Goals for a Galway Girl

Hannah Peterson is a student at the Ohio Northern University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Hannah is currently studying abroad with ISA in Galway, Ireland.


It is impossible for me to summarize all of the goals I have for my study abroad experience in Galway, Ireland. I have too much I want to do and too much I want too learn. Here are a few goals I can share that I have for my time in Ireland:

  1. Kiss the Blarney Stone. Blarney Castle is located in Blarney Village in Southern Ireland. The infamous stone’s story: once kissed, the stone bestows the gift of eloquence. I could always use some extra eloquence, so this is definitely on my list!
  2. Experience the Galway Arts Festival. Ireland’s leading arts festival is a cultural activity and celebration that I would not miss for the world!
  3. Catch the ocean view from the Cliffs of Moher. I see too many gorgeous pictures of the view to talk myself out of this tourist attraction. I want my chance to stand on the cliffs and snap some pictures of my own!
  4. Stop planning. I want this study abroad experience to help me stop planning every second of my life and just enjoy every experience. I want to put down the map and get wonderfully lost in the beautiful country of Ireland. I want to stop scheduling and start living!
  5. Learn more about myself in the process. Studying abroad is going to force me to step outside of my comfort zone. This is an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about myself and grow as an individual. I want to come home with a new perspective and appreciation for a culture other than my own.

This list could go on forever because I have no idea what my time in Galway will be like! I can’t wait to get there and meet new people, experience the city and immerse myself in the culture.

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  1. Make sure you go out to the Aran Islands as well. They were my favorite part of studying in Galway. Also, you have to try Charcoal Grill. Best kebabs in town. Have so much fun!

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