outside taking a walk.

In Stockholm, you walk in a city and at the same time, you walk in nature. There is so much to enjoy living in this great city.

On St Eriksplan Street in Stockholm. You see nature and the civilization at the same time.



The world awaits…discover it. 

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